Kelsey Leigh Eagleson An unborn fetus can be considered a parasite as it needs the mother to survive, not to mention it is not a functioning human being yet.. please don’t tell me you’re on of those people who thinks life starts at conception? In the end this has nothing to do with tax payer’s money, it has to do with a woman’s choice and body. If a woman does not want a child for whatever reason, why would forcing her to have the baby be of any benefit? If they have the means to pay for an abortion then I think they should have the right to choose.

Larry Marshall I am pro-choice as long as the choice is before conception. And Kelsey you are right- as long as she has the means to pay for the murder of her baby she has all the right to do so, according to the Supreme Court. Just don’t use my tax dollars to pay for it and I hope that the various state health departments can prevent any more Dr. Gosnell stories from occurring. Yes life begins at conception, whenever an egg is fertilized by sperm a new life starts whether it is a frog, a dog, a chicken, a monkey, or a human that failed to utilize less deadly forms of contraception.

Walter Petersen Tell that new born to go get a job ,find fix and eat it’s own food ! See not independent life form ,by OUR law that thing is not a self sufficient life form until it is 18 years of age ! Proof – if it does something wrong ,bad or even terrible -mom ,dad or legal guardian will also-to-and ,be held RESPONSIBLE !!

Nicky Longly Larry I have 2 friends who terminated pregnancies after investigations showed defects on a scale incompatible with life. There was zero chance of survival. Would you class them as murderers? Bearing in mind that both babies were much wanted and deeply missed?

Roy Marshall so much to relearn http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/07/06/ancient.bible.online/

Nicky Longly Well I’m at work so can’t look that up right now…what I meant, to clarify, was that these babies had no chance of survival, so was it wrong of their parents to make the decision to terminate instead of waiting 5 months for the inevitable?

I am an Atheist It sucks that tax dollars go to abortions, but it also sucks that tax dollars go to parents who have way too many kids, more than they can afford, when condoms are friggin FREE. If only there was a way to prevent reproduction until the parent(s) undergo a psychological evaluation, home inspection, and proof of income. – KZL

Walter Petersen I would rather have two poor people living off of the government rather than three ,I would think that THEY would see the common sense in that ,being that THEY are SO MUCH against healthcare for all ,but seem THEY all want to help save (or adopt) children from anywhere but their own country !

Awe Bless all those poor children !

Except our poor !

Soon they will be old enuff to be put in one of those church sponsored TENT cities and then instead of helping to get them to get their lives back in order – THEY end up becoming slave laborers bound by threat of losing what little they .

Fred Fricks Comdoms can be obtained for free, as can the morning after pill, & I would rather my tax dollar pay for birth control, rather than medical bill for children abused because their parents didn’t want them (unwanted pregnancy is the leading cause of abuse and neglect). You need a licence to own a dog, but anyone can have a child (whether they want to or not). Even the adoption process, you force the unwanting to give birth and when the child is put up for adoption, they nit pick perspective parent and will reject the capable and willing because they’re gay or single, but put them in a foster system where they become dollar signs or targets for physical and/or sexual abuse.

Allister Yuen-Trench Oh, the old taxpayers responsibility routine? What about alcoholics? Drug addicts? What about the exponential growth of the global population? If we keep breeding, global resources will decline rapidly, but, the most basic function and need of the human animal is to reproduce. So in civilised countries where choice is available, it should be respected and aided, in order to help the populace stay at a manageable level. After all, if zealotry gets its way and millions more little disciples are pushed into the world, there will be very little of the world to share. The best thing to do in order to ensure the survival of the human race would be to give that same choice to women in developing countries, at the same time negating the whole ownership of women ethos which pervades these areas. Get real, people. There is plenty DNA to go round for further generations, but the resources have to be managed for them. Religious armies might get the ‘message’ across, but whilst augmenting their troops with new indoctrinated children and converted adults, they are severely depleting the resources for them to use.

Fausto Torres All of you need to fuck off and mind your own business.

Javier Apeiron the same with my penis/balls

Larry Marshall Allister, Fausto and Javier – your comments rank as loony so I’ll ignore them. Going up the post from there. Fred, yes there are problems with the adoption system, so lets work to correct it. My step-daughter got pregnant when she was 16 and we placed here in a United Way funded half-way house. She got medical care and schooling. She was allowed to make her own choice (the father was in jail for another 4 years for dealing drugs) as to keep the baby or place for adoption. Either way all of her bills were paid no matter what her choice was. We need to encourage more of these types of facilities along with teaching abstinence, self-respect and esteem to cut down on teenage pregnancy. KZL We also apparently need to teach people how to use condoms since there is about 20 times more being sold than when I was a teenager, but unwanted pregnancies in all age groups and STD’s are increasing. Walter not quite sure what point you are trying to make but I think it is covered above. By the way I was sexually active in the late 60’s to mid 70’ as a hippie, and I have used a condom only once in my life. Back then if you made a mistake it could be taken care of with a couple of shots of penicillin – now a mistake can kill you and others. Nicky, tricky problem. I personally would not want to bring into the world a child who would not have a “reasonably normal” life. But I don’t want to make those decisions either. If the new born will suffer then I can see it is a case for euthanasia. But again, would somebody have decided that Stephen Hawking should have been aborted since it was obvious he would not lead a “reasonably normal” life. Let’s just hope that these circumstances continue to be far and few between. Roy, I’ll wait for the Biblical scholars to analyze this version and make comparisons to the well known versions. One can always expect some discrepancies but none that would change to tone of the Bible or its eternal message. Walter again puppy dogs are dependent on their bitch for survival , birds on their parents, bears on their momma bear, all sorts of animals are not independent when first born. That is not a valid argument.



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