FB Hypothetical First attempt

FB Hypothetical First attempt

I would guess that Samuel did not get the chance to do what he wanted enough on this post so that he ran the same question  on January 2.  But this shows many of the techniques that Atheists use.  After I entered the posting Samuel goes completely off the subject after my second post and basically calls me names. Further down in response to a question by Shelli, he once again goes of the wall and shows an image completely unrelated to the subject and which we have no reference as to what it is related to.  Then he breaks down  into  his usual name calling and assuming he is correct and everyone else is wrong. He even reposts something from 2 years ago that his strictly his feelings and not supported by any facts and tries to claim that the complex social, geographical, centuries old conflicts between the Irish and English and the so-called “Palestinian” people and Jewish nation are the result of competing “God’s” people.  Such a lack of understanding of history as well as religion and Christianity for someone who is running an Atheist Facebook page gives credence to the Alexander Pope’s saying “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”

Samuel  December 18, 2016 at 4:44am ·

I have a hypothetical question for you Christians. Please understand the definition of a hypothetical question before commenting. I understand that most Christians feel that they have a personal relationship with Jesus and that he interacts in their everyday lives and intervenes in their lives every day and listens to and answers prayers. Again, please understand the definition of a hypothetical question before commenting. My question is this-
What if Jesus, suddenly one day, decided to stop interacting and stop intervening and stop listening to prayers and stop answering prayers? What changes would we see in the world?Top of Form


David Things would uh…. get bad or something.

Samuel   Hahaha! This is the response that I expect from the believers. They don’t even understand their own beliefs.


Samuel   William


Walter His Will will still be done regaurdless


Walter But doesn’t that mean we have to look into our own lives? (Hypothetically)


Linda Unfortunately, I think it would go bad for those who believe in any faith to suddenly lose the cornerstone of that faith. From a psychological and very stripped down standpoint, it is a coping mechanism. Praying and believing is how they make it through their days, weeks, years, etc. It is needed to be able to live with what this world is, and to keep hope alive in times of suffering. When one loses that, it leads to all sorts of negative things. Suicide rates would probably increase, as probably would violence, etc. However, some of the stronger minded might try to find something else to give the some sort of meaning to their existence, wether it be science, art, their children, etc. Not everyone needs faith to get through their days, but some do. Very much like some need money, pills, hate, etc. And if believing in Jesus, a pantheon of gods, or a Flying Spaghetti Monster helps you to get through all the shit that is out there, than so be it… But I must point out that in saying this, this does not account for those who take any divine message and twist it to get what they want, or hurt their fellow man. Those are the people that scare me. Not the believers in general.


Samuel   Linda, how would believers even know that Jesus abandoned them so they could get on with all this suicide and violence? What would tip them off?


Linda Well, I imagine it would have to do with a feeling in general. They feel he is in their life, therefore they would feel an absence… I’m only supposing, since that is not my professed faith. However I have witnessed several people who have felt that their god has abandoned them, and there is a lot of inner turmoil, anger, and hate that comes with that. But then there are some who have a realization of how silly it all is and go looking for something more logical. Since religion is a personal thing (that is unfortunately oftentimes forced on others), it would be difficult to definitively say how a person would know.


Samuel  What would happen to make them feel this absence?


Linda I was thinking about your question on the drive home. The best thing I could equate it to would be this (and this is all hypothetical): you’re a single person whose been single for some time. You are perfectly fine with it and your life. One night you go to bed and wake up the next morning with the feeling that something is missing from your life. It wasn’t the day before, or the weeks before, but now it is missing. It just is what it is… like that feeling you might get to suddenly call home, because you get a gut feeling that something is wrong. You make the call and everything might be fine, but then again it may not be. Feelings are strange creatures that can’t be summed up, or wrapped up in neat little packages. But when something meaningful is gone that was there before, you eventually notice. What it is that makes you notice could be anything… I must say, however, that it has been a pleasant change of pace to think about this today. And I am rather glad that we can discuss this without resorting to calling each other names or anything ridiculous like that. Some people that comment on your posts can be downright ugly about things, when there is just no need for it.


Stephen  Like Santa.


Samuel  Well Linda, it sounds like you might really believe there is a supernatural deity intervening in the lives of Christians.


Linda Could just be aliens…


Samuel   Haha! Please comment on my posts more often! I really like your input.


Larry Marshall Hypothetically the sky would be red if you are just playing guessing games.


Samuel   Nice wisecrack. Do you say that because you don’t want to admit you think there would be no changes in the world?


Larry Marshall Hypothetically, anything is possible but not necessarily probable. I prefer to leave the highly impossible thinking to others who enjoy fantasizing about improbabilities.


