Intellectual Mayberry graduates

I do apologize, I have not been able to get all of the articles about the students at Mayberry High (Gomer and Goober), but I hope to be able to get them all copied over this weekend. But has apparently gone under but I have most everything backed up just need to sift through it all. So I’ll just post this new one:

The pro-evolution group, fascinating study in schizophrenia. They state their opinion on a certain subject matter and I confront them with facts that contradict what they said, and they go nuts. They immediately start with the insults and name-calling as if they were a little kid instead of supposedly an intellectual scholar. They almost always make certain statements (seemingly straight out of a textbook written 15-20 years ago) and it doesn’t seem like they even bother verify their own assertions?

Just a few days ago I was engaged in discussion online with an avowed atheist, who adamantly insisted that Jesus was complete and total fiction. He was positive of this, he said, because while studying political history at an Ivy league university he also took a couple of classes in the history and archaeology of the Middle East during Biblical times. I myself am not an expert in either field, but I have read a lot in order to support my beliefs against such individuals so I asked a simple question: “Who was Josephus?”

He was not able to answer, because he simply did not know and foolishly chose to not research the answer. So in my “arrogant a**f******g d**s**t manner”–according to him- I simply mentioned that if he had studied the history of the Middle East, he have read (at least part of) Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus, the most-cited example of Biblical history and archaeology outside of the Bible.

The fairly (up to that point) intellectual discussion degenerated into vulgarity. How can these types of individuals, liberals- who should of all things believe in liberty; it’s where the word “liberalism” comes from – believe in tolerance of opinions that differ from theirs? When it comes to God, the Bible, Christianity, and the Creation, liberals are the most intolerant of people on earth. This individual when confronted with his own lack of education on the subject went from being an imaginary scholar right to intellectual trailer trash.


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