Evolutionists deny the possibility

Evolutionists deny the possibility of supernatural miracles, including creation by God.  They accept only naturalism based on the laws of science.  However, the physical laws and natural processes we observe today could not have made the universe.

The first law of thermodynamics is the conservation of energy.  Albert Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

His famous equation: E = mc2 (E is energy; m represents mass; c is the speed of light) is how it is expressed mathematically.

Einstein’s equation demonstrates that mass and energy are interrelated, so it is the combination of mass and energy, which is conserved and cannot be created or destroyed.  FACT CHECK: This means the origin of the universe could not have happened by the natural processes that we observe today because it involved creating an enormous amount of both mass and energy.  Therefore, even if the big bang were true, it would be just as supernatural as an all-powerful God creating the universe would.

Evolutionists claim that comets have been circling the universe and out solar system for billions of years.  FACT CHECK: Since comets lose mass every time they circle the sun, their existence is evidence against millions and billions of years for the age of the solar system.

To counter this argument, evolutionary astronomers have invented the existence of an “Oort Cloud” containing icy objects that occasionally leave the cloud and head toward the sun as new comets.  Most evolutionists believe in this hypothetical “Oort Cloud” even though no one has ever seen it and there is no evidence of its existence.  Evolutionists only believe in this fictitious cloud because the observable facts contradict their faith in evolution.  FACT CHECK: Astronomers have calculated the orbits of all the known comets going back hundreds of thousands of years and also try to predict their orbits for thousands of years in the future.

Evolutionary cosmologists have a problem with the amount of mass in the universe.  The current “Big Bang” theory does not work with the amount of “luminous” mass (e.g.: stars, nebula, etc.) that can be observed in the universe.  To make the “Big Bang” theory work, they need somewhere approximately 70 – 99 percent mass (not much in the variation is there) it all depends on the formula they are using and what “magical” items they use to make the equation balance.  Since they reject God in their thinking, these cosmologists are committed to making their model work.  Therefore, they now hypothesize that well over half of the mass in the universe is “dark matter” that cannot be seen or detected in any way. However both sides of the “=” signs balance.

This is supposedly the first image of dark matter, above the arrow.  Wikipedia defines it as: Dark matter is a (FACT CHECK:)hypothetical type of matter distinct from baryonic matter (ordinary matter such as protons and neutrons), neutrinos and dark energy.  The existence of dark matter would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations.  The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Remember, we are only looking at that particular image from one dimension.  It is possible that the other blob could be billions of miles behind the first one.  They are two different colors, no explanation for that- could there be a cloud of nebular gas between them?  There is no explanation for the other “heavenly” bodies shown in the image either.  How far they may be from this convergence could be important in case a catastrophe happens if the theories are correct.

No intermediate links had been found in the fossil record, when Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of Species,” he was well aware that.  He recognized that as a problem for his theory of gradual evolution of one form into another.  The reason no transitional forms had been found, he thought, was due to the limited number of fossils that had been found.  After the fossil record was expanded through more diggings, he stated in his book, that if no transitional forms were ever found; it would prove his theory false.  Hundreds of thousands of fossils in many areas have been found with no transitional forms so I guess his theory is false.

The only alternative to believing in a supreme God who created everything is to believe that everything came into being without a cause.  This is contrary to the law of cause and effect, and is inconsistent with the world you observe around you every day.  Matter and energy do not just spontaneously pop into existence. Explosions destroy things and create chaos, not order.  (FACT CHECK) Things naturally run down, wear out, and get worse; they do not evolve into something better.


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