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Went through this starting Jan. 11th after it had been reposted to my page by a Friend. I’ve removed the hyperlinks and the l name of everyone except me. I have commented in between posts with <this is my comment>

Samuel January 9 at 2:52pm · I have another question for you Christians. Please answer, I want to understand your kind. In some discussions I’ve had with your kind recently I’ve discovered that you can’t even imagine that HYPOTHETICALLY evidence could disprove god. My question is: If evidence proved that god was undoubtedly real, would you embrace that eveidence?

Andrea January 9 at 9:52pmYour question needs reworded

Samuel Yesterday at 6:16am No it doesn’t.

Andrea Yesterday at 9:19am Well read your last sentence

Melissa Yesterday at 9:57am Evidence that God is real wouldn’t make me feel any more certain about his existence than I already do!! And in the face of irrefutable evidence, there would still be some people who would refuse to believe.

Samuel Yesterday at 11:28am I don’t think very many people would refuse to believe if evidence showed that god is real.

<Interesting comment from someone who appears to be trolling for responses. Remember he calls Christians “your kind” as if we were something other than what he is- a human being>

Andrea Yesterday at 2:14pm What kind of evidence are you looking for? Maybe the evidence we were seeking we found. Look for the evidence. It’s there.

Stephen Yesterday at 6:47pm: Andrea Please provide your evidence – and no hicus pocus mumbo jumbo bullsh*t about “faith”. Faith is a cheap excuse for lack of evidence.

<Ahh yes, the inevitable one who hates everything and demands reasons that he can easily put down>

Samuel Yesterday at 2:47pm: Andrea, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Andrea Yesterday at 2:57pm I understand what you’re trying to say now. Sorry.

Samuel Yesterday at 3:11pm I’m always so astonished that believers don’t care about evidence. I guess that’s what it takes to believe though, just a complete disregard for evidence. If your kind doesn’t care about evidence for or against your belief then how did you start believing that way in the first place?

<Putting ‘your kind’ in its place, assuming that we don’t care about evidence for and about our faith without defining anything about what his so called ‘evidence’ would be>

Melissa 19 hrs There was a time I didn’t believe in God either! I’m so thankful that He pursued me and that now I know without any doubt that He exists and He has great love for me, and for you too.

God is not made God by anything you or I believe. He Just IS, and always HAS BEEN, and always WILL BE.

If you honestly would like to know how I came to believe, it’s a long story but I will message you. I’m not trying to convince you of anything, and I was atheist or agnostic myself for a long time. It is just something you have to experience, and once you have experienced God’s grace there is no doubt.

<One of the most honest example of FAITH ever written>

Samuel 19 hrs You’re saying ”god” generally. Let me guess, you’re a Christian too, right? When you say ”god” you mean the Christian god?

Greg Yesterday at 3:41pm If you spent as much time building a business as you do brow beating Christians, you’d be too damn rich to even talk to us.

Samuel Yesterday at 3:50pm: Greg Staton, I WANT to talk to Christians! Don’t you understand?

Greg Yesterday at 3:55pm Why? You’re not benefitting yourself in anyway by spewing negatively about something Christians feel so strongly about. Also the same ole thing if Christians are right they’re OK, if they’re not you both are OK. You have no desire other than to cause drama for yourself instead of using that time to better yourself.

Bruce Yesterday at 4:09pm Christians that spew hatred for Muslims today proclaiming Christian belief is that of peace have forgotten about the crusades or Spanish inquisition which in its infancy the Christian church has killed more women than the Muslim world has even thought about but there both religions of peace that worship the same god just different means of communication

<I know this man and have communicated with him before. It is typical for him to bring up into a conversation things that have no relation to the discussion. And this is how it got posted to my timeline>

Samuel Yesterday at 4:24pm: Greg, I’m sorry that you feel I’m not benefiting myself because I feel that I am. I’m sorry that you feel I’m negative because I feel I am not. I’m sorry you feel that I’m causing drama for myself because I’m not.

Greg Yesterday at 4:33pm How are you benefitting from brow beating Christians? You can’t be serious about not being negative. Sorry if I missed the sarcasm.

Stephen Yesterday at 6:49pm Who’s “brow beating” xtians? Asking for evidence of preposterous claims is not brow beating. Either put up or shut up.

