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Below is the meme that I felt I just had to answer.  Someone who is listed as one of my Friends made a comment here and it popped up on my Wall.  The species numbers is so far off the mark that it has to be addressed, but I really did not get a chance to.

First off the size of the Ark shown compared to the animal figures is deliberately designed to be misleading.  This would be more likely:

However, let us go on.

Bradley LMFAO a stretch of imagination    20 hrs

Chris  Noah was commanded to take 2 =of every clean and unclean animals. He wasted a lot of valuable space taking shrimps and other shellfish.

David Isn’t it 7 of every clean animal and 2 of the unclean ones? 20 hrs

Islay That’s a rather shellfish attitude. 20 hrs

Roberto  Somehow he managed to round up 334 species of marsupials, more than 200 in Australia and the islands to the north, around 100 in South America, 13 in Central America and a single species, the Virginia opossum, in North America when none of these islands and continents were know to the ancient world and that’s why I laugh at religion.  19 hrs

Chris  David 2 & 2    18 hrs

Chris  Roberto  And why, oh WHY did he include mosquitos? 18 hrs

Jason  Termites are best.  2 hrs

Pascale  **You’re taking it out of context**  20 hrs

Malcolm No, it’s adding facts. Can’t fit all those animals on that itty bitty boat.  20 hrs

Pascale  No s**t, seriously? 20 hrs

Chris  Everything atheists ever say is “out of context.”  20 hrs

Matthew Maybe he really built a Tardis?   20 hrs

Now, I’ll admit I didn’t know what a Tardis was (the secret flying phone booth in the Dr. Who series-even though the series was around when I was a teenager and hippie.  I didn’t enjoy the British version of humor much (loved their musical bands) and loved the British show “The Prisoner.”

Larry Marshall And once again, your complete lack of knowledge of all things secular and Biblical is amazing. Not worth giving details about where you are wrong, but there are plenty of other websites that can explain the FACTS to you, then you can make an “intelligent” decision as to whether to laugh at religion or  yourself.   20 hrs

Peter I’ve already made my decision. It is ……. bawahahahaha  20 hrs

This unfortunately seems to be standard answer-that provide me with any information  that me change my mind.

Brian You mean there facts. Please share  20 hrs

Besides misspelling “there are” facts, Brian manages to convert thousands of hours of research and study into a wide variety of subjects   down to something that I should easily be able to share in my next posting.  


Tayo  well at least you could have gave a link to such website so we can debunk and correct their stupidity with real life fact and not friction.  20 hrs

I believe I said “plenty of websites.”  Why should I do their research when it is obvious they are not going to read any of the information and just “debunk and correct their stupidity” so this individual is not interesting in ascertaining fact from “fiction.”

Danielle “I have facts, but I’m not going to share them to back up what I say. Instead I’m going to be a condescending d**k and assume no one has read the book referenced & that others lack the intelligence to understand.”

Jumping to conclusions here, which I find common with Atheists.  We are just dealing with the meme about the Ark and I it showed an “amazing lack of knowledge”.  Nowhere did I “assume” no one had read the book- in fact you pretty much have to assume most Atheists have so they can cherry-pick the passages they want to argue about.

Classic post by a true believer that knows if he bothers to offer up “facts” he’ll be shut down quickly.  20 hrs

Stating that no matter what I offer as fact, she will not believe in any way or shape or form, it sounds like.

Larry Marshall Ok so I started with some compilations of information from my website. Read the bibliography for more information. It went to the bottom of this post.  20 hrs

Brent Think about the termites and carpenter ants, not to mention all the others. A very leaky boat full of s**t just lik the story.  20 hrs


20 hrs

Christopher  Fact 1: Christians believe Noah’s great flood happened around 2348 B.C. (https://answersingenesis.org/bibl…/timeline-for-the-flood/)
Fact 2: Multiple civilizations existed during that time, and none of them recorded anything regarding a worldwide flood

HMMMMM… maybe they were all drowned and all traces of them disappeared.


Timeline for the Flood

So when exactly was the Flood? There are two possible ways of calculating the date. David…   20 hrs

David   Larry, I read the bible myself and made an intelligent decision already. I decided it is full of c**p… 20 hrs

I cannot tell you how many books I have read that turned out to contain more fecal material than anything else did.  Of course, some books that I have disliked, I have studied, researched pros and cons of it and eventually provided some information that was redeemable.

Andre He’s going to start using the ‘it talks about kinds, not species’ wangle, isn’t he? You know, that completely arbitrary term that means nothing outside shoe-horned, fallacious creationism pleas.  12 hrs

And “species” is such an accurrate description of differences between suppossedly related anaimals.  That is why a phylogenetic tree or evolutionary tree is a branching diagram or “tree” showing the inferred evolutionary relationships among various biological species or other entities.  KEYWORD: inferred.  Nothing scientific about it.  Scientists are trying with the various animal genomes and getting even more perplexed. If they would go back to the Biblical “KINDS” and then follow natural selection from their they might save themselves many a headache.  However, no way will they admit anything that is net “materialistic naturalism.”  Even though Biblical Biologists have successfully mapped over half of the “species” to the common ancestors.

Dave Go on…. give us the “facts”.  12 hrs

Jimbob  My snake talks better than your snake.  20 hrs

Nick  400,000 different types of beetle and that’s just the discovered ones with probably another million at least yet to be found.   20 hrs

“Types or species”

Raymond the bible also shows two male lions lol 20 hrs

The Bible doesn’t have pictures, blame that on the cartoonist.

Adam The Bible doesn’t have pictures  20 hrs

Raymond since when  19 hrs  

Surely, you jest.

Brian They were animal kinds not animal species. Lol   20 hrs

Finally some one who can think independantly of the norm- careful Brian you may be ostrazied.

John  It’s still a ridiculous myth  20 hrs

Myths are ridiculous, facts not so much.

