FB-Discussion of how bad Christians are

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Samuel stated this post and as usual he ad I are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I like Samuel and how he runs his Facebook page compared to many other atheists I have had contact with.  He is a good person.

FB-Discussion of how bad Christians are


Samuel   September 8 at 4:44pm ·

It makes me so mad when Christians complain about society being bad or they say our country needs help. Christians are the problem, stupid! Don’t complain when you are the cause! It really upsets me.

Shelli Done with you.. I have tried but you ARE NOT WORTH IT. Evil has settled into your bones and I hate that you WANT to burn in Hell. You know eternity is a long time. I’m so sorry.  September 9 at 2:28pm

Samuel  I’m not evil. I’m definitely more tolerant and accepting of others than you are. And please give me one shred of evidence that hell exists. September 9 at 2:38pm

Shelli I don’t have to answer stupid questions like that and the fact that I even still talk to you should be enough for you to know that I am not the bad guy here. I have friends of all kinds even atheist and they do not act like you do? You are INSANE.September 9 at 4:15pm

Samuel I’m not acting any kind of way, Shelli. This is a Facebook post. Are you ok?  September 9 at 8:41pm

Shelli  No.  September 9 at 8:44pm

Samuel Well, try to calm down. September 9 at 8:52pm

Shelli  Samuel I don’t appreciate being cussed at by some person that doesn’t even know me and I have always been good to you no matter how much I disagree with you. I’m very well educated as well and you know it. September 9 at 8:52pm

Samuel Is it my fault that someone else cussed at you? I’m sorry. September 9 at 11:34pm

Mark Samuel I understand your being upset at Christians, brother, I am, too, yet they are certainly not the only group to point a finger at for the problems that we the people face. There is Government, laws, gangs, education, military industrial complex, murderers, rapists, thieves, money, pollution, corruption, banks, Wall Street, bullies, indifference, trash, factory farms, pridefulness, war (terror), division, belittlement, mockery, ignorance, attention span, inequality, injustice, war on drugs, war on people, nuclear weapons, weapons in general, chauvinism, elitism, isms, ists and bullshit…

We as a collective are pretty ignorant, bar none. September 10 at 6:57pm

Samuel  Wow. Everything you mentioned is a result of Christianity in our society. You said “there’s Christians but there’s this” and you named a laundry list of stuff that Christians are responsible for. I think you and I are on the same side.  September 10 at 8:04pm

Mark There are no sides, brother. I think that if you gauge the allowances by “we the people”, you will rightfully understand that Christianity is not the only problem, to say so is to dismiss your (our) own responsibility for allowing the problems to fester into a dismal finger pointing society that would rather punish those they deem responsible for the collective’s allowance than take responsibility…  September 10 at 8:18pm

Samuel Before you question me, I want to say that because of Christians we have a problem with government, laws, gangs, education, military industrial complex, murders, rapists, thieves, money, pollution,corruption, banks, Wall Street, bullies, indifference, trash, factory farms, pridefulness, war (terror), division, belittlement, mockery, ignorance, attention span, inequality, injustice, war on drugs, weapons in general, chauvinism, elitism, isms, ists and bullshit.  Christianity is responsible for it all. September 10 at 8:19pm

Mark  There are no sides, brother. I think that if you gauge the allowances by “we the people”, you will rightfully understand that Christianity is not the only problem, to say so is to dismiss your (our) own responsibility for allowing the problems to fester into a dismal finger pointing society that would rather punish those they deem responsible for the collective’s allowance than take responsibility… September 10 at 8:19pm

Samuel Christianity is not the only problem. I focus on Christianity because it’s the immediate threat. Christianity is what damns our nation. America. If I broadened my spectrum (which I often do) I would speak against religion as a whole. But it’s Christianity that destroys the everyday American life, so that’s what I focus on. September 10 at 8:28pm

Mark Samuel, that’s all I was saying in my reply to your post. I’m glad to know it was just you being hyperbolic. September 10 at 8:30pm