<Again, he butts in acts like a bull in a china shop. Automatically you can tell he will not listen to any possible evidence as he has already dismissed it as ‘preposterous’>

Greg 23 hrs Wow, Drama Queen much? If it was only this status, I would not refer to it as brow beating. It’s constant and it’s for attention. Never does Sam’s post start with, Muslim, Jew or Scientologist…

Stephen 23 hrs: Greg I’m sure Sam would agree that they are all equally ridiculous.

<Only an atheist has credence with Stephen>

Greg 23 hrs : Stephen and what does have to do with the my statements of Sam brow beating Christians?

Samuel 21 hrs To address both of you, Greg, I’m not trying to get attention. I’m just a guy who speaks what he believes like most Christians do. Also, I focus mostly on Christianity because it’s what I see tearing down society all around me. In every city in every county in every state in this nation, it’s Christianity bending us over and screwing us. In this country it’s not Islam that screws us, it’s not Judaism that screws us, it’s not Scientology that screws us…..as much anyway. Stephen, you’re right, they are all ridiculous.

Greg 21 hrs; Samuel Please tell me what Christianity has done tto bend you over and screw you?

Samuel 20 hrs It’s not just me getting screwed, Greg, it’s you too. For you to be asking me this question, I’m thinking you haven’t read many of my posts. I guess I’ll cover the same old ground again. How much persecution has stemmed from Christianity? How much intolerance? Unacceptance? How much has society’s growth been stunted? How much has mankind been divided? How much advancement have we lost? How many murders? How many wars? And all in the name of fairy tales! Greg, you and I and everyone else are getting screwed by Christianity.

Samuel Yesterday at 4:53pm I get a good feeling from trying to persuade the blind to come to the side of rationality and reason. It is most definitely a benefit!! Negative? I think you’re confusing my forwardness in opposition of your beliefs as negativity. If that’s how we’re playing it then I say you’re being negative about what I believe.

Greg 23 hrs So you’re out to prove you’re smarter than those darn Christians? So my opposition to your beliefs are negative, but you’re not being negative. hmmm…

Samuel 12 hrs I’m not trying to prove anything. And I don’t feel that either of us are being negative. I was just pointing out that we are on the same ground yet you were calling me negative.

<Interesting in-fighting above between the main posters on the page of unrelenting jabberwocky>

Larry Marshall 23 hrs The evidence does prove that God exits. All evidence against God is strictly conjecture and distorted facts.

<And this is when I jumped in>

Samuel 23 hrs What is this evidence you speak of? Also, are you Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or, most predictably, Christian? Does this supposed evidence prove God in general or your specific beliefs?

Larry Marshall 19 hrs I am Christian. Rather than us do a dance around each other take a look at my blog https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/ Then you will know more about my beliefs and how I defend them. Then we can engage in a spirited debate about what you don’t or won’t believe in.

I Am Not An Atheist


Stephen 12 hrs Larry Marshall Provide some proof of the existence for any of the thousands of gods on record and we’ll be happy to believe. Even one god will do it. No hocus pocus mumbo jumbo abracadabra bulsh*t about “faith”, thank you.

<At least he spelt hocus correctly as compared to the same answer to Andrea above>

Larry Marshall 12 hrs I have no need to prove the existence of our almighty God. The proof is all around us and comes in many forms. Prove that the one and only almighty God does not exist, instead of lumping Him together with all the false gods. As I mentioned above read my blog and you will have some indication of my beliefs and how I defend Christianity. I make a distinction between Christianity, religion and organized religion. Three different things with the last two creating many distortions of the Truth. If we are going to hopefully have a lively discussion, we need to have some common ground in definitions and concepts. Mine are open and readable and I’m willing to give you the advantage of knowing them before we begin a debate. I’m happy to answer specific questions not scatter-gun questions throwing many half truths and prejudicial beliefs into one strawman. Tell me about your lack of faith and on what grounds do you base it- that provides me with something to work with.

Samuel 12 hrs Larry, I began to read from your page after clicking the link you provided. I hadn’t read very far and I had to stop. Here’s a screen shot of what I was reading.

Samuel 12 hrs You wrote that it was Moses that sailed the Ark. If you can’t get simple things from the Bible correct I don’t see the point in reading your blog.

Samuel 12 hrs Just to fill you in, the Bible says Noah sailed the Ark.

