Taking over a post

This was posed to an Atheists friends page and showed up on mine. I thought it was funny.


Amanda We have 3 adults and 6 piglets so Muslims won’t be coming around here !


<<I thought that was a cute response. >>

Debbie Watch Pigs! Get yours today.

Samuel  Christianity is no better than Islam. Islam is no better than Christianity.

<<And then Samuel takes off with his usual lopsided viewpoints. >>

Charles Careful



Samuel What do you mean”careful”?  <<Is he getting paranoid here?>>

Charles Lmao It means to be full of care.


Samuel Religion as a whole is horrible. I dislike the fact that most Americans are so scared of Muslims instead of being afraid of Christianity which has infected our whole country. It’s Christianity that is destroying America, not Islam.

<<I think that Samuel forgot his statement above where the two were supposed to be the same>>

Charles Thats because most americans have forgotten the christianity of the empires


Samuel The Christianity of the empires? That doesn’t sound good…




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