Mark Yet according to your last comment at the end, you are still pointing the finger at Christians being the only responsible party. Oh well, hyperbole was a dashed hope. September 10 at 8:33pm

Lauren So you gonna get out and do anything about it or just bitch?  September 11 at 7:03pm

Mark Yes, I am. September 11 at 7:35pm

Lauren I’m asking Sam!  September 11 at 7:43pm

Mark Lauren, oh, my apologies.  September 11 at 7:44pm

Lauren No I just want to call Sam out into action if this God truth is too much for him to handle    September 11 at 7:47pm

Larry Marshall I am going to offer a 6 session 1 hour lecture on the differences between Evolution and Creationism for our local high school students and adults. 2 mins

Shelli The USSR banned all religions 60s 70s and early 80s before the wall came down. How was it working out for them? Is that how you want America to be? Communist regime would solve all this so called issues that Christians created just to make your life miserable? You are totally warped! Go live somewhere else if you think America is bad. Wrap yourself in the flag and burn it since you trash talk our country. September 11 at 7:49pm

Mark I do not blame him for his thoughts, I mean if we truly understood Sam’s point of view, and I do, we’d certainly be more understanding in our replies to a fellow brother of humanKind.

In many respects he is correct in his assessment of religion and the hypocritical adherents of them.

God needn’t religion, so neither do we. If we are to be Godlike, even humanlike, we will certainly be forgiving of all that find it a hard issue. If we are not forgiving, even in our virtual comments or replies, we’ll have little room to speak of God or forgiveness.

God bless all…

Love & Peace  September 11 at 7:56pm

Lauren I’m just going to give this over to God all I can do is plant the seed  September 11 at 8:03pm

Mark Let us assure that the seeds we plant will bear fruit that produce seeds for the future gardeners of Heavenly Home…

Love & Peace  September 11 at 8:12pm

Samuel Shelli, are you being ridiculous on purpose? Virtually every time you comment you make a false accusation against me. On my other post you said I was bashing gays. I asked you to explain to me how I was bashing gays and you never answered  Now you’re saying that I’m trash talking our country. You’re making shit up and I’m getting irritated. I’M ASKING YOU NOW TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!! IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN THEN SHUT UP!!  September 12 at 12:39am

Samuel Jenny, I am doing something about it. This Facebook post brought the problem to your attention when you previously didn’t know about it. See? I’m making a positive change in the world! You’re are less ignorant now that you are aware of this problem. So I AM doing something, you can call it “bitching” if you want. September 12 at 12:44am

Samuel Mark, I appreciate the understanding. Thank you, man. September 12 at 12:48am

Lauren Sam don’t you want to see your Daddy again in heaven?  September 12 at 1:48am

Samuel Seeing my father again is a very sweet and sentimental notion. Unfortunately, there isn’t ONE SHRED of evidence that heaven exists. Too bad that something being sweet and sentimental doesn’t make it true. In fact, it seems to me that the idea of heaven was invented precisely because it’s sweet and sentimental.  September 12 at 2:17am

Samuel Besides, your suggestion of me seeing my father again in heaven lets me know that you haven’t put much thought into what heaven must be like as it is typically described by Christians. September 12 at 2:19am

Samuel Shelli, I don’t normally delete people’s comments but the shit you just said on this post was so absurd and incoherent that I simply had to delete it. When you feel like engaging in a normal conversation and not ranting insane bullshit that makes no sense, you can leave more comments. September 12 at 3:13am

Mark We are in Heaven. September 12 at 7:02am

Shelli You just have no answers for the things you speak of or the accusations you make when you are proven wrong. I could care less if you delete me or anything else I say. Oooch I got deleted because you have no argument for once.  September 12 at 7:38am

Shelli Delete me please anyway so I don’t have to see your insanity!  September 12 at 7:40am