<Whoops, I goofed, but owned up to it further down>

Stephen Larry Marshall Right, because only YOUR fairy tale god is the one true fairy tale god. All the others are just “false gods”. And that’s precisely what all the other purveyors of the preposterous say. And don’t look now, but the onus of proof is on YOU. I exist, this laptop I’m typing on exists, you, presumably, exist. Your god? Oh, right, “faith”. Produce your phantom god who never shows for anything, anywhere, anytime.

<How many times I have heard the exact same thing from any atheist, they have no response to disprove the existence of God, but always want us, “your kind”, to say something they can jump all over with canned negative comments but no facts.>

Larry Marshall 12 hrs Thank you, I am writing a very lengthy piece with many cross references. I have posted several of those pieces as placeholders for the links and cross links. I expect the entire article to be done by this weekend. Some of the other articles are on my Intelligent Design site: https://larryemarshall.wordpress.com/. Two days before Christmas I had a gall bladder attack and it was removed shortly after. As I have been recuperating, I have begun to finish and post some items and still need to proof read them- morphine can do a lot to a mind. I appreciate your pointing that error out. I found another one the formula for exponential decay of the outer core of the earth and have corrected it also. So maybe I should say read anything that has not been posted in the past two weeks.

Intelligent Design

A different way of looking at the Lord’s world


<Here is where I admit to the mistake and why and used this to review a lot of other articles.>

Larry Marshall Stephen, the onus of proof is not on me. This is a typical argument of non-believers. You have already set yourself up to deny anything that I say by your prejudicial comments so far. If you are going to automatically deny and put down anything that I have to say, then it would be useless for me to produce my evidence. So therefore, logically you should provide the proof of nonexistence so that I might be able to counter your points logically and concisely. Unless of course, your non-belief is based on emotional dis-attachment and not verifiable facts.

Samuel 11 hrs Larry, the burden of proof IS on you. Extraordinary claims made with no evidence are to be dismissed with no evidence. Besides, your first comment on this post said the evidence proves god exists. I tried to read your page and found that you overlook simple things from the Bible. If your page is where you provide this supposed evidence, I’m feeling pretty unconvinced.

Larry Marshall 8 hrs No, the burden is not on me to prove the existence of God. You are challenging my belief in His existence, therefore provide me with your disproof so that I may have a fair and equitable attempt to refute your disbelief. . Otherwise, as is common with nonbelievers you will haughtily dismiss my proofs on the grounds of prejudicial disbelief and not on the merits of the facts presented. And again I apologize for the mistake. I am writing a very lengthy article on the commonality between secular and biblical scientists on plate tectonics. It is one article with at this point with 5 other articles to provide more extensive details on points made in the main article. Should not have worked on it while medicated but going crazy not doing anything. Read some of the other articles including other FB discussions especially with my brother. In general I’ll state all people— everywhere and at all times— have access to evidence for God’s existence. How? Through the created order: “the things that have been made.” This is called general revelation because it is evidence for God that is accessible to anyone, including those who do not have the written Scripture (which is called special revelation).. They can choose to believe or disbelieve the facts.

Samuel 7 hrs Larry, you are unbelievable. YOU are on MY post challenging ME. Regardless, a person can’t just invent an idea and tell eveyone else to disprove it. Things are just not done that way. That’s how the joke deity of the flying spaghetti monster was created. Are you sure that you are familiar with science? You’re really losing credibility with me. Anyway, I will try to give your page another read. Hopefully you saying Moses sailed the Ark was a simple error and not a reveal that you don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t be suprised though if I find more on your page that will cause me to disregard the whole thing.

<His statement “Regardless, a person can’t just invent an idea and tell everyone else to disprove it” is based upon making me personally responsible for the belief of millions of Christians. Again trying to ignore all of the available facts he doesn’t want to believe in and make it a personal one on one diatribe against whatever I say.>

Larry Marshall No I’m completely believable. Your questions was “If evidence proved that god was undoubtedly real, would you embrace that eveidence?” I replied “The evidence does prove that God exits” So again, to discuss the subject fully, what proof do you have that God does not exist? Is it personal bias, based on historical records, a scientific understanding (or what I would call misunderstanding) or where you punished as a child and forced to go to church (kinda of like what happened to me). What is the basis of your disbelief? And I am sure you will find some things that you will disagree with but it should then provide us with a common ground to begin a discussion. Don’t be like most individuals and disregard information that you do not currently wish to believe. I responded to your question because it was forwarded by a friend who is on your friend list. After looking at several of your posts, you did seem to want to engage in a dialogue with those who believe. If you want to do so only to put these people down, I’ll call it quits. If you believe, like I do, that it is always worth learning something from those who oppose your viewpoints then I am willing to listen to your point of view (thus the reason for asking why you do not believe) and offer my point of view. I sincerely doubt either of us will change each others point of view, but we might each learn something to reinforce our own beliefs.

