Stopping Internal Dialogue

This is one of the links I was told to examine to help understand my “internal dialogue.” After reading it and researching several other documents, and spending 1 1/2 weeks trying to follow the advice given I had to comment on this in the following manner. All I can say is – some people actually believe this BS- and they are entitled to, but reality is nicer.

Stopping Internal Dialogue

“Stopping the internal dialogue is singularly the most important act an apprentice must accomplish.” Carlos Castaneda[1]

I’ll intersperse my comments (to look like this). Also be sure to read the two endnotes.

Internal dialogue is a form of possession ( 1) the state of having, owning, or controlling something; The state of being controlled by a demon or spirit). Conversations and dialogue with people or things not present. Something not you is controlling you, that is the definition of possession. These forces, or rather thoughts of these forces become possessive and control you and their arrival causes you to lock into them and act with them.(Most people call it the meaning of right and wrong- when it gets so that you can not control it- then you are diagnosed as schizophrenic or bi-polar). They take up your valuable energy that could be used to do anything else.(For instance, living within the realm of rational society). But there is more to internal dialogue than just stealing energy in mental conversation. Looked at closely you will see that it is this dialogue that in fact makes your external reality[2].

There is a way to stop internal dialogue for certain periods of time, but it is not done to find some happy place, though very happy places can be visited when there.(A lot of people find their happy place with drugs, alcohol, sex and other things) Done properly stopping dialogue will more likely freak you out than make you happy. It is done to examine the mind as the very maker of this illusion we call reality, and to show what happens to reality when the thoughts stop.(Here is the essence of the insanity of their argument. Reality bites. It is there whether you chose to think about it or not. You perceive the reality of that part of the world that you directly interact with it. You have no idea of somebody else’s reality halfway around the world, but they two as much as they think it doesn’t – it exists.) The world will break down, and in turn your mind will break down with it. Internal dialogue’s job is to protect our “description of the world”. Because of what we say to ourself the world always appears the same way.(The world is always changing based upon what others and you do in interacting with the other players in the world.) All thoughts are designed to reinforce the fictional dream character, thus to stop the thoughts and you will start to unravel. This is not about finding peace, it is about finding out about the reality of the world. Objects will change, shift, move and disappear. (Sounds like an LSD trip to me) Wait until a tree turns into a medieval castle, (Now that is differently peyote) or your walls or your wife disappears(fanciful dreaming?) before you start talking about you know what reality as illusion means. When dialogue stops, the very nature of static reality stops top, thus the idea stopping the internal dialogue leads what is called “Stopping the world.” And this will not happen with your eyes closed.

Stopping internal dialogue comes by doing things that appear that will have no effect. Practices are sneaky because they don’t look like that is what they are for. We must use attention in non-ordinary ways, as attention and dialogue are linked. So any practice that diverts attention from the mind’s normal world will suspend internal dialogue if done long enough. In fact any activity that leads to total absorption (fishing, reading, bird watching, sports, whatever) is leading to this state of reduced mental activity. (The mental activity is not reduced. In fact concentrating on one particular idea such as a hobby, do the crossword puzzle, tying a fishing fly, walk through the forest, etc will often cause a large increase of mental activity as many neurological studies have shown. In their parlance they are just substituting one “internal dialogue” for another “internal dialogue).   It is a refocusing of attention on the dream itself. We do awareness exercises to flood our tonal (the perceiving part),(a completely made up definition of a brain function, Wikipedia shows for the word :Tonal may refer to:

  • Tonal (mythology), a concept in the belief systems and traditions of Mesoamerican cultures, involving a spiritual link between a person and an animal
  • Tonal language, a type of language in which pitch is used to make phonemic distinctions
  • Tonality, a system of writing music involving the relationship of pitch to some centered key
  • Tonal system, a hexadecimal (base 16) system of notation, arithmetic, and metrology proposed by Nystrom in 1859)   to overload it.

Overloaded it shorts out, and thus is no longer able to maintain normal static reality. Things begin to break down. It is not the objects distorting of course, it is your mind distorting. (Again, talk to any mental health advisor, and they would say you are experiencing a ‘mental breakdown’.) You are experiencing a deeper fabric of the dream, be prepared, it’s wacky. Break down the idea of reality, and you can go looking for the ultimate reality behind it. (Again, two realities! 21st Century Schizoid Man But what do you expect from those who believe in the multi-verse, pond scum to Polish people ,and all things scientific are correct no matter how many logical errors exist because the ‘people that know’ know it.)

The best way I have found to do this is by walking. It does require a lot of space and time, so is often not suggested for modern city people. But I say if you can’t devote time to the quest for answers, then fuck it, you have already lost. To walk the right way is to bombard the tonal with so much information that it overloads and stops. And that is the point. (Ah ha, that is the point. In any progressive “enlightenment” liberal mantra the end result is to do it my way or go to you know where.)

