FB discussion –Prove God AGAIN

FB discussion –Prove God AGAIN

Another popular theme of Atheists.  Interesting that they never ever want to prove that God does not exist, which should be an easy thing for them to do. In addition, isn’t it interesting how much time they spend discussing something they supposedly believe does not exist.

Here Samuel again has to resort to past postings of his to try to reprove a point he is trying to make.  Notice the difference when I am asked for facts to prove the existence of Jesus I do so and they just dismiss them and want me to conjure up “God” which is an indication again that they really have no idea about what they are railing against. They have in their mind that Christians should be able to wave a magic wand like Harry Potter did and bring forth our Savior.  Any attempt to explain that Christianity does not work that way gets ridiculed.  And the vile vulgar language, I guess they feel bigger and better or using it.

This ending up being a wide ranging discussion of many subjects, with me be accused of being wrong about everything I posted ad ABSOLUTELY no factual information provided by the Atheists involved, just opinion and invectives against me for challenging them.

Samuel   December 16 at 8:00am ·

Christians, answer this question, please. How does Christianity not fall into the same category as Islam, or Hinduism, or Greek myth, or Egyptian myth, or Harry Potter, or Star Wars, or Lord Of The Rings, as far as belief is concerned?

Larry Marshall Simple, it doesn’t. A little knowledge of theology, history, religion, mythology mixed in with common sense and the differences are obvious.

Samuel Your answer makes me curious but doesn’t really explain the “differences are obvious” part. Christianity in no way stands out among my other examples.

December 16 at 8:15am

Larry Marshall Lord of the Rings =an epic high-fantasy novel written by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. The story began as a sequel to Tolkien’s 1937 fantasy novel The Hobbit, but eventually developed into a much larger work. Written in stages between 1937 and 1949, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels ever written, written by a human; Star wars=Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of various characters “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. The gifted mind of a human; Harry Potter= a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the life of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.; Egyptian mythology=is the collection of myths from ancient Egypt, which describe the actions of the Egyptian gods as a means of understanding the world. The beliefs that these myths express are an important part of ancient Egyptian religion. These sources rarely contain a complete account of a myth and often describe only brief fragments; Greek myths=he body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices; Islam= is a religion articulated by the Quran, a text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God, and, for the vast majority of adherents, the teachings and normative example of Muhammad; Christianity =Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who serves as the focal point for the religion. The only one based upon irrefutable facts and historical writings. Fairly simple for those who have the cognitive power of perception ad understanding, not clouded by preconceived notions.   December 16 at 9:29am

Stephen Irrefutable facts? There’s no proof that “jesus” even existed.

December 16 at 6:45pm

Samuel Christianity is the only one based upon irrefutable facts!?!? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! What irrefutable facts!?!?  December 16 at 11:50pm

Larry Marshall Stephen What rock did you crawl out from. Even many of today’s leading Atheists admit that Jesus was real and that he existed during that time frame. Do you refute irreducible complexity also, you know the facts that a single cell contains so many intertwined parts and pieces that it makes amoebas to Atheists impossible. You remind me of the lamestram media, you would see Jesus walking on water and the write that he was unable to swim. The FACTS of Jesus have been researched, cross referenced and re-verified so many times that it is difficult to constantly remind Atheists of it. These facts have been written about in so many books of differing education levels – from the 10th grade to doctoral thesis. Pick your education level and read something so you can discuss facts with the rest of us. Or crawl back under your rock.   December 17 at 9:51am

Larry Marshall I’ve given you dozens of books that provide all the facts you would ever need to know. So many facts your head would be spinning like a gyro-copter and you may take off to the heavens. I’m not asking you to change your belief, just have some facts that we can discuss on an even basis. You may reject those facts, I may accept them but at least we are discussing the same thing and not unsubstantiated opinion.   December 17 at 10:13am

Stephen Wow! Such invective! When it’s you who is pushing a vile fantasy. The facts of “jesus” have been researched by those who want to believe. There’s just as much research and “evidence” that he did not exist. There are NO concurrent contemporary reports of any “jesus” of any kind and the Romans were copious note-takers and scribes. The first mention of any such character (and he IS a character derived from 2 centuries of preceding lore) is 75 years after his supposed birth, which by the way was not even close to December 25th. So you’re welcome to appropriate our pagan winter solstice and its trees. Heaven indeed. Hogwarts!

December 17 at 3:44pm ·

Larry Marshall Stephen, try reading something more than comic books. The facts of Jesus have been researched by many Atheists, some who have been converted, some who have written very intelligent and difficult books to counter their hypothesis, but it is possible to do so. The evidence is the same for those who believe as for those who don’t. The question is which is the more factual. For your information, the Romans were mediocre note takers (they often had to rewrite history to fit the current “Caesar.” The Jews were very elaborate and careful scribes of the Old Testament reproducing it virtually without error. They also maintained extremely powerfully accurate records of the business interrelationships between the Jews and the Romans.
Dr. Montgomery is the author of more than sixty books in six languages. He holds eleven earned degrees, including a Master of Philosophy in Law from the University of Essex, England, an LL.M. and the earned higher doctorate in law (LL.D.) from Cardiff University, Wales, a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and a Doctorate of the University in Protestant Theology from the University of Strasbourg, France. He is admitted to practice as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States. In his book “History, Law and Christianity” he writes among other things.
“What do the documents say? They say unequivocally and consistently that Jesus regarded himself as no less than God in the flesh, and that his disciples, under the pressure of his own words and deeds, came to regard him in this same way. Let us consider the prime New Testament records, in chronological order, and follow them by a significant passage from an early non-biblical source.”