Larry Marshall Stephen Right, because only YOUR fairy tale god is the one true fairy tale god. <I have never believed in fairy tales, even as a child. My mind was to logical to believe that stuff> All the others are just “false gods”. <Yes, there is one and only true God, creator of the universe> And that’s precisely what all the other purveyors of the preposterous say. <Yes I am a purveyor of traditional Christian values, what do you find wrong with that? Preposterous: contrary to reason or common sense. That is strictly your point of view. Not believing is contrary to all common sense and reason to me and millions of others. So why are you right and we are wrong.> And don’t look now, but the onus of proof is on YOU. <And no, I don’t have to prove anything to someone who is unwilling to engage in a reasonable dialog because of their built in hatred and prejudice> I exist, this laptop I’m typing on exists, you, presumably, exist. <Nobody disputes that everything in this world exits. In fact some of the greatest scientists and movers and shakers in the world have been Christians> Your god? Oh, right, “faith”. <Faith is only one part of believing in God, but you wouldn’t understand anyway> Produce your phantom god who never shows for anything, anywhere, anytime. <Why? What makes you so special that God should show his omnipotence to you?>

Stephen Larry Marshall Excuses, excuses, excuses. Same lame excuses from the believers in bullshit. Produce your god, end of story. You can’t be cause he’s as real as the tooth fairy and every bit as useful. No, I’m not special. Your god doesn’t have to reveal himself to me but he does need to reveal himself to mankind otherwise it’s as big as lie and every bit as stupid as all the other supernatural claims throughout history. If he is as you say the one true god” why doesn’t he just make an appearance and end the claims of all those other one true gods? Answer: Because he can’t and he won’t because he’s a creation of the human imagination. If your god is capable of intervening in the horrors on earth and chooses not to, then he is a total dick. If he is incapable of intervening then he’s not much of a god and we can continue to carry on without one. And yes, a virgin birth, walking on water, changing water to wine, and zombie resurrection from the dead, and all the other idiocies, most of which were appropriated from earlier fables and myths, ARE preposterous.

<I chose not to respond, his lopsided one sided point of view is very obvious.>

Larry Marshall So Larry Marshall there is only one true God? How are you so sure that it’s the God of Christianity? <Faith and facts> Religion is mainly a geographical belief. If you’re American chances are pretty good you’re a Christian, Middle East? Islamic. India? Hindu. Asian? Buddhist. <There are Christians everywhere and following Jesus Great Commission to spread his teachings of the resurrected Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world. After the tower of Babel and the peoples were spread throughout the earth, of course many of them tried to maintain a faith and with new languages the Truth was often misinterpreted and being further from the historical facts changed some of the stories>   So how is it that none of their gods aren’t the true God? I believe Muhammad was a real man, but don’t believe that he was a prophet for allah. <Despite the fact that all Muslims and most scholars believe he was a prophet? You pick and choose what facts you wish to believe?>. Just like I believe Jesus was a real person but not the son of God.<So you continue to ignore well established historical records and have no faith-to be expected> Most of Christianity’s beliefs aren’t even specific to the religion anyway. Look at Jesus bday. It is celebrated dec 25th but he was supposedly born in late August or September. I’m sure at least 90% of Christians aren’t even aware of that. <Wrong, virtually all Christians are aware of the ceremonial date for his birth. ‘The earliest mention of December 25 as Jesus’ birthday comes from a mid-fourth-century Roman almanac that lists the death dates of various Christian bishops and martyrs. The first date listed, December 25, is marked: natus Christus in Betleem Judeae: “Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea.”’ For a more detailed discussion please read: http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/new-testament/how-december-25-became-christmas/ >   They just believe that because that’s what they’ve been told. Much like people believe all kinds of crazy stuff posted here on fb without checking to see if it’s true or not.< That is their problem, not mine and hopefully not yours..I always check and double check any statement made that I intend to respond to.> Let’s take into account that Jesus was born from Virgin Mary. <Correct, Mary recognized that she needed the Savior. The Bible never says that Mary was anyone but an ordinary human whom God chose to use in an extraordinary way. Yes, Mary was a righteous woman and favored (graced) by God (Luke 1:27-28). At the same time, Mary was a sinful human being who needed Jesus Christ as her Savior, just like everyone else (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23; 6:23; 1 John 1:8).> Chrishna was also supposedly born from a virgin< Krishna was not born of a virgin.  He was the eighth child.  The claim that he was virgin born reveals a complete lack of familiarity with the story of Krishna’s birth, to which the fact that he was the eighth child was especially significant.  http://ronaldvhuggins.blogspot.com/2013/03/krishna-not-born-december-25.html >, as was Buddha.< there is no one person called “Buddha.” Buddha is the name for anyone who has attained enlightenment. There have been many Buddhas. You are likely referring to the first person to be called ‘Buddha,’ Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama had a mother and father, Queen Maha Maya and King Suddhodana, of the Shakya clan in Nepal (then called Kapilavastu). He was created by biology, not the gods. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121011202753AAfbVWh> So which one is the real God? <The one and only God the Creator of the Universe>

