FB-Christians cannot answer

FB-Christians cannot answer

This is the second time (first one being on December 18th) to get answers to this hypothetical question.  In this case, I was the first one to respond and it was pretty much a dialogue between the two of us with an occasional comment by some of Samuel’s friends. Again notice the differences between my answers and there responses.

January 2 at 3:42am ·

How come Christians cannot answer this question?


December 18, 2016 at 4:44am ·

I have a hypothetical question for you Christians. Please understand the definition of a hypothetical question before commenting. I understand that most Christians feel that they have a personal relationship with Jesus and that he interacts in their everyday lives and intervenes in their lives every day and listens to and answers prayers. Again, please understand the definition of a hypothetical question before commenting. My question is this-
What if Jesus, suddenly one day, decided to stop interacting and stop intervening and stop listening to prayers and stop answering prayers? What changes would we see in the world?

Larry Marshall Hypothetical questions for progressives and ilLiberals. What if Obama wasn’t black- what would be the status of race relations in America today. Come on Samuel, have you run out of factual questions to denigrate Christians with, you have to go into your version of Fantasyland to find something to poke fun at?

Samuel You’re proving my point, Larry. Christians have no idea how to answer this question.

Larry Marshall It is an unanswerable question. Hypothetically, if a man wearing a white robe with an aura around him waked up to you and told you he would grant you kingship of the entire earth all you had to do was bow done and claim he was the son of the one and only Lord, would you do it? Hypothetically.

January 2 at 5:16pm

Samuel It is not an unanswerable question, you just don’t want to admit what the answer is. And my answer to your question is no.

Larry Marshall It is unanswerable 1) it is a fantasy question stating things that we as Christians, know can not occur; 2) your “changes” would be unknown because everyone is different and react to such an impossibility differently. On my question, I did not ask for you to believe just make a simple statement whether you believe it to be true or not.

Samuel Larry, I specifically asked people to understand what a hypothetical question is before commenting, so don’t say things like “it’s a fantasy question” or it’s an “impossibility”. Don’t comment any further if you’re going to say garbage like that. And the answer to your question is still no.

Larry Marshall Christians can not and will not answer the question because it is meaningless to us. It is not within the realm of possibility. It is a made up question hypothetical: relating to hypothesis; a proposition made as a basis for reasoning, without any assumption of its truth.. Christians prefer to deal with the truth, not false statements designed to generate ‘fodder’ for your attacks on their beliefs.

Samuel Cowering in the corner I see. I’m just exposing the lies, Larry. Deny it all you want, but after all our correspondence, I think you know the truth and just don’t want to admit it to me. I get the feeling you aren’t completely honest. You come across as too educated to believe what you claim you believe. Do you have something else riding on your supposed belief? Your marriage? Friendships? I don’t know, I’m just making guesses but it seems like you’re trying to squeeze into a mold that you don’t fit in.

Stephen Christians evade the truth. The fact is jesus/god has never intervened in anything and never answered any prayers because he’s an invention of the human imagination as real as Bilbo Baggins.

Larry Marshall What lies? Can’t be lies if it is all hypothetical Answers would not have any basis in reality since they would not be based on any true statement. Yes, I am highly educated, and like many of my fellow individuals. with degrees we just do not follow the BS that has been taught for so many years. We can think on our own and are producing published papers challenging the establishment. I am currently studying evolutionary embryology and microbiology. after having degreed in computer science and bio-mechanics with a minor in psychology. I’m not hiding anything just trying to provide an alternate view of your lopsided reality.

Samuel Very clever answer, Larry. But, I have to admit that I’m still astounded by your inability to answer this question. If you truly believed that the power of prayer and the interaction of the Christian god made a difference in the world, you would have no trouble answering this question. Unfortunately for you, Stephen is right and there is no effectiveness of prayer and no interaction from your god. Thus, there would be no difference “if Jesus stopped intervening”. You know there would be no change and that’s why you can’t answer. You know that your perceived “interaction with god” is not real. If it were real then just answer the question!!! Larry, just admit you’re wrong, man. Have a little dignity.

Larry Marshall Persistent aren’t you. You must see how your question is leading by your statement: “Stephen is right and there is no effectiveness of prayer and no interaction from your god. ” Why should I reinforce your negative attitude. Since I am a believer and “have a personal relationship with Jesus and that he interacts in their everyday lives and intervenes in their lives every day and listens to and answers prayers” then my answer to your hypothetical question “What changes would we see in the world?” would be none. Christians would still be Christians.

Samuel Well, now my question is – If your god is interacting in the world around you everyday, how is it that there would be no changes if he stopped?

Larry Marshall Simple, He promises to never leave us, so therefore, if he were to stop that could mean He has finally prepared a place for all of us and He is coming- otherwise known as the rapture. We would all rejoice.

Samuel Well, first of all, you’re straying away from my question because I’m talking about complete abandonment and you’re obviously not understanding that. But you do make me think of new questions with your answer. Your god needs time to prepare? Why? Your god will abandon you during this preparation? Why? How long does he need? Why is it not instantaneous? Is this stuff concerning time to prepare and abandoning believers during that time even in the Bible? If so, where? Are you making this up?

Samuel How would you even know he stopped since you admit there would be no change?

Samuel You would rejoice if your god stopped interacting because you think he could be preparing a place for you, yet you have no way to know if he stopped interacting or not. Listen to yourself, Larry.

January 5 at 7:56pm

Larry Marshall Samuel, if you do not believe you cannot understand. It is that simple. They are questions beyond your comprehensive capabilities.

Samuel Cop out! You simply have no basis for what you are saying and you are copping out! If you had a basis, you could answer my questions. You’ve suffered many losses in debates on my posts, but this one is a flawless victory followed by a fatality.(Mortal Kombat reference)

Agilar Blind Faith lol

Samuel And he says he goes on facts! That notion is so laughable I think I just peed a little bit!

Stephen Larry Marshall Your jesus hasn’t shown up in over 2000 years, despite many predictions of the exact day and time he would. So you will rejoice when your kind god comes down and embraces all his believers and destroys everyone else? What a piece of work is your god – an evil, horrible, fairy tale villain. How can you believe such idiocies – and worse, how can you not condemn such a hideous idea as a (c)rapture?

Larry Marshall So that is your hypothetical answer to a hypothetical response to a hypothetical question. Ummm…. I wonder what you really think.

Larry Marshall Your question is hypothetical, it doesn’t deserve anything but a hypothetical answer. especially since it is all ready known that your response would be the same lame labeling that you always use. You go on an believe that you have won the debates I happen to believe otherwise. If I answer your questions and you respond with no statement other than the same blathering BS you always so, one can define it as a debate really.



Larry Marshall Samuel some time ago you mentioned that you had some questions about the big bang theory. A free ebook is “The Einstein Theory of Relativity A Concise Statement Lorentz, H. A. (Hendrik Antoon). Kindle Edition. very interesting and no religion, so far and I am about 2/3 way through. Makes some of the more esoteric math a little more reasonable if you wanted to try it.


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