Wallace, J. Warner was an atheist cold case detective who upon retiring decide to disprove the Gospels. He wrote a book “Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels “ and after years of research writes about the age of the New Testament Gospels “We begin with perhaps the most significant Jewish historical event of the first century, the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in AD 70. Rome dispatched an army to Jerusalem in response to the Jewish rebellion of AD 66. The Roman army (under the leadership of Titus) ultimately destroyed the temple in AD 70,34 just as Jesus had predicted in the Gospels (in Matt. 24: 1– 3). You might think this important detail would be included in the New Testament record, especially since this fact would corroborate Jesus’s prediction. But no gospel account records the destruction of the temple. In fact, no New Testament document mentions it at all, even though there are many occasions when a description of the temple’s destruction might have assisted in establishing a theological or historical point.” He has also written “While some modern critics challenge the authorship of Paul’s pastoral letters, even the most skeptical scholars agree that Paul is the author of the letters written to the Romans, the Corinthians, and the Galatians. These letters are dated between AD 48 and AD 60. The letter to the Romans (typically dated at AD 50) reveals something important.”
My own research over the past three years causes me to lean further and further toward the truth of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. However, it is based on overwhelming FACTS not superstitions or fantasies or half-baked concepts.

December 17 at 4:33pm

Stephen Facts? Please. Produce your god and make believers of us all. Until then you are just another purveyor of the preposterous. And maybe you should do some reading too: Dawkins, Sam Harris, Hitchens, Hawkings, and on

December 17 at 4:39pm ·

Stephen You and all other believers in bullshit are going the way of the dodo – and it can’t happen fast enough for all the horrors perpetrated in the name of silly deities. December 17 at 4:42pm

Stephen Here’s an interesting question, rhetorical perhaps for anyone with more than 7 synapses:
“If a child and continuing throughout their adult life, were NEVER exposed to, taught or indoctrinated into any particular set of religious beliefs, would they arrive at such beliefs on their own?”
If one has never encountered the concept of a supernatural, more or less omnipotent & omniscient “god” with the attendant ideas of an infinite paradise or punitive suffering after one dies, a god who can be used as the default explanation for any & all phenomena for which one does not yet have a more rational explanation… would a person raised only to believe in an eventual scientific explanation for all such mysteries without a supernatural, magical alternative ever arrive at such awareness of “god” on his/her own? Unlikely.
If somehow this god notion got planted serendipitously for an untutored individual, would he/she produce the fully recognizable Christian (or Muslim or Hindu or Hellenistic, etc) faith?
I doubt it.
But why not…if anyone’s ancient version of ICW (invisible cloud wizard) is not at some point self-evident & self-actualizing, then where is the validity?
Children raised in the Islamic faith don’t suddenly realize Norse gods are more real; Hindus don’t spontaneously require a Christian baptism, etc. because they are miraculously made aware of the one true god…funny that.  December 17 at 6:22pm

Stephen You are your religion solely by virtue of geographical accident: Were you born in Japan you’d be shinto or buddhist; in India, hindu; across the border in Pakistan, muslim; South America, catholic; Utah, mormon, etc etc. If that doesn’t tell you it’s a crock of crap, I don’t know what does.  December 17 at 6:24pm

Larry Marshall Once again, throwing elephants. Change the subject to your personal disbelief and then demand that I disprove that which you hold near and dear to yourself. I deal with facts. I have provided you with some. You now have three choices: 1) Accept my facts as truth,2) counter those facts with alternative information that causes them to be in dispute, or 3) shut the heck up. I have less and less time to discuss the inability of yourself and others like you to prove the belief system of an Atheist. Everything you have written above I can get witness to disprove. And most of biophysicists and microbiologists have demonstrated a consciousnesses includes a sense of belief in something other than oneself. Let me make it easier for you. PROVE to me there is no GOD, it should be easy, you have a lot of tall tales and a lot of articulate jargon. You should be able to scrape together a fact or two. Remember a fact is an objective truth that exists right now for you and me and everyone in the wold, whether we want to believe it or not. Kind of like you refusal to believe the objective facts I have proven to you.

December 17 at 6:47pm

Stephen Produce your god, end of story otherwise, shove all this deflective horseshit where it belongs. The onus of proof is on those who make the claim but I guess you don’t understand or “believe” in science. Objective truth? Please. You’ve produced nothing but fantasies. Put up or shut up.  December 17 at 6:55pm

Stephen PS: You haven’t refuted any of what I just said, because you cannot.