Mark Has anyone truly been proven wrong here? September 12 at 7:45am

Samuel Shelli, you certainly haven’t proven me wrong. I deleted your comments because it was a bunch of incoherent nonsense and name calling. So far you’ve told me I’m evil and I’m going to burn in hell, you’ve called me insane and warped, then said I’m trash talking America and to wrap myself in a flag and burn it, On another post you even said I was bashing gays. I bet Jesus is so proud of you right now.September 12 at 8:31am

Shelli You are right. I’m sure Jesus would handle this better than I could. Be accountable at least. You said Christians are the ruination of America. Why? You clearly have stated that everything in America is one groups fault? Well, people like you who bash other people over Jesus and blame our beliefs for your so called perception that America is falling apart is the reason I told you to leave it then. See if North Korea suits you no Christians there in the open and that’s really working out well isn’t it? America is the melting pot for Freedom. You are free to bash Christians because of the soldiers who died for freedom. You can be a Christian basher and still be FREE. Yet, you are SO ANGRY(your words) with stupid Christians and what we believe. Hypocritical responses, what is your action for change? Facebook ranting and raving over Christians ruining this Country is not doing a thing to make America better. Tell me 1 thing you personally do for America, an action or verb? I married a man that fought for this country, my father, my grandfather, my uncles all served America, what have you done for your country? I’ve sent boxes of lotion and products to soldiers in Iraq, what have you done but rant on Facebook? What do Christians cause? Why are we the problem? Please enlighten me since you know so much about everything?  September 12 at 10:51am

Samuel Ok Shelli, I know I’ve covered this with you before but I’ll explain to you AGAIN how Christianity has been bad for society. In fact, I don’t want to re-type all that, I’ll copy and paste some of my old posts (which I know you read already) that explain all this. Hold on while I read these old posts. Yesterday at 12:38am

Samuel  Here’s some words offered by Robert Ingersol that I feel really gives a good idea of how much advancement society has lost through 2000 years of Christianity. It’s sad to think about. :

“If cathedrals had been universities, If dungeons of the Inquisition had been laboratories, If Christians had believed in character instead of creed, If they had taken from the bible only that which is GOOD and thrown away the wicked and absurd, If temple domes had been observatories, If priests had been philosophers, If missionaries had taught useful arts instead of bible lore, If astrology had been astronomy, If the black arts had been chemistry, If superstition had been science, If religion had been humanity, The world then would be a heaven filled with love, and liberty and joy.”Yesterday at 12:53am

Samuel Here’s a post I made a number of months ago where I expressed how Christianity is damaging. For some reason I couldn’t get it to copy and paste so I just took a screen shot of it.  Yesterday at 12:56am


Larry Marshall All generality’s no specifics. (edited misspelling)

September 14 at 4:08pm

Samuel  I’m not making a list of all the falsehoods in the Bible, I’m not making a list of all the times someone suffered persecution at the hands of Christians, I’m not making a list of all the religious wars and murders. If this has all been too general for you then maybe you can pray for the lord to make it clear in your mind.   September 14 at 3:15pm

Larry Marshall Easy cop-out. You have listed several and I have answered them with no reply from you. I won’t make a list of all the non-religious wars and murders by dictators for comparisons- that has been done all over the internet. The Bible is inerrant and I have responded to several aspects that you claim are wrong, but once again, you choose to have a closed mind instead of weighing a difference of opinion against your preconceived notions. I have actually had to modify some of my positions based upon some of the things you have said- because you have been fairly articulate compared to some of your compadres, but I find you becoming more close minded, and I wonder why?   September 14 at 4:08pm

Samuel  Let me ask you something, Larry. When you look at the night sky and see all the beautiful stars, how far away do you think some of them are?   September 14 at 4:32pm

