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  • Elizabeth Isis plan

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Bruce Hmmm….the former president invaded Iraq and then a year later spent a record amount of time “on vacation” http://www.politifact.com/…/who-took-more-vacation…/ with data to back it up

Who took more vacation — George W. Bush or Barack Obama?


Even a year later, our fact-check on which president took more vacation — Georg…e W. Bush or Barack Obama — remains one of our most popular fact-checks with readers. Given the Obama’s family’s summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., we thought it was time to look at the numbe… See More

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Larry Marshall He was in the Oval office during times of difficulties. He interupted vacations when problems arose. Unlike Obama who golfs like Nero did when Rome burned

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Bruce Right, its not like he already put troops on the ground he now is waiting on congress to say its okay to use force and the issue in Ferguson to go with Republican standards let the local state government handle it

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Rick Larry, the football goes with the President everywhere he goes…basically he is always on duty…

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Bruce Rick I think me stating facts about Congress is now in control with the major issues which by the way is Republican ran he can’t say much

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Larry Marshall It is the impression that he gives that is important. This president is a community organizer- when a problem comes up it, he passes it off to others, mediates the discussion and tries to get others to make the decisions and passes the buck to whomever wants actually do something about it. There is no leadership coming from him. Bruce, the House is controlled by Republicans who have passed over 360 bills and sent them to the Senate and Harry Reid has REFUSED to even send these bills to the appropriate committees to be discussed. Are you two happy with Obama’s implication that we can ‘absorb’ an attack my ISIS? That we can whittle them down to a ‘manageable problem.” You all deserve what you voted for!.

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Rick Let me sum it up for you Larry, the guy is black and you don’t want him to be President…

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Larry Marshall That is what you all boil it down to. NO! He is a socialist and I don’t like his vision of where he is taking our country. If it was Hillary, you would be saying I’m sexist, NO, she is a socialist I would not like the direction she would be taking the country. Some of our greatest current CONSERVATIVE politicians are, oh my gosh, Afro-American or as most racists Democratics would say- black.

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Noticed that Rick dropped out of the conversation when I called him on his race-baiting

Bruce No sir Larry I am a socialist and I do not agree with what Obama is trying to do

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Bruce I’m sorry I completely disagree with the education system defective the bank run by the rich get lunch from the banks in the new interns have to pay the bank back for your education that you need to hide you better yourself today for insurance socialism would be able to help a lot better for this country than what the f*** is going on right now

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Larry Marshall I’m sorry Bruce but I am unable to gather a coherent thought from: “defective the bank run by the rich get lunch from the banks in the new interns have to pay the bank back for your education that you need to hide you better yourself today for insurance”. Please rephrase. “I completely disagree with the education system” I sincerely believe our education system is failing. Teachers unions prevent us from firing incompetent teachers and the Common Core Curriculum is, in mine and many others opinion, designed to dumb down America- teaching to the lowest common denominator. “socialism would be able to help a lot better for this country than what the f*** is going on right now” Anything but socialism would be better than we have right now. A constitutional republic, the way our ‘founding fathers‘envisioned it would be best to go back to. Maybe you are unaware of exactly what socialism is? This chart is an excellent comparison between the two systems: http://larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com/…/capitalism…/

Capitalism vs Socialism


This chart is an excellent comparison between the two systems. … Capitalism Socialism Philosophy: Capital (or the “means of production”) is owned, o… See More

Bruce So your saying that the lack of reinvest into the economy lays with the money makers in turn hold there goods and services as a ransom without regulations. As an example J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller were just a couple of millionaire family’s that was made on the backs and deaths of many American men and set forth many of the labor practices we use today. Furthermore those said individuals decided to pay millions in campaign funds to elect officials to look the other way the same process that still goes on today so if for over a hundred years the system stays the same the rich get richer the poor get poorer then what does it solve?