December 17 at 6:55pm

Stephen Produce your god(s) or shut the fuck up. December 17 at 6:56pm

Larry Marshall No, you are claiming there is no proof of a God and I have seen nothing to support that. I’ve provided plenty of information that would lead you to discerning whether or not what I am saying is false or true. You have done nothing of the kind. You just continue to state what you believe and I can’t discern if that is coming from a reasonable rational individual or stark raving lunatic in a mental hospital. Once again, stick your neck and your reputation out and PROVE THERE IS NO GOD! What is so hard about that?  December 17 at 7:03pm

Stephen Produce your god, any god, there are hundreds to choose from. C’mon, it shouldn’t be that hard.  December 17 at 7:04pm

Larry Marshall Passing the buck again. Got nothing eh! The thing is I could prove that God does not exist in about 50 words. I would not believe it because I have learned far more than that simple tautology would prove. You see I believe so I don’t have to prove anything. You disbelieve but can’t offer one rational reason why- strange it seems.  December 17 at 7:20pm

Samuel Larry, what are the supposed facts that you provided again? I somehow missed them. Let’s try again and go a little slower. Let’s start with you providing the supposed facts surrounding one of the fundamental basics of your absurd belief. You obviously think that Jesus historically existed but tell me about the part where he descended from heaven into the womb of a virgin. You say you go on facts. What facts make you believe Jesus came down from heaven to be born from a virgin?  December 17 at 7:25pm

Stephen Typical excuses for a god who never shows up for anything, anywhere, anytime. You cannot disprove that religion is a matter of geographical accident. So obvious that my 5 year old nephew gets it. And I find it rich that someone who believes in an aerie fairie sky king is calling ME stark raving mad. And what type of ‘god’ demands that you believe in him or else suffer eternal punishment? Answer: A paranoid, evil fuck. Or alternatively, heaven and hell are the fanciful creations of primitive human minds. And not for nothing but, it is YOU, Luscious Larry, who is ranting and raving and resorting to childish name-calling. C’mon, produce a god. We’re waiting. I’ll make it easy for you: C’mon, Larry’s god. Smite me! I dare you! December 17 at 7:48pm

Stephen And stark raving mad? Oh my. Have you looked in a mirror?

December 17 at 7:32pm

Stephen And just the fact that you voted for Trump disqualifies your very questionable intellect.  December 17 at 7:35pm

Samuel Larry, prove that Star Wars isn’t true.  December 17 at 7:45pm

Larry Marshall Stephen, once again you have suggested that without facts to back themselves up, Atheists have a tendency to resort to name calling, vulgarity and changing the subject matter to something unrelated. Your 5 year old nephew has been influenced by you so I would not consider that to be a fair indication of a youngsters belief. And all of your statements in the following posts are full of typical misinformed and categorized declarations which have been discussed in any one of dozens of books you could read for less than $5 if you so desired. However, that would require having an open mind and closed minds obviously do not lend to discussions. Sorry Samuel, you are just trying to change the subject again. The virgin birth would be an interesting topic for discussion and Star Wars you mean it isn’t true?   December 17 at 7:52pm

Larry Marshall Read Chapter 8 of Josh McDowell’s book Evidence That Demands a Verdict. It is available online at no cost and it will tell you all you need to know about the virgin birth- all the tales agains it and all the proof for it.

December 17 at 7:56pm

Samuel There’s just as much evidence to support the notion that Star Wars is true as evidence to support Christianity being true. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if you perceived this tale from a long time ago in a galaxy far away to be factual.

December 17 at 8:01pm

Stephen It’s absolutely astounding to me that anyone in their right mind can talk seriously about a “virgin birth” or walking on water, or changing water to wine or zombie resurrections from the dead. Total insanity. But then again, there’s a sucker born again every minute.  December 17 at 9:25pm

Stephen What amazes me is religious people will try to knock holes in science. Science actually tries to knock holes in itself as a means of verification. Religion on the other hand refuses to change and adapt other than when something in a so-called holy book is 100% proved incorrect, insane or evil. Then they say the “holy” book needs to be interpreted. How many hundreds of times have these big books of bullshit been reinterpreted? If “god”is all-powerful and all-knowing we would not need interpret any holy scripture.  December 18 at 2:01pm

Samuel I also find it curious that Larry’s idea of providing evidence is telling others to read a book. If the book is so convincing why don’t you give us a little taste test of this irrefutable evidence from these books? Just wet our palettes with a few lines of this undeniable proof of Christianity that somehow didn’t even make the local news. Just give us a little sniff of this life changing hard evidence that no one has even heard of? C’mon man, a tiny sample of this world altering insight that has flown unrecognized under the radar? Please, Larry, don’t hold back.