Cody And with that in mind then how the f**k do you explain the current number of differing species within such a small time frame? Either way doesn’t make sense in reality  20 hrs

Very easy if you do the math.  Population genetics of each kind, gestation period, and remember it goes logarithmically. To work out how quickly a population can grow, it’s very important to understand exponential growth. Starting from eight people after the Flood, the population would have to double only 30 times to reach 8.6 billion  If you want something more rigorous, there are standard mathematical formula that can be used to calculate population growth. They must include birth and death rates as well as generation time. The simplest formula involves just a constant growth rate:

N = N0 (1 + g/100)t

where N is the population, N0 is the initial population, g is the percentage growth rate per year, and t is the time in years. Applying this formula to the population of eight surviving the Flood, and assuming a constant growth rate of 0.45% p.a. and 4500 years:

N = 8 (1.0045)4500 = 4.8 billion people.  

Joël   Also, kinds aren’t a real thing  19 hrs

Merriam Webster Dictionary: a group of people or things having similar characteristics.  Biblical kinds are organisms that are defined by biology as sharing a common ancestry.

Manshil Define “kind”? Like he took a few few types of mammals, and magically, more ended up appearing, like without evolution?  10 hrs

See above.  No creationist denies evolution.  We see it aroun us all the time.  Micro-evolution within a species is common.  Macro-evolution ameoba to Atheists is unfounded. No mutation has ever been shown to increase DNA information.  Every mutation has decreased DNA information even though some mutations may have been positive.

Owen Where are the dinosaurs and unicorns???  20 hrs


18 hrs

Larry Marshall Alright, I will help try: https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/39-questions…/ and https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/noahs-ark-and…/ maybe it might help

20 hrs

Dan   Hahaha! Half the answers are “I don’t know.” and then you get gems like this:
“How did ants survive? They need a whole group of them to survive together because they all have specialized tasks. It’s not like two of them can just hang out on the boat waiting for a year to procreate. It doesn’t work like that.
(So you failed high school biology, huh! Asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction by which offspring arise from a single organism, and inherit the genes of that parent only; it does not involve the fusion of gametes and almost never changes the number of chromosomes. Parthenogenesis involves the development of an egg that has not been fertilized into an individual. Animals like most kinds of wasps, bees, and ants that have no sex chromosomes reproduce by this process. Some reptiles, insects and fish are also capable of reproducing in this manner.)”
Ants do not reproduce asexually. who failed high school biology again? 20 hrs

Not exactly true. The few questions answered honestly are the same questions that an evolutionist can not answer either – without making up something they expect youto believe.  A Bing search for “asexual animal reproduction” gets you 382,000 hits.  A number of them will explain which animals including some ants that do so.  And it really isn’t such a big deal- they survived on the floating trash and ate off the floating trash from the Flood.

Pascale Dan, i don’t know if he can even understand. There’s so much science in what you said   20 hrs

I wonder if you understood that most of what Dan posted was quoted from me? That tells us a lot about you.

Eric One of the “answers” is simply “god”. That is not acceptable as the existence required faith, not fact. You said you had facts, please provide DEFINITIVE PROOF.  20 hrs


Larry Marshall For a quick biology lesson on ants whom do reproduce asexually: https://www.quora.com/How-do-ants-reproduce

How do ants reproduce?

Answer (1 of 4): Each species of ant has a slightly different story. The popular (and most…  quora.com    20 hrs


Larry Marshall Eric not much on philosophy and logic are you: https://iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com/…/circular…/

Circular Reasoning

Circular Reasoning Definition from Dictionary.com: a use of reason in which the…

iamnotanatheist.wordpress.com  20 hrs

Jeff Ant queens are fertilized by male ants. Every year the queen lays a limited number of eggs that will be male. And some that will be queens. These ants fly from the nest to locate a mate.  19 hrs

Jeff It is not an asexual process.  19 hrs

In the real world, Jeff.  In a 40 day rainstorm, and a year floating on biomass, things could have changed- isn’t that what your theory of Evolution is all about.

Larry Marshall “Ant queens are fertilized by male ants” There you go. Millions of queen ants floating on bio-masses of trees, weeds, etc until the flood subdivided.

19 hrs

Jeff So what happened to the civilizations that never noticed the flood? Did all the animals that were nowhere near the middle East go into suspended animation? 19 hrs

 I’ll spell it out for you.  G   l  o  b  a  l   F  l  o  o  d.  Global Flood.  They are all gone. 

Manshil Let’s pick apart one type of insect…until the keeper of the facts then says that Noah actually only arbitrarily saved two ants while a bunch were floating around waiting to get their procreation on a year later. So…since the flood wiped out all civilisations and other species or kinds of animals that can’t be accounted for or were probably floating around with the ants too…did Noah and his kin repopulate the earth with some old fashioned biblical incest, or were other races of humans also floating around?  10 hrs

Finally an intelligent question. When Noah and his family stepped out of the Ark, they were the only people on Earth. It fell to Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives, to repopulate the Earth through the children that were born to them after the Flood. Of Noah’s grandchildren, 16 grandsons are named in Genesis chapter 10.

Manshil  Oh wow…and I love how it is stated an animal like a lion can subsit on a vegetarian diet. But then, it is stated perhaps they had cured meat or fodder food (so, there was a loophole, they could bring on other animals above the quota so long as they could eat them?). Which is it? Btw, lions are (by modern science, perhaps the type of lions they had that wondered around with dinosaurs were different?) unable to be vegetarian, and would surely suffer malnutrition and die. That is just one type of carnivore. Why can’t you say that they just survived by the magic of the one true sky god and didn’t need to eat? It is about as plausible an explanation as anything else mentioned  10 hrs

And then you go stupid. Many carnivores, including lions and tigers, can readily manage on a vegetarian diet, and this may have happened on the Ark.  Dogs are considered carnivores, but dogs in some countries actually survive on a primarily vegetarian diet.  Many of the hybrid dogs have breathing and gastrointestinal problems (“Yorkies” for one) so they eat only dry bagged dog food to remain healthy.  If it was unavoidably necessary for some of the Ark’s tenants to have meat in their diet, this could have been readily accomplished using salted meat, reconstituted dried meat, or fresh meat from fodder animals carried aboard for this purpose. Tortoises are a good example of a fodder animal. Tortoises can survive up to a year and a half in captivity without water or food.