Sarah I’m not sure what evidence you think disproves the existence of God, but there is certainly evidence that lends credence to his existence. If you are interested, here is a blog written by scientists much smarter than me arguing for the existence of God: http://sixdayscience.com/six-days-2/

Samuel 8 mins Larry, I didn’t want to do this but you have left me no choice. I alone cannot enlighten your Christian poisoned mind. It’s time for the team of logic! It’s time for the team of rationality! ATHEIST AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! Thorson ,Anthony, Bear, Ryan, Tina, Tesha, Stephen, Casey, Tony
Alright everybody! This poor soul needs our help! Please give him your two cents!
Also, should I read his blog when he doesn’t even know who supposedly sailed the Ark?

Larry Marshall I made a mistake in typing while recovering from gall bladder surgery and that is what you use to castigate me. I apologized and thanked you for reporting it to me and corrected it. Most interesting you chose to not answer my questions about your beliefs and call upon others to help you out in defending your lack of reasons for non-belief.

Tesha Well… I don’t really consider myself athiest. I also don’t have a problem with anyone’s religion as long as they aren’t hurting anyone by practicing it. I don’t know what your post was about, or why you’re picking on Larry Marshall, but I’m not joining in on it because I think everyone has a right to believe what they want and if it gets them through the days, let them believe in it. Love to everyone

Samuel Just having fun, Larry! Watching the game and drinking beer! I’ll respond later. Calm down. You going for Alabama or Clemson?

Larry Marshall Not a college fan I have two favorite teams- the Eagles and anybody who plays Dallas

Anthony If these people commenting on here would actually read the Old Testament and New Testament the whole thing front to back they wouldn’t be arguing. And if they have there’s no hope. All the bad stuff that is in there the horrible stuff that’s in those books. I just can’t get past the talking snakes and donkeys?
Larry Marshall The more the merrier. Water does not rise above its source by natural means. A mind capable of forming an argument against God’s existence would logically constitute evidence for His existence. In other words, a conscious being with the ability to reason, weigh a variety of different types of evidence, and argue logically must come from a source that has at least the same level of cognitive ability. The cause must be capable of producing the effect. “He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see?” (Ps. 94: 9).

Larry Marshall I’ve read the Bible from front to back twice. I’ve studied extensively 45 of the 66 books and I am still amazed at how accurate it is historically and how philosophically sound it is throughout. It becomes more amazing and applicable to everyday life. Just a summary: Balaam knew God and carried out his commands, but he was an evil man, driven by money rather than love of God.
The angel threatened Balaam because Balaam was obeying God in his actions, but in his heart he was rebelling, thinking only of the bribe.
The “oracles” of Balaam in Numbers correspond to the blessings God promised to Abraham: Israel will be as numerous as the dust of the earth; the Lord is with Israel; Israel will inherit the promised land; Israel will crush Moab, and from the Jews will come a Messiah.
Numbers 31:16 reveals that Balaam enticed the Israelites to turn from God and worship idols.
The fact that the angel asked Balaam the same question as the donkey indicates that the Lord was speaking through the donkey.