December 18 at 5:59am

Larry Marshall Ok:
In the first section on historical evidences, Montgomery sets forth a trio of tests to determine the reliability of the New Testament Gospels. The case for the essential historicity of the Gospel narratives is found to rest on the rich textual tradition that buttresses the New Testament in general and the Gospel records in particular. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as a result of the strict application of the canons of textual criticism, turn out to be the best attested works of the ancient world. Montgomery arrives at this conclusion not by employing “theological” or “faith based” criteria unacceptable in classical studies, but by rigorously applying the widely-accepted scholarly standards used by anyone seeking to determine the authenticity of any text of classical antiquity. The second section of the book deals with “legal evidences” and is built upon the author’s professional standing as an English barrister, French avocat, and American attorney. It, too, has an interesting pedigree, with much of the material originally presented by Montgomery as part of his invitational lecture at the Victoria Institute (the Philosophical Society of Great Britain), founded in 1865 by the Earl of Shaftesbury, and whose past presidents have included Sir Frederic Kenyon, Professor F.F. Bruce, and Sir Norman Anderson. Here Montgomery sets forth the case for Christianity using the evidential standards derived from the common law, where presuppositions are kept to the bare minimum. The least amount of data is assumed (only presuppositions of form, such as assuming the objectivity of the external world, the inferential operations of induction and deduction, the meaningfulness of language, and the validity of the law of non-contradiction) so that the maximum amount of data is capable of being discovered. The import of Montgomery’s juridical approach (developed in depth in other works of his such as Christ Our Advocate and Human Rights and Human Dignity) is seen in at least three very practical areas: First, is the concept of probability reasoning; second, is his use of the principle of the “burden of proof;” and finally is his insistence that a verdict be rendered on that evidence. First, with respect to probability reasoning, Montgomery presents the position that the case for Christianity is ultimately a case based on establishing the facticity of certain events (as opposed to arguing that Christianity is true because it is necessarily the most “logical” system). If certain events did not occur, Christianity is a sham. Period. Facts never rise to the level of formal, mathematical proof. Thus, the case for Christianity is never apodictically certain because 100 percent certainty only comes in matters of deductive logic or pure mathematics. One weighs probabilities, looks at the facts as a lawyer would in presenting evidence to a court or jury, and then a decision must be rendered. One must never demand of religious claims a level of factual certainty not demanded in any other domain. Second, Montgomery stresses that the “burden of proof” is actually on the Christian to establish the case for Christianity. This has direct practical implications. Christians will see the importance of bringing the case for Christ into the marketplace and stressing arguments that can be checked out. This emphasis on the Christian assuming the burden of proof means that legal apologetics is more interested in focusing on positive, fact-driven arguments for the case for Christianity than it is in tearing down the weaker arguments of other world religions or philosophies. Third, as a skilled trial lawyer, Montgomery knows that as a plaintiff with the burden of proof, the key is the return of a favorable verdict. The law recognizes this fact since even an executive pardon must be “accepted” to be effective. The mere acceptance of facts, though, is not enough when confronted with the claims of Christianity. If the factual case is sound— as a legion of trial lawyers have concluded for centuries that it is, owing to the overwhelmingly solid evidence in its favor— then personal commitment to the central figure revealed in those same facts is both reasonable and required. This book presents a unique and seamless integration of evidences derived from both historical and legal methodologies, producing a case of staggering consequence for the serious inquirer. Having survived and thrived almost five decades of analysis and critique, this work stands as Montgomery’s best known— and for good reason. Another generation of readers can now continue to benefit from it.”

Montgomery, John Warwick. History, Law and Christianity . NRP Books. Kindle Edition.

December 18 at 9:44am

Larry Marshall Samuel I can write that the facts prove that the Gospels were all written before 70 AD and you can reject that. However I can lead you to a book by an undisputed scholar in the research of Roman/Biblical times that is some 280 pages long and he definitively proves they are. Then, if you decided that you didn’t believe his research on pp 150-153 we have something to discuss. Otherwise, your preset beliefs will deny anything I write. Proving the existence of God provides you with hundreds of opportunities to cut me short and write little things to poke fun at me. However, if you read a book by an authority on the subject, we have common grounds to discuss the plus/minus of a debatable point.

December 18 at 11:43am

Larry Marshall And you are wrong:

Stephen Irrefutable facts? There’s no proof that “jesus” even existed.

Samuel Christianity is the only one based upon irrefutable facts!?!? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! What irrefutable facts!?!? Still I would like to see some atheist prove God noes not exist instead of criticizing our proofs of his existence. Have you nothing but your beliefs.Makes one begin to believe that there is a religion of Atheism based solely upon unfounedd beliefs.

December 18 at 11:46am

Stephen And I could post a treatise by eminent muslim scholars and indisputable jewish scholars which, in their minds, absolutely proves that theirs is the one true god. Then of course the mormons have their ‘good’ book with the one true word of god. And yet none can produce their elusive deity. Lots of excuses but not a word, no text, no email, no telegram, not even smoke signals. I’ve been waiting for the “atheism is a religion” canard. Laughable.  December 18 at 2:10pm

Samuel Larry, are you trying to ignore my comment? You cannot keep asking nonbelievers to prove you wrong. I don’t know if you are ignoring my comment or somehow missed it even though I tagged your name. But here it is again. For some reason I can’t get this darn thing to copy and paste so I’ve taken a screenshot.


