Religion destroyed knowledge

Religion destroyed knowledge
This was another posting that I just had to respond to that religion was damaging to society. Follow it through and you will see the slick attempts to move the dialogue to side issues and the flat out refusal to answer questions or provide details to specific questions in response to their generalities.
What if every bit of of knowledge about religion that anyone has ever learned was knowledge about math or science instead? Now do you understand how damaging religion has been to society?
How could you explain feelings then?

Larry Marshall Knowledge about religions is minuscule compared to the existing knowledge of everything else. I suggest you take your head out of a certain orifice and look around. You’re disbelief is destroying America more than anything else.

Stephen Time to abandon fanciful beliefs in the superstitious supernatural. Centuries of horrors perpetrated in the name of various ridiculous deities and still ongoing today. Insane.

Larry Marshall It is nice to generalize, but please be specific. Remember many wars were not fought for religious beliefs and many millions of people have been subjugated by individuals who have no religious affiliation. Mongol hordes for one. Why do you pick on just those that had some form religious affiliation, many tragic wars fought over land boundaries.

Samuel So Larry, you’re ok with all this? Since there were wars that were not about religion it makes the ones that were about religion ok? Since people were conquered for reasons other than religion it makes it ok to conquer in the name of religion? Since there’s so much to know beyond religion, it makes it ok to waste time, effort and knowledge on religion since it’s “miniscule” as you put it?

Larry Marshall Once again you miss the point, there are as many or as much murder and mayhem caused by non-religious reasons as for religious reasons. All of the atrocities have been wrong but are all do to mans inhumanity to others- original sin as we like to call it.

Samuel I see. You think all the murder and mayhem caused by religion is ok. That’s the difference between you and me.

Larry Marshall You just continue to pick and choose. I said “All of the atrocities have been wrong” And the main reason for that is MAN himself, whether for own personal gain or in defense of some religious goal. ALL WRONG. But if war is your only defense, then you are obviously handicapping yourself- intellects far greater than us have debated the subject with no definitive solution. I’m still waiting for a concrete example of :”Now do you understand how damaging religion has been to society?”

Samuel Larry Marshall, technology has been set back a thousand years because of religion. Use your head.

Larry Marshall Prove it Samuel, get specific what hasn’t been accomplished or set back due to religious intervention.

Anthony Logic and reason Larry Marshall just think about it it’s not hard

Larry Marshall Anthony I am a very reasonable person and I have since 1982 dealt with nothing but logic in my positions as a software developer, getting so far as to be able to have a Class 3 clearance with the NSA for a program that I worked on in conjunction with the City of Boulder , CO in 2000. All I do is deal with facts, sort them out, rearrange them, mine them to check and see patterns that others may not know exist. So then back to the above “get specific, what hasn’t been accomplished or set back due to religious intervention” Give me some facts so that I may sort them out for what they are: reality or ….. we’ll leave the conclusion until you provide me something to work with. And I’ll make a deal, you leave out the Crusades (way to many extenuating circumstances) and I’ll leave out Nazism and Marxism as being the result of Darwinism.

Samuel Are you trying to win merit by bragging about yourself? If that’s what we’re doing, I’ll share about myself as well. I also worked for the NSA back in 2008. I was involved in a little thing called The Sweet T Project at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. That same year, I spent some time in south Mississippi doing some work for NASA at the John C. Stennis base. With that said, I say religion has done nothing but cause damage, and obviously, with my credentials, what I say counts

Larry Marshall Not bragging at all, just laying out my excitement for dealing with reason and logic which I believe I continually display. However, I get nothing but generalizations from you. Are you familiar with Robert Rice, he was part of the Virtual Interactive Anatomy that was used to help build the spacesuits. I assisted him in animating the VIA. Also you may have heard of John Strand- his book Pathways to the Planets is a remarkable tale of how JPL and NASA didn’t get along very well. I worked with Robert on several programs for geosynchronous satellites for the oil industry and visited the NOAA facility in MS in late 2011 just before I was getting to retire from AT&T . Of course none of this has anything to do with the facts reason for or logic of “religion has done nothing but cause damage,” and you haven’t given me any details to work with

Stephen Larry Marshall The amount of horror created by Nazism and Marxism while despicable pales in comparison to that done in the names of various deities.

Larry Marshall Nope more individuals kilted than all the so-called religious wars. you keep getting off subject- name me one item of scientific inquiry that was halted or delayed by religion.

Larry Marshall Stephen Not so, far more dead from those two political parties than from all the Crusades put together. You would have to throw in such things as the Roman conquest of Europe and Eurasia (which was political and not religious). What wars do you consider “religious”? Then maybe we have something we can debate.

Stephen Larry Marshall Your defending primitive mythology which continues to spread its poison and destruction around the world. For if it’s one thing religionists hate more than non-believers it’s other religions. The belief that one preposterous deity is superior to another preposterous deity is well, preposterous. A pox on all of them.

Larry Marshall Two statements with no factual information to back them up. Prove to me Christianity is a primitive mythology and prove to me that it is spreading poison and destruction around the world. Your statement doesn’t prove it so- it just shows bigotry and prejudice almost to the spreading of a poisonous attitude of hate across the country.

Samuel Larry, don’t you feel embarrassed when you constantly need things explained to you as if you were a child? What Stephen and I have been telling you couldn’t be more plain yet you’re still lost like a confused child.

Stephen Larry Marshall Any belief in the superstitious supernatural is primitive. It’s fanciful and entertaining in sci-fi movies but the inculcation of belief in punitive mythical deities who never show up for anything anywhere robs the mind of logic. We’re not spreading hate or poison, even though we have been the objects of opprobrium and worse. You’re just unaccustomed to having religious orthodoxy and hegemony even questioned. There’s no reason to be reverential or even deferential to that which we consider deleterious to the well-being of mankind. We mean no offense but the truth must be told and the fraud exposed. Truth always trumps fiction. I hope you get used to it soon.

Larry Marshall Samuel and Stephen Again you say many things but do not back them up with specific details. And yet you always ask me to explain my statements. “belief in punitive mythical deities ” is not Christianity. A common statement by you folks “deleterious to the well-being of mankind.” and yet NOTHING specific except what you believe but can’t seem to articulate except by referring back to the unknown. “truth must be told and the fraud exposed.” I’m waiting. I can see nothing truthful in an unsupported statement such as “understand how damaging religion has been to society” It is an unfounded belief of yours that has no backing, at this point, with any supportable facts. You are playing word games, saying what you think you believe and not making any statement that is supportable. But what is to be expected by Atheists, they have a faith that is founded on nothing but is yet everything.

Larry Marshall Let me make it easier for you. Tell just one technology that has been set back thousands of years due to religious interference?

Samuel Larry Marshall, you’re such a baby! You’re given details and require more details then require more details! Admit defeat, buttface!

Larry Marshall That is what I am saying- WHAT DETAILS! None that I can find, just generalities.


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