The Ark Fable

Larry Marshall shared Dan – Cartoonist/Illustrator’s photo.
July 8 at 5:40pm •

This image was posted to my all and I shared it. Protesters at the Kentucky opening of the Ark of Ken Ham. He has made a life size version of it as a museum. Notice that the last poster (other than me) posted an image that was an artist’s depiction of the Juno spacecraft. Not even real and the bottom half using someone to say “the earth is only 6,000 years old.” Fact is everything we need to know about making the flight to the outer planets has been understood and developed in the past 3,000 years so what is their problem? And no further response after I wrote my last post.

ark fable
July 7 at 10:13am •
Many of my Ark cartoons tackle the issue of the small fairy tale Arks we often see in churches and Christian bookstores. I don’t like them and don’t think Christians should use or promote them because they do not teach biblical thinking of the reality of the Ark. I have lots of critics that say this is not an important issue and that there’s nothing wrong with those cute little arks. Well, an atheist protesting the Ark Encounter today is helping me make my point in using a small Ark on his protest sign. Look at his sign and think about it. He is mocking the Ark and the Bible by using this sign showing a small Ark. He wouldn’t use the biblical Ark because that one DID float. But he’ll use a straw man version and say it didn’t float and that it isn’t real! Thanks for helping to expose the small Arks for what they really are. Unbiblical.

Ronald I agree that the cartoonish ark and the fully grown animals on the ark is misleading. Scientists have already proven that the ark could have held every animal needed to uphold the Biblical story. But to show a kid what the real ark looked like – well, that probably wouldn’t hold his attention for too long.
July 9 at 2:31pm

Larry Marshall Right, I don’t exactly agree with a lot that Ken Ham but his life size Ark in Kentucky should do well and get the concept of the Ark out. I did some study on on how they would feed the animals and take care of waste by-products, and it all seems to be exactly what people need to know to understand how “Two of a kind” could be on the Ark.

Juno Orbiting and ark

Larry Marshall happy late birthday Anthony. Isn’t it great that science is based upon an orderly, scientifically law driven universe that is guided by the wisdom of God and not the purposeless randomness of some so called “Big Bang” with its violation of so many laws of physics that the scientists who believe in it have to create imaginary things to make their equations equal on both sides of the “=” sign.


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