December 18 at 3:14pm

Samuel Also Larry, in your ridiculous request for disproof, there is this. This which you are seemingly trying to ignore:


December 18 at 3:50pm

Larry Marshall I know God exists because he exists in my heart. I you don’t like that statement, then do some more studying and then we can discuss specifics. I assure God is not going to manifest Himself to you by doing miracles, signs or wonders to please your desire for something supernatural. I believe that this world has had an ultimate intelligent designer from the astronomical to the amoeba to the Atheists. God is the Intelligent Designer of all that is, has been or will be. Don’t like what I say, prove me wrong

December 18 at 3:58pm

Stephen Blood and tissue exist in your heart, not some magical, mystical, phantom. Produce your deity, any deity. C’mon, there are thousands to choose from. Produce irrefutable proof, actual evidence of the existence of just one magical sky king.   December 18 at 6:29pm

Larry Marshall So, Stephen, I can assume you have never loved anyone?

December 18 at 6:40pm

Stephen Oh, I’ve been very lucky in love and other good fortune – and I owe none of it to fantasy. December 18 at 7:03pm

Larry Marshall Stephen, you suffer from the “touchy-feely” syndrome. It is a problem with the materialistic attitude that Atheists must take. You believe only in that which you can see touch or feel (with your hands not emotionally) You still believe that the Christian God can be melted down into a golden calf, or be hung from a chain around your neck, something that you can command to do what you want. It is not so.  December 18 at 7:04pm

Larry Marshall Lucky maybe because love exists only within the masses of gray matter within your skull. You can’t prove love only what you think it stands for based upon your understanding of what others have said it is.  December 18 at 7:06pm

Stephen NO, again you’re full of shit. I can’t “see” the air but I know it exists. It’s scientifically verifiable. How about your god? Faith is a cheap excuse for lack of evidence – it’s just more woo woo. Again, produce evidence of your deity, any deity. Enough with the obfuscations and excuses.  December 18 at 7:09pm

Larry Marshall Whichreply are you objecting to  December 18 at 7:10pm

Larry Marshall Stephen, I may be full of many things, but I can assure you that even at my age, I still have regular bowel movements. In fact, I almost enjoy my daily dump. Based upon the average time to respond on the previous postings, you are somewhat overdue. That might indicate the conundrum you have realized you walked into. Most individuals of faith believe so with the use of their brain, but because in the Christian religion it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God, we will mention it comes from our heart. The same place where your ”lucky love” is presumed to come from. We do not feel the need to discuss other false religions and how they may have coerced or cajoled their followers into believing. Once we have that personal relationship (which you should have had one or more based upon your statement of being “very lucky in love”) then we begin to understand and expand upon our knowledge of our savior, some of us with more fervor than others. We have a plethora of evidence supporting our beliefs, but we do not have someone you can shake their hand. The books I have suggested you read are to enlighten you to the evidence with which we base our faith on, without you reading them, we can only discuss things on separate levels: one from knowledge, one from supposed knowledge and feelings. I can lay that out for you step by step, but not if you are going to ridicule and put down known historical facts as fiction.  December 18 at 8:50pm

Stephen A ‘personal relationship’ with jesus christ and god?!!? I guess you have no clue just how preposterously insane that sounds. Do you have lunch with your god? Chat with him on the phone? Go shopping together? Disco dancing on a Saturday night? Other false religions? Uh huh, because only your delusion is the one true delusion, even though yours is a minority religion worldwide. You have no proof, NONE, no evidence whatsoever of your silly “saviour”. Your jesus is not a”historical fact”. That’s utter rubbish. Your jesus is a fictional, mythical character created from bits and pieces of other fictional, mythical characters. You and all the other false religions – and they are ALL false – are a pox on humanity. You keep pushing these religulous tracts. I urge you to read the writers I proposed and maybe you’ll wake up and abandon the imbecilic fairy tale fantasies. Virgin birth and zombie resurrection indeed.  December 18 at 10:41pm

Larry Marshall It does not sound preposterous to those that believe. For those who do not, it should just cause them to raise an eyebrow, except in your case when you want to use it to discredit, defame and marginalize others- which is your right under the Constitution. Jesus is a historical figure and many individuals have proven it, even a number of high profile Atheists who then have to find other ways to demonize him. Moreover, you resort to Samuel’s “pox on humanity” ideology and have never shown any facts that religion has harmed humanity except in general terms that could be applied to virtually any group. I do not push religious tracts, that is done by other faiths. I encourage the reading of a wide range of authoritative, well documented FACTUAL books on a variety of subjects, because they have said in their 400-500 pages what I can’t say in 50-100 words. I have read the books by the writers you have suggested and I have read the books by those who carefully taken the books of Dawkins and Hawkings apart misconception by misconception. Harris and Hitchens, I’ve listened to their podcasts, read some of their articles- a far cry from being scientific.  December 19 at 1:23pm

