We Were Not Born Atheists or Christian pt 3

We Were Not Born Atheists or Christian pt 3

https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/we-were-not-born-atheists-or-christians-pt-2/  to read first.

As I stated in part 1, the five so-called theories of Jesus’ missing body (Swoon, Hallucination, Wrong Tomb, Theft, or a Passover Plot) have been thoroughly debunked.   Based upon the extensive and respectable due diligence of the secular skeptics of God, we can conclusively and unequivocally know the following facts that will be presented.  It is possible to state this because these wise and intelligent scholars do not waste their time disproving the existence of leprechauns or other baseless fairy tales.

These very wise and very careful investigators of the early history of the Eastern Mediterranean culture have concluded:

  • A man named Jesus lived in Jerusalem
  • A man named Jesus was beaten by Roman soldiers and crucified on a cross
  • A man named Jesus was buried in a rock tomb
  • The body of a man named Jesus was no longer in the tomb where he was buried within days of his burial
  • A man named Jesus led a life so profound that he altered the known world.

Now remember, we are not discussing anything presented in the Bible at this time.  The above five points was produced from a great deal of researched ideas of skeptics, atheists, and agnostics.    The bottom line is after some 2,000 years of questioning they cannot help but agree a man named Jesus lived, died was buried, on the third day arose from the grave, lived with his disciples for another 40 days and then ascended to Heaven as they watched.  Jesus’ presence was so life altering that Jew, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Scientologists, Satanists, and most atheists believe He lived an amazing, respectable, and profound life.   Two thousand years’ worth of studies forever solidifies the above facts.  When all other explanations fail, the impossible becomes possible. Believing the seemingly impossible is possible.

What if it were true?

At this point logic cries out and the irrational becomes rational.  It seems that one must admit that the preponderance of the evidence weighs heavily toward the events of the resurrection as recorded both in and out of the Bible. The resurrection as an event is more likely true than not.  Many wise and educated atheists have had to reluctantly admit after a strong review of all the possible evidence and information that the resurrection is the most plausible and likely explanation.

Many atheists/agnostics claim Christians believe in Jesus because they want to.  I just had that posted to me in a Facebook discussion on basically is God dead.  I wrote, “He has always been and will always be” and received the reply, “He always will be to you, you mean.”  I replied, “To a whole lot more people than you can count.”  He responded three hours later and that entire conversation will be on my blog under FB-Discussions.

I do not believe because I want to.  I believe in Jesus because I can no more deny my very existence than deny the reality of the events as recorded in the Bible and many, many, extra-biblical sources.  Like any logical person I do not want to believe an outlandish story of resurrection.

What if it were true?

So, why don’t you take the time to disprove the resurrection yourself.  Don’t believe what other people have told you to believe in or against.  Search for yourself, look at some Christian websites, buy a couple of books from Amazon and actually read them, if possible, with an open mind.  Use your wisdom because some of your value systems may be threatened.  I am not saying that you will change your mind or attitude, but just as long as you will view the information with as few preconceived notions as possible.


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