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Michael and i bet all four of them were teapublitarians committing voter fraud to prove voter fraud exists

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Robert “Teapublitarians”, great word! I will pass it on, Defined as texans whose brain is stuck in WTF. Provided a brain is present. Again, most texans are assholes.

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Michael I don’t see a problem with showing an I.D. to vote. It’s not a big deal.

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Hugh Some people thought ID’s were a good idea.

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Wess @Robert: Please don’t make broad general statements about me and my fellow Texans.

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Andy @Hugh, no, that is a leader encouraging citizens to follow the processes required in his country to vote. He’s encouraging voting, not endorsing a view that voter ID programs reduce an infinitesimally small problem.

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Susan Everything!!

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Jennifer How can you cash a check without an id, get a job? buy liquor? why is it so hard to get a fricken id?

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John why is it so hard to get a photo id ?

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Craig @Jennifer. Try and get one if you are 92 years old and in a wheel chair without family support. Get your head out of your typical selfish young ass.

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Jack If you had to show an ID to vote, how would undocumented immigrants be able to vote?

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Chris Jack you’re a fucking moron as usual.

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Scott Many people don’t drive, whether for financial or social reasons. Also many live in rural areas where they don’t need id’s as everyone knows everyone and they rarely leave. But we could GIVE them all ID’s, if the taxpayers want to drive around and manufacture and deliver FREE id’s, then the problem would no longer exist. Otherwise you can change the 24th Amendment of the Constitution.

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Phillip Jack how many undocumented immigrants vote? I have a hard time believing people who spend their lives avoiding detection would walk into a polling station.

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Calvin I don’t understand why 30 states do have voter id laws. Don’t they defy the 24th Amendment?

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Calvin Robert, what’s your beef with Texans?

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Scott @ Calvin Hobbs-“I don’t understand why 30 states do have voter id laws. Don’t they defy the 24th Amendment?” Yes, there are actually 31 states with voter ID laws, but here is the fun part: YOU, as a taxpayer, will be required to foot the bill as each one of these gets brought before a federal judge. This is my favorite part about conservative/ teanderthal small government hypocrisy….. Vote it in and ring up the charges fixing what didn’t need to be changed in the first place. So how many have been ruled unconstitutional so far?

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Calvin I don’t know Scott, it was just a question. What is the justice department doing?

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Larry Marshall I’m not 92 years old ad in a wheel chair. Just 65 and can’t walk due to missing a kneecap. It was easy to get my voter ID. I just called u the local Republican party and they sent someone out to take me to the drivers license place and I registered to vote. Here tell, the Democrats do it also. By the way they had to travel 47 miles from Midland to come to get me In Big Spring, TX. I don’t care if it is a small problem now (although from the number of hits you get by searching ‘voter fraud 2012’ is over 500,000) a will become a big problem later with 11 million illegal aliens (legal definition) granted amnesty- NOBODY who is not a legal citizen should be allowed to vote. So @Craig what else do you think is a hardship for somebody getting a valid voter identification. I don’t see any problem- why do you and others think it disenfranchises people.

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Craig @Larry Marshall. For starters try the 24th Amendment. Voter fraud for 2012 is over 500,000? “Hits” aren’t voter fraud. http://www.npr.org/…/why-new-photo-id-laws-mean-some…

Why New Photo ID Laws Mean Some Won’t Vote


Most Americans use photo IDs daily. And their driver’s license — perhaps the most common form of government-issued photo ID — has become indispensable. So what’s the big deal about new laws requiring a government-issued picture ID to vote? Some who have always voted, but can’t in 2012, explain. See More

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Gerry @Larry Marshall your ignorance shines. Even if the federal government granted amnesty (which they won’t), that doesn’t turn 11 million undocumented immigrants into US citizens. When you looked up the legal definition of illegal aliens, did you even bother looking up the legal definition of Amnesty?

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Calvin I thought amnesty was a foregone conclusion? I guess it’ll happen after the elections, from what I am reading. I don’t know about voting rights but isn’t there likely to be some path to citizenship?