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Larry Marshall The labor practices of 150 years ago have changed, get over that- they don’t affect you today. Now I guess you would imply that Bill Gates and Larry Ellison and Jeff Immelt of GE have all become billionaires on the backs and deaths of American men (and women, let’s not be sexist here)? I am a believer in the Clean Sweep Initiative. Vote out of office any incumbent. The new ones can’t do any worse than the ones who have made a career out of politics. A lot of poor people have become rich under our capitalistic system. Some have become poor, more so now under Obama than before. There is nothing stopping you from getting ahead, there is no built in barriers to your opportunity to better yourself, just like there is none for me or anyone else I know- except for an oppressive, over regulating government. I’ll agree that some government regulation is necessary, because unfortunately not everybody who is in power or runs a corporation have the ‘common good’ at heart. But when you regulate how many holes are allowed in the top of salt shaker to open up a new restaurant that is when the individual’s ability to get ahead is confined by the government.

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Bruce Monroe
September 3 at 8:16pm
Yes I can get student loans at a rate of 20% and in debt myself for entry level jobs and pay. In turn most likely leaving my children in debt after my death only to better myself with an education run by the elite and funding by the elite…to enslave is there ultimate goal and a socialistic approach to education is a must or we shall lose as a whole nation…outsourcing labs and research to other countries with a much better balance of wealth and education instead of developing wealth and product our once great nation will become a nation of slaves of sorts ruled by the wealthy

Larry Student loan rates are at an all-time low of 3.1%. I had to pay back my student loans at 18%. Ahh yes the FREE education of Sweden. But just as there is good and evil, light and dark, cold and hot, there is ‘unbelievable’ and ‘what is the real truth.’ http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2013/05/the-high-price-of-a-free-college-education-in-sweden/276428/ .

Seems like you don’t believe in American exceptionalism- instead you follow the lie that we have raped the world of its resources and since it is impossible to bring them up to our level of wealth and influence we need to lower our standard down to theirs. Of course, we have never fought a war in the past 100 years to gain territory, we have always fought a way to allow others to govern their country free from oppressors who were killing off their own people. We have always been the first on the scene to assist with natural calamities all over the world, we have given away vast fortunes to leaders of governments to feed and shelter their peoples only to see them buy weapons and further enslave their citizens, and other than a few discontents, of which you seem to fit the mold, we continue to try to improve not only our society but others around the world. I haven’t felt ‘oppressed’ by the wealthy, I’ve not been one of their slaves. Our nation is great and will remain so as long as we continue to stick to the principles that we were founded on. As for me and my house, we will follow the Constitution, as for you- happy enslavement, you believe you are by your comments, you believe the government and business is trying to enslave you further, so I guess I have to believe that you are. By the way, what is it that is enslaving you? Chains, shackles or your outmoded belief system?

Bruce Well we fight for others that can’t fight for themselves we spend billions in tax payer dollars in corporate hand outs to several fortune 500 companies that don’t seem to have enough disposable income we help all other nations with food and goods when there are millions of American people right in our own backyard starving and living below poverty level but hey it’s there fault for not being educated or there fault that they were born poor all we are doing is waving a fatty finger at each other saying I’m right your wrong instead of working across party lines and taking the best of both world’s yes it could be made simpler yes we can make change but in this day in age when we pay political representatives of the “people” when the constitution was set in place said representatives were doing it as a call to serve the public not a career choice such a sham on the constitution that they use it to wipe with as we watch party ideology tear a nation into shreds

LARRY Well, you weaseled out answering the questions I had posed for you as to how and why you are an oppressed person and have come back with another litany of unsubstantiated and unrelated claims of a general nature. So my question to you is – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! You don’t like what is going on, but are you doing anything other than complaining about it. I’ve already mentioned I’m active in the Clean Sweep Initiative- vote the incumbents out. We won’t get the big major ones, but next election in 2016, when the incumbents look at how many of their brethren were ahead in the polls and then lost due to an up swell of voters wanting new fresh meat in the office, then they might start to pay attention to those who voted them in instead of those who paid for them to be there. It will disrupt the lobbyists, because now they have to spend all that money all over again to get a new person in their corporate pocket. If we always vote out the incumbent, then it will get to expensive for businesses and PAC’s to support candidates and they might have to actually support causes. It will take time to make the switch and then we end up with term limits 2 terms for a president , 2 terms for Senators for 12 years and 6 term limit for Representatives for 12 years. It’s a start to make things right, have you a better one?

And no further conversation from Bruce. I offered an alternative and he decided to not respond.


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