Thomas But…but…but…Jesus    5 hrs

Still about 4,500 years away, sir.


Morg  Well not to mention most of those animals weren’t even around that area and they would have died from the journey to it cause of the weather conditions to those species.  20 hrs

Christopher  How did animals get from islands like Australia get to the ark in the first place and how did certain species survive the trip in the first place this story cannot be possible but then you got people like ken ham dnt think i need to say more bout that guy lol.  20 hrs

Morg and Christopher, the world was not the continents as we know it and it took a year to build the Ark so God could have directed the animals to relocate to the area in which the Ark was to be built. 

Mark  actually in the bible its only two of every clean animal (two toed cloven hoof and eats from the cud) so how did the rest survive? 20 hrs

Daniel You’re a tad off. It’s 7 of the clean 2 of the unclean. It’s still ridiculous. 20 hrs

Pedro those numbers on the top are inaccurate

Thank you, sir, I appreciate your support.

Larry Marshall Not true, Morg. Most evolutionary geologists subscribe to the fact that earth was a single giant continent called Pangaea that when it broke up it created plate tectonics. So all animals had access to all parts of the land, which helps to explain many of the problems that paleontologists have with the fossil record.  20 hrs

Christopher  Except Pangaea separated like 200 million years ago, while Christians believe the great flood of the bible happened a few thousand years ago.

20 hrs

Larry Marshall It depends on ones belief system, Christopher. Tell me which is the better scenario for creating the Alps. The subcontinent portion of India slowly over millions of years “bumped” into the landmass known as Asia or it was quickly pushed together by a catastrophic splitting of the entire landmass. To me it would just bump into the continent and bounce away at the slow million year speed of fractions of inches per year. 19 hrs

Jeff   That is because you stopped looking at the evidence and started filling in with your own diluted ignorance.  18 hrs

What evidence are you talking about, Jeff.  If you would be more specific, then we could discuss what it is you are thinking about here.  I gave up mind reading years ago- most where empty and the rest were not worth the trouble.

Andre   ‘Bump’ away, Larry? We’re not talking Dodgem cars here! When billions of tons of solid landmass collide, like the crumple zones of a car, that energy is going to cause enormous compression/shearing forces. So yes, ‘bumping’ is by far

 In mechanics, compression is the application of balanced inward (“pushing”) forces to different points on a material or structure, that is, forces with no net sum or torque directed so as to reduce its size in one or more directions. It is contrasted with tension or traction, the application of balanced outward (“pulling”) forces; and with shearing forces, directed so as to displace layers of the material parallel to each other. The compressive strength of materials and structures is an important engineering consideration.  None of the thesis papers or published documents comes close to producing enough force to create the Alps under existing plate tectonic theories. Increase the speed significantly, the existing models begin to predict a possibility.


Zack Its not a stretch to say it was a mini Tardis.

I mean Relegion goes too far as it is, Why dont we mock it for that reason and make up bullshit stuff. Lmao   20 hrs

Christopher   Dammit, I just made this joke, then saw that you beat me by 5 minutes  20 hrs

Jeff  you mean like how atheists make up stories like how we evolved from bacteria with no steps listed (never happened)? you say theres no designer, then you atheists are all knowing right? atheists believe in fairytales. you clowns are just as bad as the religous folk.  2 hrs

Zack  ^ this guy   2 hrs

Caroline hahaha  20 hrs

Basil And they came two by two… the kangaroo from Australia…. the mighty bird eating tarantula from Brazil…. jeez Stevie wonder could see this is b***s**t…  20 hrs

Not unless God gave him his sight back.  Understand the BS that Atheists put out all he needs is his mind and fair explanation of both sides of the issue.

Bettani  Ur taking it to literally! Wha! lol I thought it was 7 of every animal?  20 hrs

Daniel  7 if the clean species 2 of everything else.  20 hrs

Bettani That’s right! Knew it was something equally stupid lol  20 hrs

Mark This is why you laugh at religion? Haven’t you read the rest of it??  20 hrs

Pascale Isn’t that part enough?   20 hrs

Mark  One would think it should have been, but then why are the still followers? Fear, I fear.  20 hrs

And from simple people come simple reasons- charming actually.

Derry  Urmmm. Nether of those pigs appear to have bollocks. Good luck with them.  20 hrs

Good grief, Derry.  Did you use a magnifying glass or what.  You have way to much time on your hands.

Christopher  Obviously Noah was a Time Lord, and the ark was his TARDIS  20 hrs

Another Tardis joke, oh well, maybe one day I’ll understand them.

Davy Now I ain’t no animal expert but black/brown/panda bears in the Middle East ??? Really Can smell a lot of bulks**t  20 hrs

Davey, you are assuming that the Ark was built in the Middle East.

Christopher  I wanna know how the sloths got there  20 hrs

Hitched a ride on the underbelly of triceratops?

Davy And the kangaroo 19 hrs

Even if Australia was separated from the rest of the massive Pangaea landmass, many geophysics insist that there were viable land bridges between the continents due to the massive Ice flows at each poles.

Kathy  and of course their only explanation to this is… wait for it….” god works in mysterious ways”
my head hurts everytime i hear them say this stupid s**t!! literally hurts!!!  20 hrs

I’ve never said that once in the seven years I’ve been blogging and on Facebook. So you are welcomed for the lack of such a headache.  Have you seen a doctor for this condition.

