NT to OT references

The non-believers have a tendency to want to nit-pick the Bible into parts without ever coming to a belief that it is a whole book, written by several authors over a period of time, but describing in complete harmony with itself our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They will study the Bible, but start with a preconceived notion that it is a book of mystical fairy tales and never come to an understanding of the Truth. That is cool. That becomes their problem; they will have to deal with the Lord during the Apocalypse.


It has been difficult to visually depict how often (and how) the New Testament writers used the Old Testament, whether explicitly (quotations) or implicitly (allusions). This would show how the two sections written about 500 years apart interlace. This gentleman and this URL, using data generated by several others, has created a wonderful graphic which shows how often and in which manner the OT and the NT are interlaced. I reprint the graphic below and if you want the actual data he used, you can download if from his website, as I did.





  • Blue ring = Old Testament books (starting with Genesis in the top (12 o’clock) position clockwise through Malachi (around the 8 o’clock position);
  • Orange ring = New Testament books (starting with Matthew right after Malachi, through Revelation ending right before Genesis);


  • Blue = Links in the Synoptic gospels
  • Green = Links in the gospel of John
  • Purple = Links in Hebrews
  • Red = Links in Revelation
  • Grey = Links in the rest of the New Testament books



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