Larry Marshall Samuel, the easy answer is: As far as God wants them to be. Now, I know that will not satisfy you or me so one has to go further, but it is not something that can be digested in a small facebook posting so I will try to summarize them. Basically, there are only two theories creationism or the big-bang. Therefore, we have to try to get an understanding from theoretical physics, astrophysicists and astronomy. I’ve written several blog postings about the issues already.
“What exactly did the BICEP2 telescope observe? Well just to clear the air, it neither measured gravitons nor inflatons. What it actually measured was the polarization of light from the Big Bang, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. Just as the blue sky is light from the sun reflected by air molecules, so also the heavens are a deep shade of red from the light emitted by the Big Bang, which has cooled for some 13 billion years. And just as the blue sky is polarized — which birds use to navigate and which you may be able to observe with the right kind of sunglasses — so also the CMB is polarized. The BICEP2 telescope observed this polarization just as you would by rotating your sunglasses by ninety degrees and observing the bright-dim changes.”
The large size of the universe has been said to be an argument against the existence of the God of Christianity. If the purpose of God were to create a place for humans to live, why din not God just create one star and one planet? Isn’t the existence of trillions of galaxies a complete waste? Does not the huge size and mass of the universe suggest that humans are just a cosmic accident among the numerous habitable planets? The scale of this subject is stupendous. On this cosmological scale our floating life station, planet Earth, is totally insignificant, having a radius of only six thousand kilometers. Likewise for the Moon, the Sun, and the whole Solar System which, discounting the comets, is contained within a radius of only 6 billion kilometers. In considering the origin of the Universe, even objects the size of our Milky Way galaxy with its billions of stars contained within a radius of a billion billion kilometers are of insignificant size.
What has been discovered by Max Tegmark is that when one expands these small CMB temperature anisotropies into spherical harmonics something very unusual is observed. The lowest order expansion term is the dipole term with a cold component behind and a hot component in front describing the motion of the solar system through space. The next are the quadrupole, octuple and many higher order terms.
Today we should be observing highly redshifted radiation, leftover from the big bang fireball, coming uniformly from all directions. There is no preferred direction for this radiation therefore these multiple expansion terms should also have no preferred directions in space.
So how big is the universe, Samuel, as large as it needs to be.

Science equals money

Why does confirming Einstein count as new theory ? Doesn’t everybody already accept…

larryemarshall.wordpress.com   September 15 at 5:17pm

Samuel  Larry, I’m not reading all that right now. How come you can’t just comment in a measurement of light years like a normal person? You know how you could ask a normal person how far the stars are and they might say the stars are millions of light years away? What’s your deal? How far do you think the stars in the sky are, smart guy? Your answer should not be paragraphs long. September 16 at 12:09am

Larry Marshall I am not falling for the trap that you want to put up. I can not definitively state how far the stars are away when the experts in that field themselves are in a turmoil as to what and how to quantify distance. Most answers can not be made in a short t sequence because their are two many factors involved. You might also read a little more, if not my blog postings some others from non-believers so you might understand what is happening. It’s kind of like Trump’s tax statements- he releases them now everybody is going bitch at him, he releases them after the audit everyone is going to bitch at him- I’d rather to it once. If I say 150 million light years, next week the facts may change it to 40 light years. I try to deal in facts not speculation. September 16 at 11:01am

Samuel  Experts are not in turmoil. You’re so dramatic. Anyway, you think stars may be as far as 150 million light years away? Let me ask the question one more time in order to attempt to actually get an answer. You think stars may be as far as 150 million light years away?  September 17 at 4:28am

Larry Marshall The local Milky Way galaxy (of which our sun is a part) has been found to contain 200,000 million stars. Both secular and biblical astrophysicists and astronomers agree that the Milky Way is not the only galaxy. With the naked eye we can see three more namely the two Clouds of Magellan near the southern celestial pole, and the Andromeda galaxy in the constellation of the same name. The Andromeda galaxy is thought to be 2.25 million light-years from us. So I can agree with the specialists in the field that this is a minimal star distance of 2.25 million light-years.  September 17 at 7:41pm

Samuel So the light from these stars took 2.25 million years to reach Earth?  September 17 at 7:46pm