Jeff  my head hurts from listening to atheists say we evolved from bacteria. we never evolved!  2 hrs

No Jeff it is pond scum from the crazy alphabet soup of chemicals that supposedly existed so, so, so many years ago.

Kathy i ve never said that, not sure i believe that lol so you came to an atheist page to troll, and you decided to pick on a female. is that because you couldn’t troll a real man, and you think a female is equal to you?  1 hr

Now we hear from a femi-nazi.  Come on Kathy, put your sexism aside.  Jeff has been posting throughout this meme. 

Jill  I just wanna know how the fresh water fish survived a saltwater flood!  20 hrs

Oh Jill, it is so hard to type into Bing (not Google- they still to much of your information) “can freshwater fish survive in saltwater”  and you will 799,000 results.  Reverse it “can saltwater fish survive in freshwater”  and you will get 296,000 hits.  Happy reading!

Heisen How do we have the ancient Great Barrier Reef? If acidity levels change just a little (as they have now), the coral dies off. The GBH is estimated as twenty million years old…  8 hrs

The outer ‘barrier’ reefs, that is, the reefs furthest from the coast and in the deepest water, rise from the sea floor at the edge of the continental shelf to the ocean surface, a total water depth of 30 fathoms. This means that the reefs are about 180 feet or 55 metres thick—a staggering amount of coral! But on a basis of 15 mm growth per year, these reefs may be less than 3,700 years old. These are the thickest reefs in the Great Barrier Reef chain of reefs, and they would therefore also appear to be the oldest. The Great Barrier Reef is probably less than 3,700 years old.

Ken It was 2 of every unclean animal, 7 pairs of the rest  20 hrs

Arthur if you replace the boat with spacecraft and the animals ect with DNA it makes perfect sense and thats what happened the story was known all over the world long before the bible 20 hrs

Ahh the science fiction fan amongst you.

Nathan I do love how people ignore the idea that these stories could be in some senses true. In the hundreds of thousands of years of mankind its not a stretch to consider our origins and the origins of stories could be celestial in nature.  19 hrs

If you study the Philosophy of Science, one gets into the major difference between possible and probable, impossible and unprobable.

Arthur  islanders worshiping a straw airplane and runway! this is where or how religion started they saw something and someone they could not explain! they MUST be gods!!!

19 hrs

Two of the funniest movies ever made.  “The Gods Must be Crazy” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gods_Must_Be_Crazy ) and the “The Gods Must be Crazy II”

James I’ve said that for years, Petty sure we are a lost colony .  19 hrs

More coming out of the word work.

Nathan Or abandoned cause as a whole we’re kinda sh***y…lol  19 hrs

James A discarded experiment.  19 hrs

Nathan A celestial bowel movement?   19 hrs

Arthur yup theres no doubt in my mind this is 5000yrs old and shows all the planets plus 1 its not possible since we needed spacecraft to discover them in the last 100yrs plus they said they learned it from the gods

19 hrs


19 hrs

Oh yea.  The star of Ancient Aliens.  The second funniest show on television.  Can’t even comb his hair to be on TV, but I guess that is alright, it is his persona.  Of course, I have always believed that if God had wanted hair to defy gravity it would have made it lighter than air.

Bryan No scenario makes sense. The water cycle is constant on Earth. Impossible for a world wide flood unless it just stops raining over all of the oceans. Absurd.

18 hrs

Arthur not true like the moon controls the tide there is one more planet and orbits like a comet comes close every few thousand years thats what the book of genisis is about the 7 ORBITS of creation because we used to collide!!! 7 times now its stable and thats why “THE GODS” promised it wont ever happen again. 18 hrs

And coming out of the woodwork, we have Arthur.

Chris   Wtf? Planets USED to collide?  15 hrs

It is a popular theory with some geophysicists when they can’t get both sides of their equations to equal- just throw in a massive asteroid event. Solves that problem.

Arthur ya durrr ever heard of the asteroid belt? its the debris from the collision!!! everyone knows bros lol.  15 hrs

Arthur you never seen a crater? look at the moon sometime 15 hrs

Thomas So arthur, you believe that the sky fairy is a alien and he put all of the dna into a spacecraft? F** it…its a better lie then Christianity 5 hrs

Only if you believe in the sky fairy Thomas.

Arthur Thomas its no lie we KNOW life came from outer space either by accident or intentionally and theres plenty of evidence for the latter  5 hrs

Arthur  this is an ancient symbol can be found everywhere is still on ambulances ect means healing medicine ect it says Anunnaki or literally those that from heaven to earth came or Angel its a disc with wings meaning a flying disc and the entwined serpents like the snake mean DNA so its a flying saucer with DNA on board to heal us

5 hrs

I’m not going to ask what you were inhaling or imbibing at that time.

Philip   Crom laughs at your four winds !  20 hrs


20 hrs

I actually think that is pretty darn funny.

Briana Noah said f**k the dinosaurs

Richard   Me too.   20 hrs

Doug “…looks like we’re going to need a bigger boat” LOL   20 hrs


20 hrs

Terrell The faith virus is very powerful.   20 hrs

Patrick Stupidity is also strong   18 hrs

Olivier  XD full logiqueSee Translation  20 hrs

Orihara T’as deja vu de la logique dans la religion? See Translation  10 hrs

Olivier   …   4 hrs

Kristopher And it also took 100 years to build don’t forget.  19 hrs

Remember he was 500 to 600 years old at that time, takes awhile to lift that heavy lumber.

Freya Id love a weather forecast that can forecast a storm completely accurately 100 years in advance.   19 hrs

Already with my half knee and arthritis in feet, I can predict the weather , including amount of rain based on amount of fluid in my knee, better thanour local weatherperson- so I guess Noah at 500-600 years old could do a pretty good job of it. 