Anthony Money$$$$ haha and they want it every sunday!!! Think about it for a bit with a open mind! If there was a god there would only be one religion. Churches would not need your money…

<I wanted to answer him but got tangled up in other responses.>

Samuel : Tesha!! You’re not an Avenger!!

Tesha I know! I just do my own thing…. The way I do.

Samuel Also Tesha, Christianity has damaged our society nearly beyond repair, so what do you mean “as long as they aren’t hurting anyone by practicing it”?

Larry Marshall Delineate how what and where Christianity “has damaged our society nearly beyond repair”. “YOU SAY YOU HAVE EVIDENCE? PRESENT IT!”

Ryan I’m not exactly atheist either but I do like to challenge people’s beliefs and make them question their own reality. I haven’t read this entire thread but I get what you’re saying and I agree with it to an extent. For the record I only praise Ra, the Kemetic sun god. smile emoticon

Samuel : Greg, people like you are part of the problem. Look at what you just said.

Greg That reply is a cop-out and you’re wrong, if you think that in some way I do not agree with you. I am probably more of a sceptic than you. I am also “sensitive”, per Ryan, enough to understand why humans need to believe in something bigger than themselves. My statement from the beginning, in analogy form, is that you are constantly belligerent towards Christians and your drive would be well spent in some other task.

Samuel Actually I’m not really atheist either. I just thought Atheist Avengers was a cool name. I guess I should’ve realized it was a bad name since the people I was applying it to are thinkers and wouldn’t care for the label. How about The Skeptic Squad!?!?

Ryan I disagree with z Greg. z Greg assumes you are being malicious but fails to realize that you are only attempting to spread awareness and make these so-called Christian folk to wake up and question their own faith and it’s impact on the world around them. No harm in that. z Greg is just sensitive.

<Get his use of language: “make these so-called Christian folk”. A Freudian slip maybe, they want to make, force, coerce or whatever people who don’t believe the way they do.>

Greg There is a difference in trying to help and demeaning one’s core values, deep rooted beliefs or their way of life.

Ryan You’re right. I wonder why so many Christians do that to people. Those poor natives.

<Another generalized statement with no facts to point out what it is he is alluding to>

Andrea It seems like all posts are just lure, not to actively listen to conversation, but to lure you in to only bash any other ideas , when in reality your ideas aren’t at all backed by any evidence. You want evidence, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to bash that too, even if I did show you. Talk about close mindedness.

Samuel You folks can really wear on someone! You spend all your time saying ”there’s evidence but you’re so mean and you’re bashing us!” Why don’t you all quit crying about your delicate feelings because I said something bad about your numerical super-majority religion that rules this nation and evryone in it and present this evidence you say you have? How can you whine about your religion being insulted when nonchristians of this nation have no escape from you? Here’s a message for you Christians: YOU ARE NOT THE OPPRESSED ONES! QUIT CRYING! YOU SAY YOU HAVE EVIDENCE? PRESENT IT!

Larry Marshall Well then, maybe we should ask this question: What evidence is it that you want to be presented. What proof are you looking for?

Ryan The truth about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to me is that they were all meant as a way for the local governments to have more control over the ever growing populace so they wrote these laws and made these gods for people to fear. People are insane animals and sad to say but need these crazy religions to stay inline. It is a necessary evil we need to keep society in check which in turn manifests evil in itself. It’s a catch 22

Greg Staton I agree with your general statement, but I do not believe these particular religions mentioned above were created with this specifically in mind. Although there are and have been many “religious movements” that have been created for this exact purpose in the name of the above mentioned religions. Most every popular, well meaning religion has been used for this purpose, as well as the other industries I mentioned above. Saying again this is not a religious problem, but a societal problem and definitely not specifically Christian issue.

Samuel Ok Greg, I’m on eggshells! How can I say what I’m trying to say without offending you? In your mind, am I even allowed to disagree with you?

Greg I was offended by you saying I was part of the problem, not that you disagree with me. Many people disagree with me. If everyone everywhere is happy with what I am doing, then I am not doing something right.

Anthony https://www.instagram.com/p/BAbNSDhEyQl/

Bear Even talking about gods is a waste of time, this fluke life is too precious to spend it praising some imvisible deity….so, I’m going to enjoy this ride to its fullest!

