FB-No Such Thing as Resurrection

FB-No Such Thing as Resurrection

Samuel  March 27 at 12:33pm ·

Today is a good day to remember that people do not come back to life after they die. If any of you have seen someone come back from the dead please tell me because I would like to hear about it. Even if you know someone who saw a person come back from the dead or if you know someone who knows someone who saw a person come back to life from being dead, please tell me about it.

Bear It has happened….just not 3 days later.

Samuel Well yeah, I was meaning dead dead, not resuscitation.

Bear Especially after rotting for 3 days…there, fixed it.

Bear lol

Samuel If Jesus really came back after 3 days he would’ve smelled pretty rotten! And he would have looked like those ugly zombie motherfuckers on The Walking Dead.

Bear lol

Carlene Besides Christ, I’m with you on this one.

Casey Are you trying to say there’s no such things as zombies?!? Blasphemy!!!

Samuel Easter is the zombie Christmas! Does that make sense?

Larry Marshall Our God only needed one resurrected son for our salvation. Otherwise, yes, nobody comes back to life. https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/we-were-not…/ https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/we-were-not…/ https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/we-were-not…/

Samuel Larry, the point I was making is that the tale of the resurection of Jesus is fiction.








Larry Marshall No, the resurrection is fact and true and even non-believers who have studied all the facts agree, he lived, he died, he was resurrected and then appeared before many people over the next 40 days. Many non-biblical documents support the facts, even if you don’t want to read them or believe them.

Samuel Larry, you’re being ridiculous. People don’t come back to life after rotting in a tomb for three days. If you want to talk about facts, everyone in the scientific community and people in general all agree that people don’t rise up after being dead for three days. Sorry to tell you that the story of the resurrection of Jesus is made up.

Larry Marshall The Resurrection was God acting supernaturally. Since He created everything, He can change nature as he see fits. You must not have read my articles. They clearly state that many in the scientific community can not explain the FACTS within known scientific parameters. They agree that a man named Jesus lived, was persecuted by the Jews and Romans, was crucified and buried. And they agree that 3 days later there was no body in the tomb. These scientists can not explain it and the 5 theories offered have more holes in them than the Truth- resurrection of Jesus. You can look at some of the facts and decide the story is false, I and a whole lot of others look at ALL the facts and are pretty convinced that it is true.



Samuel Larry, there is plenty of evidence that Jesus may not have even existed, so your “facts” are lopsided.

Larry Marshall What evidence?

Larry Marshall Anthony, none of the sources mentioned used the Bible to support their claims. They used all of the other historical writings by Jews, Gentiles, Romans, etc. But if if the Bible was used it has been proven to be historically accurate by many individuals. Of course, I doubt that you would be interested in reading the facts.

Samuel   https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/did-historical-jesus…/

Larry Marshall A newspaper article by a known atheist is not facts. I will read it and the followings, but I have some medical problems with family members to take care. I won’t be able to get on it until Friday and will give a point by point rebuttal by Monday.

Samuel You think an article by an atheist can’t present evidence? You write a lot of articles, Larry, should I disregard any evidence you present because you’re a known Christian?

Larry Marshall Sorry poorly written. He s a known atheist and I would question his motive and statements more carefully than I would a secular person just as you should question my statements. It is the statements backed by facts and well referenced that are worth discussing.. Raphael Lataster has no references, so the article is strictly his opinions-educated ones possibly. In the second paragraph he uses a portion of a quote completely out of context and uses a rather simple logical fallacy to change to a different subject. I have to start driving now, so again, I detail more of a response by Monday. Take care Samuel.

Samuel   http://www.alternet.org/…/5-reasons-suspect-jesus-never…

Samuel   http://www.bandoli.no/whyjesus.htm

Samuel  Don’t give rebuttals. Just read the facts with an open mind and realize you’re wrong.

Larry Marshall If the facts are wrong, I have to provide a rebuttal. Can’t allow false statements to be continuously circulated. On your first article his original publication was on: http://theconversation.com/weighing-up-the-evidence-for… and as in the Post article he has no verifiable references. It is pretty much his opinion which I won’t discount automatically. I will examine each paragraph and determine it’s validity. Of course, this could all stop if you “just read the facts with an open mind and realized your wrong.”

Samuel I enjoy our discussions, Larry Marshall.

So here are the articles to refute the articles provided above in




and for giggles and grins: https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/literary-arrangement-and-the-gospels/

I posted my response on 4/4/16 and as of 4/11/16, no response has been made. If I was egotistical, I would say I stumped the.  However, there could be several reasons, some good- some not, for the lack of response.


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