Kristopher Lmfao

Nathan Amick The lack of creativity when it comes to slamming religion is getting tedious. Yes immaculate conception is absurd, noah probably kept the gerbils in his rectum, jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet, yada yada yada. Lets step up our game people and make attacking others faiths funny again.

19 hrs

Larry Marshall Again, if you wish to believe in your fantasies that are incorrect, you are welcome to it. I however, have spent some 10 years studying everything I can about secular and Biblical science and the Philosophy of Science. Very interesting information when one eliminates built in prejudices and looks at the facts. The Biblical scientists often have more correct answers in certain fields than do the secular scientists who are struggling to find answers to their information. Some secular scientists have a number of Biblical scientists backed up against the wall in some areas, but time will tell. That is a cute meme above, but it is not to hard to believe that Noah would have taken only juvenile dinosaurs or their eggs (because of the supposed long gestation period) and besides only about 15% of the dinosaurs were large, and you would know that if you had read anything other than your high school science book.  19 hrs

Bruce “Biblical scientists”= Alternate facts.  19 hrs

Close, alternate interpretation.  Now we have to look at which interpretation fulfills the requirements for the facts presented.  Secular viewpoint does not always meet those requirements as well as Intelligent Design or Biblical facts.

David   What are some of the ‘more correct answers’ that the biblical scientists have?  19 hrs

Jag Interesting to note you dont question the correctness of the biblical scientists (while neglecting to mention what they’re even right about), yet in the areas where secular scientists have them cornered you imply they’ll be wrong in time.

Surely there’s no bias there…  18 hrs

Really,  let’s see: “The Biblical scientists often have more correct answers in certain fields than do the secular scientists who are struggling to find answers to their information. Some secular scientists have a number of Biblical scientists backed up against the wall in some areas, but time will tell.”  I wrote, seems to say both sides having trouble explaining things.

Jeff   Biblical scientists stopped all experiments that didn’t line up with the bible. So they mostly wander around the lands in the bible randomly pointing at things screaming PROOF!  18 hrs

Oh, if you folks really had to opportunity to learn, what wonders await you. 

James And who sat on the eggs?  17 hrs


Chris  Regardless of how big or small dinosaurs were and regardless of not needing to fit saltwater oceanic life onto the Ark for obvious reasons, how in the f**k do you reconcile the other 6,000,000+ species on the planet?

Notice I put all the zeroes rather than using the word million. Maybe that’ll help register in your brain how impossible, and stupid, this idea is. The bible was written before we figured out just about anything at all about planet Earth, therefore it should not be treated as anything more than a book of fables.  15 hrs

And the mathmatical odds of chemicals combining to make usable amino acids to then make proteins to then combine into a LIVING form are  a billion, billion, billion, billion to 1 possibility.  Sorry, cannot type that number of zeros.  A brief review of possibility vs. probability: https://larryemarshall.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/is-anything-possible/

Lonnie Richards My f****n ten year old just did basic math on this. Each living thing would have roughly .5cm in which to live. Not to mention supplies and waste.
Please, site one of these facts you speak of.

14 hrs

See above referenced article. Other articles show how waste could be taken care of- same methd is used in some farms in Norway and Sweden.  Sorry to see that is how you are teaching your son to grow up in this world. Oh, and that is cite  for citation not site a location.

Chris Doesn’t even mention the Egyptians who forgot to write about the fact they all got drowned. And they wrote everything down. You’d think they would mention something important like that. Oddly, none of the other civilisations about at the time did either.  14 hrs

They drowned!

Andre   ‘The Biblical scientists often have more correct answers in several fields…’

Answers to what?
Which fields?
Anything? Anything at all? A citation, perhaps? Scribbled napkin. Faded post it note? No…?  12 hrs

This is Facebook, not enough time to write several books on the subject matter.  Several others have though.  Comment me, on my blog, and I will happily provide you with  citations on any field you wish.

Robert   Wait, what, Stevie Wonder was on the boat?  19 hrs

Vicente  Where are the penguins from north and south poles??? Hehehehe,,,this happened in the Middle East I supposed!  19 hrs

Not particularly, no one knows what the earth looked liked at that time, before the flood which would have changed everything.

Stephen  Isnt this just the epic of Gilgamesh?  19 hrs

No that was written later after the Tower of Babel and the people on the earth spread out.  The furthher away from that area, the less accurrate the recollection.  And yes there are a number of thesis and books that makes that comparison. 

Chris Maybe it was just vials of DNA from every specie and not every specie 19 hrs

Vidura  You are a genius   16 hrs

No, I would say a contrarian, he is able to look at things differently.

Sarah  The obvious conclusion is that Noah was a Timelord.  19 hrs

Adam  Doctor who, eat your heart out.  19 hrs

Ron  Funny, that boat looks nothing like a Police call box. It’s not even blue. 19 hrs

Sarah The chameleon circuit must have been working on that TARDIS  18 hrs

Lee  What did they eat after the first day? What happened to all the crap? How did they get fresh water? Where did the fish and other sea life live? I love crack smoking story tellers, they make the best bulls**t artists.  19 hrs

Never touched the stuff.  What I love is those who think they know it all and refuse to accept that things might, just might be different than the stories they were told growing up. 

Lonnie  It’s f****n mind boggling.

