If DOS was like God


So many times I get the email that ‘Evolution disproves the need for a god’. That is always a good one and it has beaten me to the ground trying to argue against it. I like to respond with an example- you know teach by example. Do you remember DOS – I know it was before Windows, before all the fancy, dancy stuff that is on computers now? Back then you actually had to know something about your computer and how to make it work, a little bit hard to imagine for many of you, but trust me on this.

A screenshot of DOS 3.3, which was about 1985 would like something like this as you typed in the following commands (yes you had to type not click on pretty little pictures).

C:> dir

C:> dir /w

C:> format c:

When you tried to format the hard drive, a message came “Are you sure?” You had a choice of [Y]es or [N]o and it defaulted to [N]o. You had to tab to [Y]es to select that option.

Now here we have Windows 11 after starting with Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95 2000, XP and Vista. A clear evolutionary path where the program got stronger, accomplished more, and had extensive ways to protect itself and the data you used. Now, let’s say that DOS never got modified by the guys in Redmond, Washington and it evolved into Windows 11 all by itself.

Imagine that DOS adapted, that it had a capability built in to where it could sense that it needed an Internet connection and it needed a web browser and it needed a word processor or a picture organizer, and that it needed alternate methods of interaction and it needed to update itself and protect itself from attacks by other software. To do that it would need to be able to rearrange its code and then test different versions with some version of natural selection until the pieces started to work.

Did that happen? No. If DOS had actually evolved all by itself, without any exterior tampering, tinkering or code writing from any software engineers, and it had just done that, wouldn’t you be pretty impressed with the person who wrote the first DOS program?

That is the usual theory of evolution applied to DOS an inanimate thing. Either you chuckled a bit or you are sitting there scratching your head. At the very least, if we’re going to even imagine that DOS could have evolved into Windows 11, you have to imagine that it has some kind of special program inside itself that is ready and willing to rearrange all the pieces in an orderly fashion so that it may improve itself.

You know what? I am completely open to the possibility that God planted a cell in a primordial ocean and that particular cell had some kind of magnificent mtRNA and DNA that could eventually evolve into everything that’s on Planet Earth. I am open to that possibility- highly improbable, but possible.


As we know from everyday experience everything that evolves does so because of some ability to do perform that action or some kind of complex design or something action that it needs to respond to.

And if that happened, then God is even more impressive than the version of God that says, “Let there be light, let there be firmament, we need animals, also let us put a person there to manage this planet.”

I’ve decided to stop debating about Genesis 1; this is simply an engineering argument. If evolution is true, then God is even more impressive than what everyone thought God was like before anyone thought of evolution!


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