Larry Marshall No, that is their distance from us. Due to problems with the big-bang theory, the CMB radiation , the red-light shift (Hubble’s Law), the light only takes 6,000 to 10,000 years to reach us. That is why I asked you to read something current on the various theories involved. Recent surveys have measured the galactic redshift for around 250,000 galaxies and have revealed an over abundance of galaxies at certain redshifts in which the data departs from the expected theoretical distribution in a series of large spikes. A straightforward interpretation of this data is that the galaxies are distributed with a spherical shell-like symmetry with the Milky Way galaxy at or near the center! Such a result is entirely consistent with the biblical picture but is at odds with standard big bang beliefs and is not consistent with the Cosmological Principle. And there is where the debate may begin. September 17 at 8:02pm

Samuel  Do you realize that you just said light from a star that is 2.25 million light years away gets to Earth in 6000 years?  September 17 at 9:11pm

Larry Marshall 6,000 to 10,000 years yes. One must understand the physics of the entire universe to understand. To explain this problem further, consider an exploding star   (supernova) at, say, an accurately measured distance of 100,000 light-years. (Remember we are using this explanation in a 10,000-year-old universe.) As the astronomer on Earth watches this exploding star, he is
not just receiving a beam of light. If that were all, then it would be no problem at all to say that God could have created a whole chain of photons (light particles) already on their way. However, what the astronomer  receives is also a particular, very specific pattern of variation within the light, showing the changes that one would expect to accompany such an explosion—a predictable sequence of events involving neutrinos, visible  light, X rays and gamma-rays. For example, because most neutrinos pass through solid matter as if it were not there, while light is slowed down, we can detect a massive neutrino burst before the light reaches us. This is one of the formulas used: The speed of light for any given angle as measured in observed time is:
where c0 is the canonical speed of light (1,079 million km/hr) as measured in calculated time, and θ is the angle of the light relative to the observer.

Yesterday at 11:03am

Larry Marshall Sorry the formula didn’t come across– needed to make it into an image. That is the first formula used to determine the distance of a star based upon the speed of light within the horizon problem and several other. When you understand all the formulas and do the math- totally believable.

Yesterday at 11:07am

Samuel  Ok…wow. Lets just say that everything you just said is not a scientific opinion that is shared by the vast majority of the scientific community. Let’s move on. Dinosaur bones, millions of years old, right?  19 hrs

Larry Marshall Sorry, but what I just said is driving astrophysicists crazy. Got continue with a series of discussions right now. Preparing 6 hour long lectures on Secular Science vs Biblical Science of which one will be more details of the Universe as we now know it to be. I’ll post a link to the article and the Power Point presentations later.  16 hrs

Samuel Somehow I’m pretty sure that astrophysicists have dismissed everything you just said as easily as I just did. I can’t wait to hear your excuse of how everyone (other than Christian scientists) screwed up when dating dinosaur bones.

Larry Marshall I don’t know what astrophysicists you have been studying but:: Dr James Trefil, professor of physics at George Mason University, Virginia, accepts the ‘big bang’ model, but he admits that there are fundamental problems: There shouldn’t be galaxies out there at all, and even if there are galaxies, they shouldn’t be grouped together the way they are. He later continues: The problem of explaining the existence of galaxies has proved to be one of the thorniest in cosmology. By all rights, they just shouldn’t be there, yet there they sit. It’s hard to convey the depth of the frustration that this simple fact induces among scientists. The creationist cosmologist, Dr John Rankin, also showed mathematically in his Ph.D. thesis that galaxies would not form from the big bang. The formation of stars after the alleged big bang is also a huge problem. The creationist and tenured astronomy Professor at the University of South Carolina— Lancaster, Dr Danny Faulkner, pointed out: Stars supposedly condensed out of vast clouds of gas, and it has long been recognized that the clouds don’t spontaneously collapse and form stars, they need to be pushed somehow to be started. There have been a number of suggestions to get the process started, and almost all of them require having stars to start with [e.g. a shockwave from an exploding star causing compression of a nearby gas cloud]. This is the old chicken and egg problem; it can’t account for the origin of stars in the first place.

Samuel Some of the stuff you have said just makes no sense. It goes against all science.   why I wanted to move on to dinosaur bones, Larry.