14 hrs

One can correlate anything you want.  There is a web site that lets you do that: http://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations

Nikolas  People you forget God gave Noah millions of pokeballs to catch and store all the animals. jesus Christ!!!!  19 hrs

Dwain What if it didn’t contain 2 of every animal in full size, but rather the arc served as a DNA bank and with the help of a far more advanced race, repopulated earth? Not so farfetched when you think about it  19 hrs

Rick  Alien Jebus?? I KNEW IT!! I spent my adult life trying to morph water into wine and the closest I ever got was wine into kind-of-amonia. It takes a SPACE JEBUS!!!  18 hrs

Dwain  I never said anything about Jesus. In fact, taking this stance pretty much seals the whole God theory off completely as religion specifically denounces alien life. Please think before you write, it’s stupid ramblings like yours that are probably the reason aliens won’t talk to us but more importantly, make us look like a pack of dumb****s to the Jesus freaks.  18 hrs

Chris  He was being sarcastic. I understand that is kind of hard to tell sometimes but his was fairly obvious.  15 hrs

Dwain  I know he was. His sarcasm was directed at me. I deal with waaaay more trolls on a daily basis than any normal person should have to . If it was all in good fun, whatever, but his sarcasm read as being on the offensive. 15 hrs

Andrew  Actually Dwain there is atleast one religion that recognizes aliens in their religion  12 hrs

Alef   Man this is all a misinterpretation of how he just had blue balls for a year than finally got laid , but you can’t write that now can you ?  18 hrs

Iris  When I was still Christian -I never put the math together -or really thought about it in detail like this -NOW it seems stupid to me but I think many religious people just do not think about it.  18 hrs

Well, Iris I am sorry that you have lost your faith  Just remember that once saved always saved, and maybe you will find Jesus as your answer again.  Just remember that websites like this and many more entities are trying to persuade you that an uttering of Mr. Darwin 150 years ago has lead the scientific revolution ever since.  I find that funnier than you find the truth of the Bible.  Micro-Biology, Micro-Chemistry, embryology,  geo-physics all are providing information that are shaking the foundations of those disciplines.

Jeff   abra-ham was never a founder of a religion when he joined the juda religion he changed his name to abraham. christians were fast called christians in antioch syria they were jews spreading the word of jesus. we now know islam was a sect funded by the roman vatican to kill real christians and jews to take the holy land. this is why i laugh at the religion of atheism. intolerant ignorant zealots.  18 hrs

Tunc A town had a flood and one guy survived with his wife, children and dog and then the story snowballed.  18 hrs

Raymond  Not many kangaroos or wombats in that picture. Of course, I’ll concede that they may already be on the boat and settled in for the night…  18 hrs

Good a guess as any for a caricature of an event.

Aldwin   GDAY Ray, Noah just popped DOWNUNDER before the flood, loaded his camel with ALL our unique wildlife. THATS why the KOALA is well known to be of TURKISH origin  12 hrs

Raymond   Roger that, Aldwin12 hrs

Raymond  Because of its Turkish origin, the koala is actually called koaballah or shishkoala… 12 hrs


18 hrs

Dreammedia no words to express the feeling   17 hrs

Lee Yeah but some of those man made boats are roomy.  18 hrs

Butch All that s**t in one “funny book ” LOL !!  17 hrs

Right, “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin is one of the funniest books ever written, funny than Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”

Anthony   7 of every clean and 2 of every unclean. One of the most common misconceptions.   17 hrs


17 hrs


Reo   P.S. they have a submarine ark…   16 hrs

Jay  Hahahahaha!

15 hrs

Frustrating isn’t it.  It is as bad as “evolution works in mysterious ways.”

Ed  Besides to two of each kind wasn’t there also many other “unclean” pairs?  15 hrs

Lonnie Science doesn’t give one single F**k. 14 hrs

Image of correlations repeated above.  Sometimes I  wonder if any scientists can.

Christopher   If god gave one single f we would not have any of these issues.  14 hrs

Andu   dude we all know Noah was an alien , the boat was actually a tech ship and he did not store the animals.alive. just their DNA and recreated the species after the extinction event … and the crazy can go on 😀 The fun part is that humans no longer come from Adam and Eve.. they come from the incestuous Noah family 🙂  14 hrs

Still coming out of the woodwork.

Juma And we humans with our ego think we are above all the animals and have more rights to occupy this planet  14 hrs

I can’t see the desert horned lizard gaining control. Whom would you suggest?

Richard  When I was young and subject to that brainwashing, I went along with most of it (I was like 4), but this. This s**t right here is why I started to question things.  14 hrs

You are right, it is frustrating when people bypass fact and continue believing what they think they were taught in high school.

Markus Pokeballs? 2    13 hrs

Dan   Hope they had enough Aeroguard. (Bug repellent)  13 hrs

John   Carnivores and Herbivores together … explain why there are still herbivores.  13 hrs

They enjoy eating the wide variety of flora on the planet.

Josh  It’s called a tardis, sheesh. Lol  13 hrs

Gertjan It’s smaller on the outside xD (“well that’s a first”)  5 hrs

Frank No they don’t. That just shows what you know!  12 hrs

David   What do you know?  11 hrs

Always a debatable question.

Harel   Yes, they do Frank.  11 hrs

Frank  No they don’t because I am one of them and Noah is a story, not a fact. 11 hrs

I will admit, I’ve gotten lost as this posting has gone on and on and branched out.  You are one of what?  A tardis lover,  Carnivore, herbivore, alien, atheist, believer?

Heisen Ok, so how do you know which parts are stories and which are rules? How do you know it’s not ok to throw your daughters to rapists (à la Job) or that it’s ok to murder firstborns as long as you’re “god”, or that homosexuality is wrong, or rape victims can be married off to their rapist?  8 hrs

I would certainly like to help you understand those examples in Jewish history, but it is not something that can be explained on short Facebook posts.  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to explain it so that it makes sense, I know it is hard to understand, I had to study those passages several time to get a full understanding.

Frank And where did you read all that I ask ? You obviously take religion more seriously than I do!  8 hrs

See above answer, if you want the same information, comment to me.

Fayez Me to but if you say anything they say but this is just simbolic…! Simbolic for what and why ? For telling buls**t ?  11 hrs

I’ll agree that many believers are not as scholarly as I would like.  The Bible does tell us to be prepared to defend our beliefs.  I have taken that seriously and can do a fair defense of some of the odder statements written in the Bible. 