The first key is to have no final destination for your walk, you have to walk just to walk. You begin by doing something with your hands, different than normal, like curl your fingers or touch your thumb to your finger. Anything different will do. It is important not to be carrying anything in your hands, they have to be free. It can be done with someone else as long as no talking takes place. If you want to talk, you must stop and converse, then resume your silent walking. (A walk in the park is always nice. Twiddling your fingers is good. But not talking to the person next to you is downright anti-social.)

As you walk, keep a constant rhythm, the actual speed is not important but it must be a different speed than you usually walk. Since most of us are mostly rushing around, most will walk very slowly. As you walk, keep your attention focused directly in front of you (but not at your feet). Look straight ahead. You can turn your head of course, but keep that gaze straight ahead of you. As you do this attempt to perceive a full 180 degrees, i.e. notice everything to the side as in front of you, but not focusing on anything in particular.


From Wikipedia: In everyday language the term “peripheral vision” is often used to refer to what in technical usage would be called “far peripheral vision.” This is vision outside of the range of stereoscopic vision. It can be conceived as bounded at the center by a circle 60° in radius or 120° in diameter, centered around the fixation point, i.e., the point at which one’s gaze is directed. <>

(So to get another 50 degrees, you don’t have to turn your head much, unless you have some vision problems.)   See it all equally. Each thing we “see” in our environment requires some aspect of our mind to “create” it which is why we rarely focus on it.(Most neurophysiologists and neurobiologists will assert that that our mind will maintain an “understanding” of every image presented to it by the olfactory, auditory, cutaneous, visual gustatory sense receptors Some would consider cutaneous to be broken down into at least 4 separate senses)   Notice mind is trying to say a word for every object that is being perceived, but see too many things, and mind can’t keep up its naming. (Dream on! The mind will do its thing no matter how hard you try to interfere with it. You just want to believe something different so you do- but the mind never stops doing its thing- unless of course you are ‘brain dead’). Doing so will leave no energy left to pop off internal dialogue. All of mind’s energy will be focused on its creations. (Its Nature’s Way Doesn’t really fit in but I like the song.) Just stay focused on the 180 degrees, and don’t associate with any thought as they come up. Watch your breath and pay attention to your body. Listen for sounds. It will likely take you many walks, but if you do it every day for a few months, one day-one walk- your mind will just shut off. Then just perceive what happens to reality around you.(Or you can try an isolation tank which is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. They were first used by John C. Lilly in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Such tanks are now used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine. The isolation tank was originally called the sensory deprivation tank). In my case the ground was flowing while the river was still. People just disappeared then re-appeared. Objects changed from one thing to another, some became transparent, and others droopy like a Salvador Dali painting. The belief the world was solid and real no longer stood a chance after that period! (My first LSD trip I took at a party and walked home and I jumped over a white picket fence and kept going up, up and away. Right past Proxima Centauri ,Alpha Centauri,

Barnard’s Star and on and on. Apparently I was standing there long enough for the neighbor to call the cops and it was hard to talk to them with a straight face as I ducked as Sirius flew past my face and Epsilon Eridani and other stars flew past. When I ingested peyote, I stood outside the Arizona State University Hayden Library and everyone that walked past was naked. What an experience. However, I still believe that the world was is and will be real and things will happen in it that I am aware of and many more occurrences will happen in which I am unaware of).

Remember the goal is not to shut off your mind but to question the standard reality of you and world that you have always believed. (“Question Everything” in many different forms has been stated since Euripides and Einstein. That is something which is no longer taught in school thanks to Common Core, but most of my generation has used that to create the greatest nation on earth.) As you begin to still the internal dialogue the ego/mind won’t like it. It will fight back to regain control, bringing situations that it knows causes us to break down. All you can do is commit to going on no matter what mind throws at you. It will give you it’s A game, your biggest fears, you just have to keep going through them. Eventually it will run out of fears, and all that will be left is the answer that you have been looking for.(Or so you say).

[1] Carlos Castaneda (December 25, 1925April 27, 1998) was an American author with a Ph.D. in anthropology. Rather tan write about his subject matter he branched out into writing fiction. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968, Castaneda wrote a series of books that describe his training in shamanism. His 12 books have sold more than 28 million copies in 17 languages. Critics have suggested that they are works of fiction; supporters claim the books are either true or at least valuable works of philosophy and descriptions of practices which enable an increased awareness.

[2] Reality is the conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still broader definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist. Philosophers, mathematicians, and other ancient and modern thinkers, such as Aristotle, Plato, and Russell, have made a distinction between thought corresponding to reality, coherent abstractions (thoughts of things that are imaginable but not real), and that which cannot even be rationally thought. By contrast existence is often restricted solely to that which has physical existence or has a direct basis in it in the way that thoughts do in the brain.



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