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Larry Marshall @Craig- you are right Hits are not proof of voter fraud. But it is an indication it is far more of a problem than you folks seem to want to admit to. Many instances of dead people voting in heavy democratic districts, many instances of more people voting than are registered to vote- again in democratic districts. The NPR link discusses many hardship cases- but does not provide the facts that all can be overcome with just a little effort on the part of any body. Anybody who wants to vote and legally can, will be allowed to get proper ID at minimal difficulty to them and allowed to vote. It’s in our constitution and there are a lot of concerned citizens who work hard to make sure that happens. @Gerry . They will grant amnesty right after the mid-term election you must have had your head in the sand the past month if you don’t believe that- even the left and right wings agree that will happen. With being legal they can then get drivers ID and then from there get voter ID- because remember many liberal states have “voter-motor” laws. Maybe I should have clarified myself on the ‘illegal alliens” statement- that is how it is written in Federal law- not illegal immigrant, not undocumented worker or any of the other terminology that has been bandied about. Once again, I don’t see how requiring voter identification PREVENTS any legal citizen FROM voting. And you haven’t proven your case to me and many others yet.

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Craig @ Larry Marshall. Offer proof with citations or go back to Romper Room.

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Larry Marshall One way to avoid offering the proof I am asking for is to ask me for proof. Ok, I’ll play your game – proof of what? What is it that you want me to provide you with proof of, since you can’t seem to provide proof that requiring voter identification PREVENTS any legal citizen from voting.

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Errol who wants to vote more than once. I mean seriously. stop hiding behind the ” what’s so hard a about getting ID” bullshit and just admit you’re a bigoted ass clown. I promise you’ll feel better and we’ll know who you are and what you stand for.

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Larry Marshall Everybody has some amount of bigotry within them- hard not to growing up in our society. I recognize my prejudices and try hard not to let them show in my discussions. I don’t use vulgarity unlike you, I don’t personally attack people like you just did. I deal with facts and try to root out personal prejudice and biases when I see them. Please Mr. Anthony answer the question you say I am hiding behind (which I am not, because I am clearly and concisely discussing the question with whomever replies and I am providing alternative answers to the statements they provide- so only a bigoted person, in my opinion, would not be able to clearly see that.) On top of that, as is typical of liberals, in my opinion, you have changed the topic under discussion. It is not “what’s so hard a about getting ID” instead it is “provide proof that requiring voter identification PREVENTS any legal citizen from voting.”

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Eldon And, of course, Larry Marshall, the cutting of voting hours is just another way of keeping illegal voters from voting. And not allowing people, who have been standing in line for hours to vote, to use restrooms is another way to prevent illegal voters from voting. Those things, along with the push for ID laws have the same purpose, to reduce the Democratic vote. That is what it is all about, no matter how you want to spin it.

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Patricia Typical…

Larry @Eldon You have to be kidding me. Cutting the hours of voting affects liberals, conservatives, independents but hopefully not illegal’s because they should not be voting anyway. It is generally based upon the funding levels of the district or wards for the amount of time they can afford to hire poll supervisor- although most workers are volunteers. There is NO law that states you cannot go to the restroom while in line to vote. That is dependent upon the mood of the other persons in line. It’s is just like the people who camp out for the new iPhone release, common courtesy toward your fellow man dictates that.

If the Democratic vote is dependent upon illegal aliens, then YES, a voter ID law would reduce the total votes – but rightfully, legally and constitutionally so.



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Larry Doesn’t answer the question Rob. You are side stepping the issue with another obfuscated opinion.   Many states require ID check at gun shows. The main problem is the Federal Database is impossible for the local or private gun owner to have access to without major infringements upon his rights. He is held to a higher standard than the gun store owner. AND as repeated many times, criminals can, do and will get guns on the black market. They will not register their name to buy a legal gun. So back to the original question which is “provide proof that requiring voter identification PREVENTS any legal citizen from voting.”


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