Daniel Your taking it out of context

Christian proverb   11 hrs

Mikel Let’s not forget poor Gilgamesh & Utnapishtim there’s is a flood & boat in that, which was thought to be written over 2000 years before the bible. 11 hrs

No it is not.  Actually written about 180 years after Noah’s flood.

Danny You cant take religious people serious… Unless only one single person can name one simple fact and proof it

Otherwise well… nobody is perfect and we still love you  11 hrs

The facts are there, you just need to have an open mind, which I understand is hard for many of you.

Evan The first tardis?  11 hrs

Luc well i dont care, i m just angry that Noah didnt take the opportubity to squash those 2 mosquitos  9 hrs

Sorry Luc, chanes are they were on some of the floating debris and not the Ark itself.

Hugh   …it was a big boat  7 hrs

Nicole   Hugh, did you even read it? Half the size of the Titanic and supposedly enough room for 2 of every animal… Plus people plus supplies. Nah, religious types just can’t see that they believe in a book full of stories meant to control women, poc, and people deemed as weak  5 hrs

Nicole, there is so much more to the story than the simplified version you are drawing from memory.  By the way what does poc stand for- I can’t place it other than Proof Of Concept.

Hugh  Ma’am I dont know who you are, but regardless of that I am a firm believer in the Lord and I have read the bible multiple times. All that I was trying to do was make a harmless joke to my friend. It is very much your right to believe what you have written and I stand behind that however a paragraph over a joke is maybe a little overkill. Have a lovely day.  5 hrs

Thank you for your support Hugh.

Ben Sounds plausible….lol  9 hrs

Paul  Makes perfect sense. If you’re mental.  9 hrs

Paul, a little bit mentally capable, that is all it really takes.  I won’t insult you by asking mentally competent, mentally superior, etc.  Several of the leading Biblical scientists in biochemistry, molecular biology, and embryology have Ph.D.’s in their field , several of them multiple Ph.D.’s.  So I guess it comes down to ones viewpoint on the world. 

Nicole Uh hello, a bit mental here, and it still doesn’t make a bit of sense.  5 hrs

Open your mind, seek the facts, not what is pawned off by novelists and TV personalities as the truth.

Daniel It’s all about the fish. If the world were covered in water for 40 days and 40 nights, was it fresh water or salt water and regardless of which it were, what about the fish that cannot exist in that type of water?  8 hrs

Heisen And every algae, coral and other significant part of marine/freshwater ecology.  8 hrs

Robert Well it’s a miracle you fools ha ha  8 hrs

Peter   Oh come on… you and I KNOW that’s just a nice story. Are you trying to tell me that some people actually take it as fact?  8 hrs

Ben Man I hate creationists! They’re so so so so so so stupid  8 hrs

That is alright, Ben, we are not too terribly exited by your presence for the same reason.  How it is that you can deny fact and believe in a theory that more than 150 years old and bills itself as the “do all for all”  is beyond rational thought.

Dave Didn’t you know that’s how Sydney Newman came up with the idea of the Tardis   8 hrs

Justin  One more thing: the ark wasn’t a boat, it was a box.(think of the ark of the covenant) . Perhaps Noah was a Time Lord and he stuffed these creatures into his TARDIS.

Fiaz Where did they keep the fresh water.  6 hrs

40 days of continuous rain water would make the resulting waters far more fresh than saline.  Once the “oceans of the deep” opened up, and the continent of Pangaea broke up then the oceans became saline.

Loren Desalination machine, duh. Did you not see Waterworld?  4 hrs

Rinco  It’s a f**king joke that people realy belief this s**t.
It makes me angry and sad that they’re so f**king stupid…  6 hrs

And how many degrees in science do you have to make such an authoritarian statement.

Sue How did he “save” the fresh water fish?  6 hrs

Can’t fault you too much on this one- this involves some cognitive thinking and a review of research thesis. Many marine creatures would have been killed in the Flood because of the turbidity of the water, changes in temperature, etc. The fossil record testifies to the massive destruction of marine life with 95% of the fossil record accounted for by marine creatures. This is consistent with the Bible’s account of the Flood beginning with the breaking up of the ‘fountains of the great deep’ (i.e. beginning in the sea?  Freshwater can sit on top of saltwater for extended periods of time. Turbulence may have been sufficiently low at high latitudes for such layering to persist and allow the survival of both freshwater and saltwater species in those areas. The technical term for a sharp vertical change in salinity is halocline; haloclines are well known in many bodies of water. Many estuarine and tidepool species are able to tolerate wide changes in salinity. Starfish will tolerate 16-18% of the normal concentration of sea salt indefinitely. Barnacles can withstand exposure to less than one-tenth the usual salt concentration of seawater

Chrissie You are taking it out of its “context” …..  6 hrs

Not if the proper context.

Chase Why didn’t any other civilization build a boat if it was flooding? Why don’t we see any archeological evidence of a flood? How did fresh water fish survive?  6 hrs

You obviously have not studied, paleontology, geology and assorted fields.  It is fascinating what they have discoved in the past 10-15 years that creates many questions that existing scientists (both Biblical and secular) are trying to figure answers to.

Robert  Yeah… but… no… but….   5 hrs

Rex If people want to believe the color grape will save them WHY THE F**K DO YOU CARE SO F**KING MUCH?  5 hrs

Because it brings out the best in people, those who might accidentally run into one of us who do care.

Michael Because irrational people still vote.   5 hrs

Frightening isn’t it, that people with 150 year old ideas  exist anymore.

Richard Because of the infringement of human rights applied by these outdated ideologies?  4 hrs

Right Atheists and Evolutionists keep trying to force their beliefs upon an unsuspecting general population of individuals who just want the truth supported by facts.