Samuel  Wait a minute. You think a bush can inexplicably catch on fire and start talking, in which case it tells a man to cast down his staff so he can watch it turn into a snake, and you’re telling me about fantasizing about improbabilities? You think a man can lie dead for three days and then get up and ascend into the clouds, and you’re talking to me about fantasizing about improbabilities? Do you want to clean up the things you just said so you don’t look so………………….stu……….ignor………..retar………..dum……..I don’t know what word to use here. Let’s just say “not smart”.


Shelli   Samuel  I know all these things are possible because my God is the CREATOR and he’s much smarter and capable than any human!


William Well if I believed in “what if” i’m not sure,, i’m really not even sure how to answer this one honestly


Samuel   If you’re a Christian, you already believe in “what if”, William. You honestly can’t think of any changes that would occur? Well, neither can I.


William Nope I will still believe and be praying so much has been happening good and it’s from nowhere with no possible scientific explication or logic so I can only account it to god


Samuel   Please share some of these things with no explanation or logic that you speak of. You have me curious now. Also, if you account these things to god, how do you know it wasn’t Allah or Vishnu or Zeus? Did god say his name to you before doing these good things?


William He did not say who he was he is just to whom I believe in


Samuel  Another thing! What you said makes no sense! Are you really saying you think there would be no change if Jesus just decided to quit? And you would keep praying anyway? Why pray when it makes no difference?


William What I’m saying is there would be no change in my beliefs


Samuel   Wait. So you believe Jesus is god with no basis?


William  The joyful happiness I have is the biggest indicator


Samuel  Do you think non-Christians can experience joyful happiness?


William Yes but I’m not deserving of it and it came from nowhere


Shelli  Samuel   never the same peace and joy of the Father! If a man or woman cannot love the Lord then they will never truly know what REAL LOVE IS!


Samuel  If the petty blessings in your life are evidence that your god is real then the depiction in this photo is evidence that your god is not real. I wish you Christians could see what horrible human beings you are. You probably don’t mean to be horrible, you just are.


Shelli  Samuel  that’s not Gods doing it is the sin of man. The Bible clearly states that this is the devils world until the return of Jesus. It’s very clear in the word of God. Man let God down not the other way around. Miracles were before and during Jesus and once that sacrifice was made the age of faith took over. God had proven himself over and over yet sin is part of free will and the Bible says this. The devil rules earth and God tells his people to not live of this sinful world but to be the light of what is to come! Eternity is much more than your small brain can understand! The life of a man is but a second to God! You prove nothing with horrible behavior in the world being the change is what all religions focus on.


Shelli Besides I am blessed .. what’s God doing for you?


Samuel   If what we see in that photo is because of man then your blessings are because of man. And now you’re gonna tell me what the Bible says as if it’s a factual book? Why don’t you use an X-Men comic to prove Wolverine while you’re at it? Shelli, you’re going to have to do better than this. If you’re just going to use circular argument garbage and not even try to comment about the topic of the post, I’m going to be very frustrated with you.
This picture illustrates your circular argument.


William And what makes you so holier than thou Samuel


Samuel  I’m not holier than anyone. In fact, when I referred to Christians as horrible people earlier I was talking about the awful arrogance that Shelli displays. And it’s not the first time she’s done it on one of my posts. She hasn’t the slightest idea of what humility is or what it is to be humble. Me, on the other hand, I’m just trying to expose the lies, deception and illogical thinking behind Christianity.


Shelli  Samuel  Holier than thou? I’m arrogant? These statements are not true and you should know it! I have been called humble by many people. Do you call people names who do believe in other religions or do you just choose Christians to target? I’m unclear on how Christians ruin the world? Christians are not to blame for the disastrous wars and starvation in the world? Scientists can give you more information about these earthquakes, tsunamis and economic situations in 3rd world countries. You blame Christians for the stealing thieving drunk criminals who truly harm us as humans? You think you are so smart ? Do you have a degree on your forced upon opinions?
Human to human you are a miserable asshole! You and your rants are unstable and biased rhetoric.


Samuel   I actually made a post over a year ago about Christian arrogance. I can’t seem to get this to copy and paste so I’m providing a screenshot of the post. You fit the bill, Shelli. Your comments on this post are proof of it. From claiming only Christians can experience true peace and joy and only Christians know what real love is to your cold dismissal of god’s failure to intervene in the life a hungry dying child. Your arrogant outlook sickens me.


William Faith is the belief in the unknown,,, and no matter what religion you look at they all boil down to a higher power of love and peace


Heniober None…shit will continue.


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