Stephen We don’t demonize “jesus”. That would be like demonizing Barbie or R2D2 or Voldemort or Santa Claus. A bit silly to demonize fictional characters. We DO object to the purveyors of the preposterous who routinely bilk the gullible. And are you serious about the long history and extent of religion’s historical harm to humanity? More humans have died in the name of idiotic religions than from natural disasters – a blight that continues even today. OK, you know what? I’m done here because you’re hopelessly brainwashed by incredible silliness. It’s a pity you’ve wasted your life on a fiction. Go back into your fantasy world and leave us sensible, rational people alone.  December 19 at 1:34pm ·

Larry Marshall About the only thing we can agree on ” More humans have died in the name of idiotic religions than from natural disasters-” Not a lot of people die from flood (because you don’t believe in Noah’s flood) , earthquakes, volcanoes (although about 250,000 died in Pompeii). Unless of course you consider the humans or partial humans who died in the flaming comet that supposedly hit the earth. But as for war (which I thing you probably meant) no, the communists, Nazi’s, Genghis Khan, territorial wars among the Africans etc have killed far more than other of the so called religious wars. December 19 at 4:59pm

Stephen Noah’s Flood? Really? There is no vessel on the earth which could hold 2 of every species. And how did penguins get from the poles to the middle east? Transporter beam? And not for nothing but the nazis were believers. Genghis Khan has been dead for centuries but religionists are still killing today.  December 19 at 9:30pm

Larry Marshall Again, your lack of knowledge is surprising of species or biblical kinds and their mutational capabilities is hard to imagine . The concept of tectonic plates and the division of the super continent Gondwanaland (fully supported by leading Atheistic geologists) you should read up on. The only so called religion that routinely kills is Islam. The African genocide of Coptic Christians is done by either Islamic extremists or Radical political fronts vying for control of people not faiths.  Yesterday at 8:56am

Samuel Larry, you’ve already been completely annihilated by Stephen without my help. But please tell me where this super continent that existed 570 million years ago falls into your 6000 year old universe?  Yesterday at 9:13am

Larry Marshall That is why you should read more of what I have written. I’ve admitted I have trouble with a Young Age Earth based upon my indoctrination through high school and college, but the more I look at the facts, the more I am leaning toward it. Dr. Humphrey’s formula for plate tectonics (used today by all geologists) indicates a 6,000 year split in the super-continent. OF course those who are neo-Darwinists ignore that but use his formulas to measure the current movement of the plates, predicting underwater volcanoes etc. . It is the best theory that explains everything. And as I have written do you really think that two continents bumping into each other created the Alps. I would say the continents would just push each other back and move on. Humphreys calculations indicate that the two continents hit each other at several hundred miles per hour due to the opening of the Mariana trench and the force from the steam. That would cause the one to sub-duct under the other land mass and create the Alps. There is a lot of science that has changed in the past 15-20 years, if you haven’t studied anything since then, do yourself a favor.  Yesterday at 10:17am

Samuel Larry, is this the Dr. Humphreys you are talking about?


The C-Files: D. Russell Humphreys

On Monday, February 13th, 2006, “creation physicist” Russell Humphreys gave a talk at…

Yesterday at 12:04am

Larry Marshall Not exactly an unbiased article and does not deal with his area of nuclear physicists. On the other side of the fence this article: http://creation.com/d-russell-humphreys-cv It also is unbiased, but certainly more factual.


D Russell Humphreys cv – creation.com

Yesterday at 7:19pm

Samuel Larry, I feel like, in this particular butting of heads, you have the 3 of clubs and I have the ace of spades. Your link provided an extensive background of the doctor. My link denied nothing your link provided but only demonstrated with multiple links to additional information how the doctor is wrong.

Yesterday at 7:39pm

David It does. The catagory of dumb  December 16 at 8:10am

Katie Exactly what category are you trying to lump all of the above into?

December 16 at 8:37am

David ^^^     December 16 at 8:47am

Samuel The category is fiction.   December 16 at 8:50am

Peggy I resent Harry Potter being lumped in with christianity. Harry Potter wasn’t bigoted, judgmental, hate filled or racist. Today’s christianity is nothing but those negative things. December 16 at 9:33am

Larry Marshall None of the Christians I know of are either. The bigotry judgmental and racist statements all seem to cone from non-believers.  December 16 at 9:42am


Peggy Larry Marshall, have you looked at the Republican Party lately?

December 16 at 9:45am

Peggy Larry Marshall, I prefer to not associate with the christians of today. Would rather not associate with republicans either.  December 16 at 9:47am

Larry Marshall I am a conservative. The ilLiberal democrats espouse all of the characteristics you are ascribing incorrectly to the other group. And you are changing the subject, the topic has nothing to do with politics.

December 16 at 10:27am

Peggy Politics, unfortunately, play a huge role in any and all religions. In fact, when early christians were appointing their religious leaders, it was the political leaders that got those positions.  December 16 at 10:43am

Peggy And it isn’t the “iLiberal” democrats that are coming after social security, Medicare, the ACA, food benefits, disability benefits, etc.