Richard   You total weapon.  3 hrs

Jose I got scared when he started typing in capital letters  3 hrs

Can you imagine him saying that in person.

Rachel When I was 5 or 6 I asked my Sunday school teacher what the lions ate if there were only two of each animal. It did no go well.  5 hrs

I am sorry your Sunday school teacher was unable to help you.  Remember though, they are just like your neighbors, and not professors of theology.  She should have can to the pastor and asked for help for the next Sunday. 

Marinheiro  What did they feed the lions and tigers?  5 hrs

Many carnivores, including lions and tigers, can readily manage on a vegetarian diet, and this may have happened on the Ark. There is no problem with Noah possibly doing the same for carnivores on the Ark—a mixture of grains and legumes would provide all the nutrition needed, including the building blocks for animal protein. If it was unavoidably necessary for some of the Ark’s tenants to have meat in their diet, this could have been readily accomplished using salted meat, reconstituted dried meat, or fresh meat from fodder animals carried aboard for this purpose.

Jim  the unicorns are missing!-O no!  4 hrs

Roy They feed them dinosaurs.  3 hrs

Larry Marshall You folks are fun, and unwilling to accept any information that differs from your point of view, but, you are Atheists, what else could be expected. It has been proven that carnivores have subsisted on a vegetarian diet Manshil. Jeff, the flood covered the existing world and after the tower of Babel the human race separated across the globe and various languages and tales similar to the Genesis account began to exist. The further away from Mt Ararat the less comprehensive and more prone to mans imagination they became. And the existing phylogenetic tree is so full of errors and mistakes that they are trying to crate a new system based upon the various animal genomes- but that is also creating problems, and breaking it down into “kinds” which are those that can create viable young that can then mate with one of the original makes far more sense. So I need to end this posting but will pop up later on something else i am sure.  4 hrs

Nnatt   Wtf….   4 hrs

Jose Were you dropped as a baby??  3 hrs

Undoubtably, but I don’t think on my head, probably landed on my chest, which may be why it is concave.

Kris   Makes sense?  2 hrs

Well, of course, that is why I have trouble breathing like most humans.


4 hrs

Don’t know why you would post this but OK. 

Michael  But were there termites on the ark?   4 hrs

Best guess is they were on the bio-mass floating around and eventually when the waters receded it helped them decompose and once covered with soil became the fossil fuels we depend on. 

Dannielle You’re not religious?!   3 hrs

Rob Atheism is a religion  2 hrs

Amen,  it fits all the definitions of a religion and has been certified as such by the U.S. Supreme court in a ruling.

Dannielle it was clearly a joke…  2 hrs

Rob I know 2 hrs

Rob  Maybe they took 2 DNA samples from every creature..? Now it’s plausible to fit all that on that boat.  4 hrs

Amy  But only a few select minority groups take the claim seriously, and in the U.S. they have lost all prestige and are relegated to being mocked for their ridiculous beliefs.  4 hrs

Branden   ok wtf doese having to living in the usa have anythning to do with it  3 hrs

Branden   i live here and im a atheist  3 hrs

I’m sorry for you.  Maybe, just maybe you might learn something new to assist you in reevaluating your beliefs,

David  Unfortunately that means you are among the minority in America, a country that would rather trust a Muslim first  2 hrs

Kris  i think that Earth is the noah’s ark of the universe and animals and insects are alien people of different species, intelligent in their own ways and we aren’t smart enough to communicate with them..  3 hrs

One way to look at it.

Andrew  Don’t some animals eat other animals? So what did they eat before and after the flood?  2 hrs

The answer is above somewhere.

Christine   Don’t forget the multiple cultures that survived WITHOUT an arc……come on y’all.  2 hrs

Roy “Don’t Ask Questions, just accept what we tell you!!!” …the basis of all religion, and the Trump presidency.  2 hrs

I can honestly say I’ve never meet a Christian who said that- however I do not know all of them.  But tell me honestly, have you ever had someone, friend, child, ask you a question you can’t answer?

Dale Another story concocted to explain what was unknown at that time. Thank 1 hr

Tell me Dale what did they concoct that they did not know about?

Nick Le Veth Luckely all creatures living on islands like madagascar and australia took a lil swim over the ocean so they could be saved for the big flood. Could you imagine your life without that biodiversity?  1 hr

Bio-diversity comes from mutational loss of genetic information from the original “Kinds”  No new species have every been proven from Darwin to the genomics scientists of today.

Alexander You misunderstood… It was a TARDIS   1 hr

Jesse   Noahs ark was supposedly 500 feet, the titanic was 883 ft long. Sounds like someone is terrible at math cause i dont think less than half of 883 is 500.  42 mins

Could catch Jesse.  You get my reward for being awake and alert.

Jeff   Don’t forget width an height. Do the rest of the math and you might be supprised.  33 mins

Doesn’t change the length!

Brittany 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height (450 × 75 × 45 ft )  30 mins

Jesse  Alright so with the width and height of 500x75x45 the titanic has dimmensions of 883x92x104 its still not less than half the size whatsoever.  29 mins

Jesse   Anyways Noahs ark could have never feasably worked because the largest wooden hulled ship was the USS Wyoming at little over 400 feet and was torn apart by the power of the waves, so how would have noahs ark survived a world wide storm for 40 days and nights straight if a ship 100 ft shorter and 2000 years older couldnt survive a little rough seas

If you are interested: http://creation.com/safety-investigation-of-noahs-ark-in-a-seaway  Fairly heavy on the physics and math.   A simpler explanation:

Michael To be honest, Noah may well have had a better chance with them two pandas than the Chinese right now…. lazy little, non f**king, goth bears!  33 mins

Ashley Not to mention the extra animals they packed for special altar sacrifices.  25 mins

Animal sacrifices came after the flood and Noah performed at God’s bequest.


Contact me at bottom link if you wish to comment


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