Lies to cover lies

I get up tight by individuals who don’t bother to research information in this day and age and make obvious stupid statements. But I get extremely irritated by those who know better and present only a portion of what occurred to make their biased, slanted and distorted viewpoint. They only contribute to the problems this country is undergoing.

Being Liberal

February 9 at 10:45am ·

(M) Someone better tell him about the crusades.




Daily Derp: Fox Host Says ‘Zero’ People Killed By Religions Other Than Islam

Eric Bolling of Fox “News” proves once again that facts don’t matter when your viewers don’t care about anything but hating the President.| By Charles Topher

The entire segment was approximately 12 minutes long (I watched it as it happened) and all the panelists made a statement. It had previously been noted that the crusades (most were for political gain to get back the territory taken over by various Muslim groups – one was specifically by a French king for ethnic cleansing of the Muslims) should not be counted as they were not different than the many other wars done during that time frame.

Eric was referring to the current error in which many thousands have been killed by radical Islamists. Bob Beckel corrected him by mentioning that there had been abortion doctor killings and Eric acknowledged that and said none within the past 10 years and also that many Christian leaders immediately condemned them but where are the Muslim leaders.


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