December 16 at 10:46am

Stephen Of course politics comes into play especially when the tax-exempt purveyors of the preposterous defy the Johnson amendment to proselytize from the pulpit and/or use other surreptitious ways to circumvent the law.  December 16 at 6:49pm

Stephen And I love how believers think that atheists, who have endured the opprobrium (and much, much worse) from the religulous community for centuries, are so, so offensive for using just words. We’ve been in the closet so long they’re just not accustomed to us speaking up and exposing the godfraud. Well, get used to it, godboys.  December 16 at 6:53pm

Peggy Stephen, well, it’s not like you can say “we’re here! We’re queer!” But I’ll support you!!  December 16 at 6:55pm

Stephen Peggy Actually, you can. I wear my beliefs on my t-shirts and often mention my opinion about religion. A generation ago or so gay Americans began claiming their right to be who they are and to let people know it. They’ve changed a lot of the world in doing so. So can we.   December 16 at 7:05pm

Samuel Politicians have always used religion to manipulate the masses, that’s one of the reasons it was invented.  December 17 at 12:30am

Larry Marshall Not so most politicians to regulate the masses try to eliminate religion from the populaces daily life.  December 17 at 10:15am

Stephen And here you were saying 87% of the world is religious. Gee, I guess those anti-religion polticians aren’t dong such a great job. SMH! Your contention is idiocy. Virtually everywhere on this planet and on almost every street corner there is some venue devoted to the delusional – churches, temples, mosques, chapels, etc etc.  December 17 at 3:36pm

Samuel Peggy, I was thinking about this, and in Harry Potter aren’t there characters who call other characters “mudbloods”? Haha! I defeated your resentment!!  Yesterday at 9:43am

Mark Beliefs beyond doubt are not fiction to the undoubted… December 16 at 10:17am

Mark And we all have a belief, bar none. December 16 at 10:17am

Larry Marshall Exactly, everyone has a frame of reference to base their beliefs on- whether correct or not.  December 16 at 10:28am

Peggy Larry Marshall, and exactly who gets to decide if their beliefs are correct?

December 16 at 11:06am

Peggy And I’m sorry, Larry. Christians who truly follow the teachings of Jesus (feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, cure the ailing) they’re wonderful people. But guess what? I know several atheists that do all those things. Pagans too…  December 16 at 11:08am

Walter and I know Muslims and Buddhists also in that category. Doesn’t matter what you believe. Just love and care for one another.  December 16 at 12:51pm

Larry Marshall Peggy  and that is what is wrong with society- we have lost our moral compass by lack of faith in the one true God. I have no problem with good upstanding Atheists who live ‘righteous lives’ (other than I would hate to know they will spend eternity in Hell), just like I am livid by “Christians” who do not live a live that would honor the teachings of Christ. You can decide whatever you want about my beliefs compared to yours- I trust what I know and what I have spent years researching- There is one and only one true God of the universe- it is an objective truth   December 16 at 1:20pm

Mark Hell does not exist if we lift it from beneath our newfound wings and find ourselves in actuality…  December 16 at 1:58pm

Larry Marshall Ok, another statement that needs some sort of explanation as it has gone over my head.  December 16 at 2:11pm

Mark We’re already Home, be with thoughts of Heaven and suffering shall find its long awaited rest…  December 16 at 2:28pm

Liz Don’t insult Star Wars like that, Sam.  December 16 at 10:55am

Jessica Answer this question, Atheist… if I call you..why don’t you call me back?

December 16 at 11:51pm

Samuel I don’t really like the title atheist. I don’t think I actually qualify as an atheist. Anyway, sorry about missing your call. I sleep days!! You know this!! I’ll text you right now!  December 16 at 11:58pm

Jessica call please   December 17 at 12:01am

Samuel I’m at work. I can shoot you a few texts.  December 17 at 12:12am

Jessica I cannot text anymore   December 17 at 1:03am

Samuel Just do it and quit being difficult.  December 17 at 1:20am

Jessica my phones broken   December 17 at 1:24am

Jessica you know touch screens that break tend to not work  December 17 at 1:24am

Samuel Jessica, stop creating problems and just text me.  December 17 at 1:26am

Samuel The Force cannot be disproven, therefore I choose to believe it’s real!!

December 16 at 11:54pm

Larry Marshall The Force can not be proven either except by the elaborate use of technological manipulations.   December 17 at 10:08am

Samuel By your own Christian logic, The Force must be real because it can’t be disproven. According to the Christian logic that you’ve used in every discussion you and I have ever had, there’s no reason to even attempt to prove that The Force is real. The fact that it cannot be disproven is a basis to claim it’s real.

