Foundation of Christian belief

The following is a brief description of a complex series of articles that will explain more of the basics of Christian theology as I know it.  On my other blog I deal more with the scientific understanding of why our universe exists.

First, God’s word is completely accurate and non-contradictory. If you read Scripture, He always gave His prophets signs to authenticate their ministry. For instance, Moses worked amazing miracles; as did Elijah and the other prophets. And all their prophecies agreed completely with what came before.

When Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God and accusing the Jewish leaders of perverting the faith with their oral tradition, He authenticated His message with miracles that were unprecedented in all of Jewish history, so much so that the Pharisees were culpable for their unbelief. And of course, the Resurrection was the ultimate authentication of Jesus’ claims.

Jesus gave the apostles authority to go out and spread the Gospel, and the Spirit gave them what we now call the New Testament. We believe that the apostles were a special gift to the church, and after the last ones died, there was no more revelation of Scripture because at that point, God had revealed everything we need today for faith and obedience to Christ. When we look at the whole of God’s revelation from Genesis to Revelation, we see a beautiful harmony, and an overarching narrative that beautifully conveys how God has interacted with His creation and instructs us about how we are to relate to Him, and what we can hope for in the future when we believe.


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