Samuel You religious folks make no sense to me! What does it take for you to give up on all that nonsense!? How many falsehoods does there have to be in the scriptures? How many lies? How many inconsistencies? How many contradictions? How much superstition? How many fairy tales? How much do religious beliefs have to stunt the growth of society before you’ll throw the garbage out? How much advancement do we have to lose? How much free thinking has to be stomped on? How much intolerance has to be taught? How much persecution does it take before you’ll end these religious teachings? How many billions of dollars does the church have to take in tax free only to line the pockets of it’s operators? How much will you let these operators use the myth to manipulate the masses? How many murders have to happen in the name of religion? How many wars? You religious folks are hard at work trying to make sure humankind meets it’s demise as soon as possible. Please stop!!
Everyone repost this! Share this! If just one person of faith can understand what I’m saying then it means progress is being made!

Samuel “If cathedrals had been universities, If dungeons of the Inquisition had been laboratories, If Christians had believed in character instead of creed, If they had taken from the Bible only that which is good and thrown away the wicked and absurd, If temple domes had been observatories, If priests had been philosophers, If missionaries had taught useful arts instead of Bible lore, If astrology had been astronomy, If the black arts had been chemistry, If superstition had been science, If religion had been humanity, The world then would be a heaven filled with love and liberty and joy.” – Robert Ingersoll

Samuel These are a couple posts I’ve made in the past that illustrate how religion is bad for society.

Larry   Samuel You religious folks make no sense to me! <And thus your request to ask for information to try to understand> What does it take for you to give up on all that nonsense!? <We have nothing to give up on, our beliefs are infallible and we do not give up just because some people who have lost their faith or chose to put their faith in something other than God.> How many falsehoods does there have to be in the scriptures? <Still not specific but you are getting their- It is like pulling teeth. What falsehoods do you believe exist in scriptures.> How many lies? How many inconsistencies? <What lies and inconscitancies- I know of none.> How many contradictions? <A lot of contradictions exist drummed up by atheists who do not understand the Bible. They pick and chose scriptures that appear contradictory but not when read in context. But point out those that disturb you.> How much superstition? <None- all factual.> How many fairy tales? <None but a lot have been spun off from the Biblical accounts of the history of the Jewish nation.> How much do religious beliefs have to stunt the growth of society before you’ll throw the garbage out? <What part of societies growth has been stunted.> How much advancement do we have to lose? <Advancement of what, lost how and where.> How much free thinking has to be stomped on? <You are stating that free thinking has been hindered by Christianity? Strange, when most of the greatest scientific discoveries have been by Christian scientists.> How much intolerance has to be taught? <One of the main tenets of Christianity is to ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself. I’ll admit that some religious individuals have preached and/or practiced intolerance. But so do Democrats and atheists. > How much persecution does it take before you’ll end these religious teachings? <I do not believe that Christianity is currently involved in any persecution, certainly not look some middle –eastern religions are.> How many billions of dollars does the church have to take in tax free only to line the pockets of it’s operators? <Two misconceptions here, well maybe not. One the Catholic Church is an organized Religion and yes, I would say they have hoarded way to much wealth- but some of that has been as part of a political system in Rome that collected gold, silver and art from around the world and stored at the Vatican for safety during the Middle Ages. As far as local congregations go, the money is donated voluntarily to support the church staff (many small congregations the pastors often hold full time jobs). Also every congregation provides funds for missionaries around the world to assist with food and medical care and also they support the local Salvation Army’s and food banks. And it has been taxed as we earned it and provide it willingly to our congregations> How much will you let these operators use the myth to manipulate the masses? <Your point of view> How many murders have to happen in the name of religion? How many wars? <You know that is not a fair comparison. How many wars and murders have occurred NOT in the name of religion? How many murders and wars by despots of Russia, China, Italy, Germany, Mongolia, etc. etc.> You religious folks are hard at work trying to make sure humankind meets it’s demise as soon as possible. Please stop!! <Sorry, but the ethical and moral standards espoused by Christians is the only thing that will save mankind. >
Everyone repost this! Share this! If just one person of faith can understand what I’m saying then it means progress is being made! <We would be happy to try to understand, if you told us something instead of nothing.>

Larry Samuel These are a couple posts I’ve made in the past that illustrate how religion is bad for society. <Not really any information contained in your posts- all generalities. – Robert Ingersoll is different from you in that he was agnostic and made a living by going around giving speeches about whatever the group he was addressing wanted to hear. He got paid for not providing any specific information that could be debated.>


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