December 18 at 5:24am

Samuel Larry, don’t you see the point of this post? If we all go through life believing everything that cannot be disproven then there is no reason why we shouldn’t believe in every religion as well as Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings.   December 18 at 5:40am

Samuel Also, Larry Marshall and Stephen, I included the two of you in a discussion that I started on Facebook messenger but got no input from you guys. Do you two not check your Facebook messenger?  December 17 at 8:24pm

Stephen I have never done messenger.   December 17 at 10:24pm

Samuel Larry Marshall, I was thinking about one of your statements to Stephen in which you stated in all capitals “PROVE THERE IS NO GOD”. This makes me realize that you are not understanding what Stephen is saying. As I understand it, Stephen isn’t making a claim that there is no god. He’s simply saying that there’s not sufficient evidence to believe in Christianity or any other man-made religion. YOU are the one making a claim about god. Stephen is only asking for evidence. Since Stephen is making no claim about god, why is it his duty to prove god does not exist? You are the one making a claim about god, Larry. Prove your claim! Never forget that claims made with no evidence are to be dismissed with no evidence.   December 17 at 11:03pm

Shelli Evidence is of faith! Every human heart rhythm is different, every brain is different. There is evidence of many things in the Bible and have been proven through archaeological evidence and dating. Our love for God transcends lack of faith because we feel his presence! It’s a stir of the soul and you can never understand unless you feel it yourself?  20 hrs

Stephen Bollocks. What a pile of bull. Faith is a cheap excuse for a lack of evidence. And what evidence in the bible? The bible condemns those who eat shellfish, and those who wear clothes of differing fabrics, and those who eat a ham sandwich, and tattoos, rounded haircuts, gossiping, wives who help their husband in a fight, children cursing their parents, cross breeding animals (Labradoodles, anyone?), marrying after divorce, working on the sabbath, mistreating foreigners, women speaking in church, losing your virginity before marriage, consulting psychic, tarot cards or palm readers and on and on. I don’t suppose YOU or yours have ever been guilty of ANY of these things, right? Your ‘good’ book also condones slavery, rape, murder, genocide, patricide, matricide, infanticide, torture, ritual mutilation etc etc. The ‘soul’ is another man-invented delusion, just like gods. And why is YOUR god the one true god? There are hundreds to choose from, none of which have ever bothered to apparate. You believe in woo woo.  20 hrs

Shelli  Stephen yep I certainly do always will and proud of it! I know the true God because he has worked great things into my life. He carries me when I cannot. I’m not going to try to convince you, but there is joy like no other with God. You are also living in the Old Testament and Jesus changed the path but if you are not a believer fine, don’t rag on me because I am. It’s my right just as yours ? Also your life and soul. The soul is all we are so I’m grateful for mine!  20 hrs

Stephen Shelli Well, aren’t you special that ‘god’ favors you so. Too bad he doesn’t have time to cure infantile paralysis or cancer or prevent earthquakes, tsunamis or terrorists from flying into buildings. Old testament, new testament, and subsequent multiple revisions are all mythology and a lot of it totally preposterously insane. Of course I can ‘rag” on you for your beliefs. It’s such beliefs that have torn the world asunder throughout their sordid history. Luckily for those of us who are not afflicted with delusional belief in the superstitious supernatural, the fastest growing religion worldwide is NO religion. (Well, that’s after Islam which is the fastest growing and biggest religion worldwide – and why is your god better than theirs? You both have ‘good’ books with threats and horrors aplenty) The younger generations are rejecting silly fantasies. And to that I say AMEN!  20 hrs

Shelli Stephen because my God is the Alpha and Omega and much bigger than a Facebook post. Rock on with your beliefs it’s a free country! My knees will bow when I see the thrown!  19 hrs

Stephen Your god is a no show, a creation of a primitive human imagination. Man created god, not the other way around.  19 hrs

Shelli Stephen I guess you think we evolved from apes or some Big Bang theory? I see that as nonsense and what evidence do you think God needs? The almighty creator needs to prove nothing to you or anyone else. The gift of eternal life is free. I’m sad for you that you do not believe there is more to the soul than dust.   16 hrs

Larry Marshall Thank you for your support Shelli Denise Bass. It is obvious that certain individuals have their set opinions and will continue to refuse to listen or run the risk of learning something new if case if might threaten their preconceived notions. As long as we continue to prove them wrong by our actions, statements and intelligent rebuttals to their outdated opinions is all that is needed.  10 hrs

Samuel Larry, you are doing that on purpose and you need to stop.   8 hrs

Larry Marshall Well of course, Samuel, everything I do is on purpose- I live a purpose driven life, I point out the fallacy in the statements of others and provide factual responses, whether you or anyone else want to believe it.  6 hrs

Samuel No Larry, that time you intentionally said things you know are false just to argue.  4 hrs

Larry Marshall  There was absolutely nothing false in the opinion I expressed. especially when considering all the other , in my opinion, false statements made by others in this post.

Samuel Well everyone, I think my question in this post has been answered. It is very clear that Christianity is the same as Islam, Hinduism, Greek myth, Egyptian myth, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings, since they are all tales of fiction. Larry, I’m sorry that your argument in this discussion has been completely decimated, but if you’re gonna go around saying fiction is nonfiction that’s bound to happen. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion!!

December 19 at 11:20pm

Larry Marshall  You bet Samuel William Delisle I lost and you won and the internal lies to yourself continue.



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