September 20 at 6:36am

Larry Marshall Some of the stuff you have said just makes no sense. <<Not unless you study it and its implications>> It goes against all science. << No it is forcing the rethinking of existing scientific theories>> That’s why I wanted to move on to dinosaur bones, <<And what makes you think you will understand the controversies surrounding old earth age dating methods??>> September 20 at 11:39am

Samuel “Some of the stuff you have said just makes no sense. <<Not unless you study it and its implications>> It goes against all science. << No it is forcing the rethinking of existing scientific theories>>” – Larry, you’re talking about light moving faster than the speed of light, no one is rethinking that except you because you’re grabbing at straws to reconcile the irreconcilable.
“That’s why I wanted to move on to dinosaur bones, <<And what makes you think you will understand the controversies surrounding old earth age dating methods??>>” – I just love hearing all your imagined controversies, Larry.  September 20 at 4:48pm

Samuel  Here’s some words from Bill Maher on some of the problems with religion. His words reflect how I feel exactly.


Yesterday at 12:58am

Larry Marshall And his expertise is in comedy not world affairs or theology or politics. 8 hrs

Samuel Those words could have been uttered by Scooby Doo and they would still be 100% correct.   1 hr

Samuel Here’s some words from Bill Murray on some of the damage Christianity causes. He’s 100% correct.  Yesterday at 12:59am


Larry Marshall Proven wrong many times,   8 hr

Samuel  You think Mr. Murray’s statement has been proven wrong but the Bible has not. Ironic.    1 hr

Samuel So Shelli, does that answer your question about how Christianity is ruining us? I can comment more on the subject if you like?  Yesterday at 1:02am

Samuel In regards to you saying I have done nothing for America, let me say this, I’m an American worker, a laborer. I’ve always worked with my hands from the time I first started working. Manufacturing. Construction. I’ve helped produce and build for our country. Shelli, you’re doing a great job of representing the way I view Christians. You’ve been mean, you’ve called names and made false accusations…everything I would expect from a Christian. Thank you for proving me right. Yesterday at 1:38am

Shelli Ok Sam seems like you have almost all your bases covered. I am fine with saying you are right if that’s what you want. Everyone has a way of looking at things. Religion is not Christianity. Both of them are 2 different things. I thought you knew this? Christianity is not Religion. Religious wars are no secret, they are prophesied in my Bible, and created by man. You are never going to change my opinion so just leave me be.  19 hrs

Larry Marshall Religion, organized religion and Christianity completely different things. 8 hrs

Larry Marshall ]    8 hrs

Samuel Honestly, I don’t care what we call Christianity. We can say it’s not a religion. We can say Christianity is a fruit, I don’t care. Christianity is a horrible thing regardless of what we call it. I hate it for what it is, not what we call it. 59 mins

Shelli Samuel but you blame religion for Americas issues? A true Christian isn’t out to cause harm as other religious views. It is my fault your life is bad I guess because I am going to heaven and God blesses our lives daily. That’s the biggest part you miss out on, my friend. I give glory to God and he hears my prayers and keeps my family safe. I just don’t see how Christians ruin your life? Now ISIS wants to blow your brains out and that’s not bc you’re Christian as we all are aware, it’s because your American. 1 hr

Shelli Samuel hate hate hate why do you hate Christians ? You shouldn’t hate anyone? What do you believe in to treat people with hatred for what they believe? The devils work ?  1 hr

Samuel Yes, ISIS, another group of religious nuts. You religious people sure make the world a nice place to live..1 hr

Shelli But Christians don’t do that? Radical Muslims do …. We don’t want that to happen to people? The religious wars in history you may have some evidence then but today’s modern Christian is trying to just do good in an evil world .1 hr

Samuel Christianity is no better than Islam. Islam is no better than Christianity.

Shelli Samuel hate hate hate why do you hate Christians ? You shouldn’t hate anyone? What do you believe in to treat people with hatred for what they believe? The devils work ?39 mins

Samuel Yes, ISIS, another group of religious nuts. You religious people sure make the world a nice place to live…

Shelli But Christians don’t do that? Radical Muslims do …. We don’t want that to happen to people? The religious wars in history you may have some evidence then but today’s modern Christian is trying to just do good in an evil world .

Samuel Christianity is no better than Islam. Islam is no better than Christianity.

Samuel You are one of those people who thinks Christianity is not a religion because it’s a “personal relationship with god”? Nice try. Shut up. Shelli, what you’re doing, what you’re practicing? Is the most relgiony religion there is. Yes, I said relgiony. You’re closed minded, intolerant, mean, unaccepting, and I’m thinking potentially homophobic. All this based on the Bible which is an obvious lie. You raised your kids on these ideals which is child abuse. Is it any wonder that I hold Christians accountable? September 13 at 9:47pm ·

Shelli   Oh Samuel  I pray for your soul. You must be so bored and lonely? I take offense that you would say taking my children to church is child abuse? You know I am not homophobic whatsoever and I let you trash talk me tell me to shut up and all this other stupid insanity and I still remain friends with you? If you hate me so much then you can block me, but I think you like the attention more than the actual subject.  September 22 at 2:06p

Samuel I’ll try to respond to the things you said in the order you said them. Pray to your false invisible impotent god for my soul all you want. I’m not bored or lonely. Teaching Christianity as truth to children IS child abuse. Your reaction when I said Jesus was homosexual implied you’re homophobic. It was a playful “shut up”. I don’t hate you one bit. I would never block you. If it weren’t for me, you would probably never get a dose of reality in your life.  September 22 at 3:31pm

Shelli Why is it ok for you to believe what you believe, but it’s abuse and insanity for me to believe in what I believe? Why can’t we all just agree to disagree ? September 22 at 3:37pm

Samuel Because what Christianity teaches is false and immoral. Look all the damage it’s caused.  September 22 at 3:39pm

Shelli  Actually religious wars and damnation are nothing new or anything you can fix ? God promised Abraham a Son but he wasn’t patient and had an affair, thus the Muslim religion was born . When God delivered Isaac to Abraham , Isaac was told to kill them all by God but he didn’t he didn’t kill his half brother and siblings as God knew he would not. There will be wars until the end of days, Man disobeyed God again as he knew they would and it will never cease. Nobody is to blame except the sins of men .. Regardless that’s not my fault because I am a Christian, God claims we will be tested murdered and all in his name as his people. Different religions are where false prophets come in. Some religions are not of God..some are. September 22 at 3:49pm

Samuel Do you see what has happened? You’ve shrugged your shoulders and said “oh well, there’s nothing we can do” Your belief in your false religion has robbed you of any desire to have the world be a better place. Just another way that Christianity continues to screw society. The more things you say the more you prove me right.  September 22 at 4:00pm

Shelli  I wish nothing but love to the world but SIN always controls the outcome! You can still have a beautiful life, and filled with happiness and joy. The truth is not always what we want to hear, but God tells us not to live in this world but of the word and be his light of hope. The gold medal is eternal life. This life is but a blink of an eye compared to eternity.  September 22 at 4:04pm

Samuel  Great, this life is the blink of an eye compared to this eternal afterlife (that there is no evidence of), so let’s rape and pillage, wage war and destroy the Earth because who cares! This is all temporary!  September 22 at 4:10pm

Samuel   Christian beliefs are psychopathic.  September 22 at 4:11pm

Shelli    Later dude   September 22 at 4:12pm

Larry Marshall Keep going Sammy. Don’t stray from your course, don’t study the facts, don’t recognize differences in degree, don’t well just don’t change we need more individuals with lack of insight to put down others who don’t speak fluently.




    1. I don’t know how you can win the argument without presenting specific counterpoints, but that is how half the world views debate as witness the last Presidential debate, if I am say something no matter how off the wall it is, I win. Thanks for the response Samuel, and I do appreciate your page. Say, I’m picking my second batch of poblano and jalapeno peppers and roasted them on a mesquite fire.

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